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Al-Arqam Islamic School and College Preparatory School Reviews

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I feel like my school is average. Certainly not the best out there and so not the worst. I was enrolled to that school around four years ago and what makes it special is that it's one of a kind. It's an Islamic school in a non-islamic region and society. And they are really doing their best in striving for a bigger name in this world.
Was a good experience and made me the person I am today. The school itself needs lot of improvement but the people there make it worth going to.
I was a student at Al-Arqam my entire life. It is a wonderful home-like environment that comforts all those who are in it. I always felt supported by the people around me and accepted by all. Unfortunately, however, much of the school is less than ideal. As an IB school, one would expect IB level teaching, or at the very least, resources one can utilize to aid with the education experience but that is not the case. A major gripe I have is with the school's administration, they are very hostile and are more harmful than helpful. However, it is ultimately a wonderful place due to the amazing teachers and wide range of diversity.
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Kids feel loved by their peers in this school. They have respect and caring values. Kids are graduating and reaching very good universities. The school has recently expanded. They have a great principal
There are so many clubs and extracurricular activities at this school. We have a house system (like in Harry Potter) in which members of each of the four houses compete in competitions and earn points. We have an archery club for both boys and girls, a National Honors Society club, a Hands 4 Change Club, America Red Cross club, homework club (for elementary), book club, and many many more. We have yearbook student staff and special weekly school-wide activities.
My overall experience is positive. I came into this school as quite the quiet person and now I' exiting as more of a leader. This school is unique because it is centered around the religion of Islam which gives students a spiritual foundation and a great opportunity for brotherhood/sisterhood and unity. I would go through this school again and again. I feel physically, spiritually, emotionally, and academically supported here.
The majority of teachers at this school are committed to their classes and put significant effort into teaching. Teachers for the most part interact with students outside of the classroom and participate in school activities. They are more than supportive of students and go out of their way to help us.
The teachers give their absolute most when teaching the class, and are available after just in case a student might need somehing.
At our school, the resources are great and everything is provided and made to meet the expectations of the students. The school strives to meet every necessity any student might have, and if there is something you further need, the school tries as best as they can to fulfill.
In our school, drugs are impossible to find, and you will never come across someone who smokes. Alcohol is extinct in our school, and you will never come accross anyone drunk. You will never find any pregnant girls in our school, and no one is a part of a gang and gang violence is at a low.
Our school has very strict policies that keep the students in line. If there ever happens to be an issue, the principal is very kind and helpful and will do her best to resolve the issue. Bullying is rare in our school, due to the severe punishments one may face if caught. The dress code is also strict, and everyone can be found wearing alike clothes. Attendance is kept in check daily and noted on the report card as well.
In my school. There are many clubs and groups that you can join to make your daily life more fun. Among them, we have homework clubs, writing clubs, film clubs, martial arts clubs, basketball clubs, football clubs, and other groups that can make you enjoy and have fun after long hours of study.
To enroll in Al-Arqam Islamic School, a student must first schedule an appointment with either the principal or any high school official. In that meeting, the parents will discuss the situation of the child, and also schedule a visiting day for him or her. On the visiting day, the student will take a standardized test to show the level and capabilities of the student. Based on the test results, he will be accepted or rejected.
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