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I loved my four years and all of my teachers. My teachers were always very helpful and would go out of their way to ensure I knew the material.
A L Brown High School is a good school overall, they're really strict on dress code only for safety reasons though. And the teachers & counselors are very dependable and willing to help.
With my experience with A.L Brown is that it was a different experience than i thought it was. This school in many ways is a fresh start for me and my new home. I've met some very interesting people in my time being here.formed a new family as well and being senior the time in high school is great hopefully more fun to come.
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I loved how we wore uniforms for school each and every day. Knowing that when students come to school they don't have to feel uncomfortable of what they are wearing.
This is my first year at Al Brown and I've maintained the best grades I've ever made. Compared to the other high school I went to this school really cares about the students achieving a goal and they attend to your needs as a student. We even have a extra class during the day to teach us about the basic knowledge of every day living like managing your money and staying up on scholarships to go to college.
This school really sucks. ALOT of teachers actually admit that this school sucks. I wish I never came here. I come from a private school, and now to this trash school. But the sports teams are really good. The football team is really good, and so is the soccer team. But the school always complains that they don't have any money, so there is barely any money for the athletic department. So my final point is that this school is terrible.
Its a good school. Not many fights, they are strict but in a good way. It's one of my favorite schools.
I’d say my personal experience at A.L. Brown was pretty average. I wasn’t a. Athlete but when I did want to get into sports no one knew anything about it. Any issues I had with peers were easily settled with administration. Brown is just like any other high school besides the fact that we have no college ready classes and we taught things about adulthood through teachers that decide to put it into their lesson plan. I will say there could be something done better to what is served during lunch. There has been many “incidents” were things have been interesting things found in the cafeteria food.
I liked my four years at Al.brown high school because everyone comes together and there is diversity and different race that joins together and it feels like we are family. I also have played four years of womans golf and I wish Al.brown would have put some extra money in the fund for my golf team and it seems like the school does not seem like it is important because other sports are getting funded by the school more than golf. If I had to change about my school is the food because the food is terrible and I believe the school district can feed students better quality of food.
I am a student at this school. I am academically smart in math and I am apart of the football and wrestling team however, I do run track as well. This school has taught me so much growth socially and academically. They've shown me how to be a role model and team player.
My experience at A.l brown for the past 4 years have been great and not great sometimes. Overall the school is very protective in it's kids and takes everything seriously to make sure we are safe and succeed in life.They have meetings mostly every month to tech teachers how they can work better. So Al brown is great school.
I liked the bond I had with my teachers. Some of the staff could do better and honestly the cafeteria served unsafe food
The STEM building within the school is a feature which is noted when compared to other schools within the area as being quite advanced. The teachers and athletics are also both known to be quite passionate as well.
I played softball and volleyball at this school. I made a lot of friends. It's was an okay school with a lot of tradition and history. I would not be totally against sending my child here.
I liked being in a diverse community and in an environment that challenged its honors students. The school spirit was great.
High School is truly what you make it, but the staff can help make it better. I moved to this school my senior year and because of the amazingly kind and understanding staff it made my transition very smooth.
A.L. Brown is a decent school better than most but I feel like the school only cares if it contain football and their players
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A. L. Brown High School was a great high school experience. The sports are highly rated, the academics prepare students for 4 year universities, and I'm impressed with the way they have grown their arts and vocational programs since my graduation.
I liked how engaged the staff are and are ready to help overcome any obstacle. They pushed and helped me become a dual major at the local community college. Are trying to create more diverse classes. Link to classes:
I loved how A.L. Brown felt like little families a part of one big family. Sporting events always gathered people together, especially Friday night Football. Go Wonders! Although I loved the atmosphere of the sports, I wish the arts would get more attention. There are so many talented students that don't get enough respect or attention. I applaud them for shining through under the circumstances they work in.
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