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Both of our children attend Al Fatih Academy for several years now. We are very happy with the academics as well as the religious environment that they're in. If you're looking to help your children grow a strong Muslim-American identity, then don't look any further!
At this school your children blossoms into a responsible and caring adult . They thrive to become successful at all aspects of life . The school is dually accredited by ADVANCED and CISNA and have incorporated islamic studies , Arabic language as well as moral and ethical values with the state standards academics.Alfatih academy provides the balance for the life of a growing children in this frenzied times of compelling academic rigor , after school activities and insane social and political madness that surrounds life . Students are taught to mediate and mull over what causes their pain,anger or any unpleasant feelings and reminded to be thankful and kind for all favorable that they experience and pass it forward to the people around them. It weaves all these critical aspects into teaching in a very organic fashion .
It takes a village to raise a kid and Al Fatih Academy and its members makes up for one for your child .
our child has been continuously bullied for almost a year in Ms Sayyida class. There is pure neglect and her methods of running her classroom are pure incompetent. Absolutely appalling.

When we raised the issues we felt everything was not handled as it should have been. The bullies have stayed on whereas another student who was bitten by the bully left the school.

Save your self the stress of putting your child in pre k and save your money for a better school. This is not how islamic schools should behave or be running.

Our child has been bullied with few other kids and the teachers in pre K do not care for the children. Neglect and stress is what you can expect.
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There are tons of extra-curricular options for every kind of person.
I feel safe in my school.
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