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I really like the Principal, Dr. Parker and the School Counselor, Mr. Lipscomb. Both are very supportive of the student population which is needed in this day and time.
I think that A.l brown is an amazing high school. They offer great opportunities and make sure that the students are safe and taken care of. The teachers make sure that you understand the material and provide extra help if needed.
A.L. Brown is a good school with good potential, however the administration is not strict enough on general policies such as bullying. Students are hateful to other students for no reason and teachers/staff advocate for those bullies because of their intellect in the classroom or their talent on the field. The classes offered are good, however the teachers teaching these subjects are often not qualified to teach those curriculums.
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A.L. Brown is a racially diverse high school with a decently challenging curriculum that has recently broadened into STEM disciplines. The school is known for its football team and Friday night football is essentially a weekly holiday during the fall.
Great STEM and industry related classes. Teachers generally teach their subject well, respect for students is prevalent.
I enjoy A.L. Brown High school because we truly have a beautiful campus that has grown over the years. We are home of the Wonders that I am proud to be called and our school spirit thrives off of our town. I wish we had more opportunities and aren’t always remembered for football.
A.L. Brown High school was amazing at sports and I had a lot of fun. There were things about this school that were not always great, but every school has there ups and downs. There are many situations that could have been handled differently, but I will be a Wonder for life.
I attended A. L. Brown High School for four years, enrolled in AP and Honors Classes. The School overall is great, with new STEM building and career clusters, giving diversity in classes that can be taken. Things they need to improve or change better funding for classrooms. They need new or better textbooks, more teachers in certain fields to reduce students in each class.
My experience at A.L. Brown, has had some low and high points: complications with a few classes and a teacher (low), and the online courses it offered like African American Studies(a definite high). At the end of the day I can’t imagine going to school somewhere else.
A L brown is a very diverse school in a moderately conservative area which created a divide among our students. Often times it felt that student concerns fell on deaf ears, fortunately the school is very accepting and encouraging to student lead programs and events. I loved having the option to get involved with my community and school, and as leadership member of our schools lgbt club, I felt as though I had a fair platform. Kannapolis is a town transforming from a small mill community to a stem focused city which leaves A L Brown in an interesting transition that doesn't properly advocate for students from "old" or "new" Kannapolis; I do believe that in the next 10 years A L Brown will become an amazing school that will prepare students for any career, as it is already setting up useful vocational and stem courses.
AL Brown provides you with what you need to succeed in school, but doesn't encourage students to utilize them or accommodate student's needs very well. Teachers aren't all as encouraging and supportive I'd like them to be. I believe the school is dismissive of the student body's opinions and recommendations, especially when the idea challenges their (very) conservative beliefs. Student advocacy is also very limited, without the support of many peers, chances are you cannot push an idea forward and get administration to hear them.
A.L Brown is a great school all around the teachers and staff are trying to have everyone ready for college and your future job. We focus on our futures here, We have great sport teams and great school spirit.
I learned everything I needed to know to get me prepared for college. I loved to culture and tradition A.L. Brown has. The Bell game (A.L. Brown vs KonKord) was the best experience. You don't even have to be a player on the team to enjoy the festivities of the week of the game. One thing I would like to see is the uniform policy. If teachers did not have to worry about trying to dress code students in class it would give them more time focusing on helping the students if they need help.
I am a senior at A.L. Brown high school and my experience is good I like the school not only because it is the only high school I have attended but the staff at my school are very generous. They provide help when needed and some teachers have the biggest hearts and would do anything for their students as if they were their own kin. Our principal is a very happy and friendly man you will never see him in a bad mood he has a very uplifting and enjoyable spirit which is a great characteristic. As most teenagers would say they dislike the uniforms which I semi agree. I don't like it because those who love fashion can't express their talents as much as they could in regular clothes but I do agree with the reasoning of wearing them like some people would be less likely to be bullied by others for not being able to afford the latest trends. Overall A.L. Brown is a great school I love the spirit weeks all of our green and white and the "campus" is like a mini college campus is pretty nice.
I am currently enrolled at A.L. Brown High School. I would feel more safe if we had more security. Anyone could walk through 6 doors
I loved my four years and all of my teachers. My teachers were always very helpful and would go out of their way to ensure I knew the material.
A L Brown High School is a good school overall, they're really strict on dress code only for safety reasons though. And the teachers & counselors are very dependable and willing to help.
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With my experience with A.L Brown is that it was a different experience than i thought it was. This school in many ways is a fresh start for me and my new home. I've met some very interesting people in my time being here.formed a new family as well and being senior the time in high school is great hopefully more fun to come.
I loved how we wore uniforms for school each and every day. Knowing that when students come to school they don't have to feel uncomfortable of what they are wearing.
This is my first year at Al Brown and I've maintained the best grades I've ever made. Compared to the other high school I went to this school really cares about the students achieving a goal and they attend to your needs as a student. We even have a extra class during the day to teach us about the basic knowledge of every day living like managing your money and staying up on scholarships to go to college.
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