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The STEM building within the school is a feature which is noted when compared to other schools within the area as being quite advanced. The teachers and athletics are also both known to be quite passionate as well.
I played softball and volleyball at this school. I made a lot of friends. It's was an okay school with a lot of tradition and history. I would not be totally against sending my child here.
I liked being in a diverse community and in an environment that challenged its honors students. The school spirit was great.
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High School is truly what you make it, but the staff can help make it better. I moved to this school my senior year and because of the amazingly kind and understanding staff it made my transition very smooth.
A.L. Brown is a decent school better than most but I feel like the school only cares if it contain football and their players
A. L. Brown High School was a great high school experience. The sports are highly rated, the academics prepare students for 4 year universities, and I'm impressed with the way they have grown their arts and vocational programs since my graduation.
I liked how engaged the staff are and are ready to help overcome any obstacle. They pushed and helped me become a dual major at the local community college. Are trying to create more diverse classes. Link to classes:
I loved how A.L. Brown felt like little families a part of one big family. Sporting events always gathered people together, especially Friday night Football. Go Wonders! Although I loved the atmosphere of the sports, I wish the arts would get more attention. There are so many talented students that don't get enough respect or attention. I applaud them for shining through under the circumstances they work in.
One thing about A. L. Brown High School is that everyone is so close to each other. You really make a family here. The school is like an open campus so it really gets you ready for college. The staff is so nice and willing to help you in any situation.
I really like this school. I am going to miss this place when I go to college. The teachers are nice and supportive. It is obvious that they care and want their students to do great things in the future.
A lot of the teachers are kind and helpful but there's a big learning gap. All the teachers do things so differently and the way things are set up for core classes is very messed up.
Attending A.L Brown High has been a great experience for me. If I wasn't for the amazing teachers who work here I wouldn't be going to college.
A.L. Brown is an overall great school, they have many different career cluster options. The only thing I would like to see changed would be the engineering department. You don't get to choose what type of engineering you learn it's just very general.
A.L. Brown is not like most highs schools. It is absolutely the MOST diverse place that I have ever been, and this is coming from a girl who was born and raised in Albany, New York and switched between Albany and Buffalo, New York. My high school has diverse "Social classes," "Cliques," and definitely race. The only weird thing is, the students may be very diverse, but the staff is pretty much the same. They say that they care, but very few show it and act on that very statement. The ones that do care actually stand-out and are pretty much admired by the students.
I absolutely love how the projects and many grade have to do with creativity and using your imagination! What I wish would change is how students cared about their education, I wish everyone could have the wonderful teachers I have that push you towards excellence and help you reach all of your goals and even set some!
This school is a very diverse and community based. All types of students attend this institution and for the most part they are friendly. The teachers are very friendly and take the time to help you with their specific classes. A wide variety of clubs are offered as well.
What I liked about the school is how heavily involved the administrators were. They completely helped me in my time of need and guided me to graduation. I felt like the school had so much school pride that it made me proud to be there. The only thing that I like to change might be the school uniforms. They were the worst for me. Although it might be best to keep them. I heard they kept bullying at a minimum when it came to clothing. I'm pretty sure the school has a new principal and some new administrators. I hope they continue to be just as helpful.
Review A.L. Brown High School
A. L Brown High School offers help to those who ask. I have had a great experience at this school, and I enjoy the all the opportunities i have been able to receive. ALB is more than just a school to me, its more like community were you're taught to strive and are inspired to more than what you think you can be. If you want to be a dancer, they have a dance class that . If you aspire to be a chief, there is a culinary class for that too. If you dream of acting and singing on a stage or even dare to think of being a : writer, filmmaker, journalist, nurse, computer scientist, engineer, fashion designer, artist, they have a class for that. At ALB the sky is not the limit, they have expanded to the surrounding galaxies as well.
The classes are good. There's a lot of homework, but that's a given. If you get the right teacher, your whole experience will be made. If you get the wrong teacher, it could ruin the experience for you. It all depends.
The teachers go above and beyond for their students, but everyone has room for improvement. There are few teachers that meet expectations well, while others fall below the line.
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