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Al-Ghazaly High School Reviews

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Very good environment and great teachers who care about their students. It is a great school teachers are qualified and committed.
Al-Ghazaly is a really nice school. The teachers in Al-Ghazaly are qualified and they are committed to their jobs. They treat their students with kindness and respect.
I've spent the last three years in this school, and little did I know it would be a place to remember! The students here are so cool, the teachers are extremely cooperative, and the curriculums are hard to beat. It is seriously a fun place to be, and I am glad that I chose Al-Ghazaly to be my high school.
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I wish their was more diveristy and more help regarding college readiness. The school lacks certified teachers. Most clubs are non existant. Over all it is okay.
I like how the teachers always strive their best to help the students in any way possible. They help the students not only with school related problems but give advice to students with any problems they have that are bothering them. I would like to see new books being put in the school because sometimes good conditioned books are not available there.
Horrible very poorly funded very bad horrible I wish I didn't go here but hey it is what it is right.... Teachers are o.k mostly uncertified except like 5 or 6 . The guidance counselor DOES NOT HELP WITH COLLEGE unless you are friends with her family
Overall, the school is academically great and does relatively prepare you for college.

One thing I would love to see change is the people who make the food for students in the cafeteria. During the beginning of this year, there was a huge issue and students decided to boycott them and make potlucks instead. However, during the first week of January, we did see some improvement, but not as much as expected.

As for the social aspect of the school, the students are genuinely nice and so are most of the teachers. There will always be a controversy between a student and a teacher, no matter where you decide to go. So, I believe that saying a few teachers don't have enough respect for a student shouldn't be a part of this review because it will exist in any school you go.
i feel like its my second home.
A school nurse barely even exists. There's an unarmed security guard and there could be announcements for emergencies (But it's always fake, just a test). There isn't really anything unsafe that happens in this school other than the school being unsanitary and most students being filthy (which can make you sick.). But if a real emergency ever happens, about half of the school is probably not going to be prepared but a real emergency never happened before.
Some students are great friends, some teachers are pretty good, and it's still considered an Islamic School. However, majority of the students doesn't seem to have such an Islamic behavior. (For example, filthy cafeteria, disrespect and talking before Salah, bathroom hangouts and ditching... etc) Majority of the teachers are ok but not all of them are good. Overall, if you really want to bring your son/daughter to an Islamic school, I guess there's nothing better but this school.
They sale one single different food everyday with a few snacks so there are barely any options and most of the food doesn't taste that great. There is no such thing as "something healthy" in this school and I'm not always 100% sure if all of the food is halal. (It should be and probably is though) The cafeteria is worse than disgusting but it's mostly majority of the students' fault for not knowing what being a "clean Muslim" is. (Then some teachers sometimes blame it on the few students who are clean.)
One of the good things about this school is that they enforce a good uniform policy since this is supposed to be an Islamic school. The bad thing is that some students don't even listen. Some students simply violate the uniform policy and a few even dress unislamicly. There isn't really any legit bullying in this school and students just immaturely play around. Though, if some of the teachers were to catch real bullying or a real fight, they most likely would do something to take care of it. Attendance is also strict in this school. The principal tries her hardest to make sure that the school is running at their best. The office staff doesn't do much (other than disturbing the classes with a loud announcement).
It really depends on how lucky you are. A few teachers are extremely good, most are barely ok, some are pretty bad. Most of their teaching styles are either boring or ineffective. Some have really good knowledge while others barely have enough to teach (But that doesn't mean they 100% don't know how to teach). Some teachers/staff are very rude in terms of communicating with students and some are pretty good. Some appear friendly, some are not. If you're expecting a good experience with teachers, it is mostly bad but there are some good teachers in this school.
There is Science Olympiad and Model UN. (The only 2 activities that is sort of legit). The rest.... Not even worth mentioning.
I will absolutely miss the school and the opportunities it gave me. It may be described as a little sheltered but I think that was necessary in my personal growth and development.
Many alumni come back and tell us how easy their university classes are because of the challenging nature of their high school environment.
The administration is very understanding
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I think bullying is the only issue. Our school is trying its best to stop it.
There's always food for the students. Even if the food originally ordered finishes, a special order can be made for those left who did not eat.
Sometimes you can get away with minor dress code violations, but other times you cant' escape at all. The teachers there, though, are the best: they truly care about their students and do as much as they can to help them succeed. Being a student there makes you a part of a second family.
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