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I like the diversity of the students and staff, the passion teachers bring to their teaching and the consistent practice of Islam. Teachers are very warm and encouraging. Miracles happen when students with "issues" come in September and over time are transformed into better students--personality and academics change for the better.
My child has been at Al-Aqsa
for 6 years. Some of the teachers are attentive and care about their students education. A few staff are very rude, and need more development when dealing with parents & the community. There are no extra curricular activities. The students are at times quite unruly and lack structure when transitioning to different classrooms and other areas. I feel that more male staff member are needed at the school. Overall al aqsa provides an average learning environment.
I feel that this school lacks everything. The teachers are rude and impatient. One particular teacher continously calls my child a clown, a mistake, and even hits my child. I cannot stand these teachers anymore. There are no extra activities. For 300 per month, you would want to get your money's worth. The cafeteria is a basement. There is no gym. The classes are the filthiest i've ever seen, etc. Public schools are also a much safer enviroment for your children.
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They have educational , fitness and many more
The education is #1 and the teachers care a lot about the students and help alot
The best school I've ever been to

The best education

And very friendly
The administration is strict and fair. They punish according to violations of school rules. As well as rewarding and encouraging good behavior and academic abilities.
I only rated it a B due to the fact that its an all Islamic School. Otherwise, there are students and staff of all nationalities. The curriculum covers all subjects available to any other student in any other school.
All of the teachers are always there for the students with personal matters, educational issues, financial issues and more. The teachers feel more like family than just professionals. They do not move on with the curriculum until it is understood by all. They take time to teach the lesson. The motoo is "never left behind."
Al Aqsa Islamic Academy is a small private school that provided me with education and special attention due to the select few that attend the school. One of my favorite experiences would be the opportunity I had to volunteer at the Interfaith Center. Where I met people of all faiths, learned a lot about others i did not know and taught others about my own beliefs.
The school district provides the lunches for the students. If you do not like the lunch provided by the school we have other options available to us to purchase, like the school store.
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