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Akron Westfield Senior High School Reviews

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Akron-Westfield is a school that you are allowed to be yourself! The teachers here are one of a kind in my books, if you are in need of help on any subject in school a teacher that may not even be teaching that particular class will help you. The community of our school and the atmosphere of our school is phenomenal!
Akron Westfield was a very good school to go to; all the teachers there are good teachers. They help you if you need help; they'll come in early to school if you need extra help. Its not that big of a school so you pretty much are friends with everyone in the school.
The school is very, very good. The staff are passionate about what they do and the students are excited to both learn and participate in school activities. Almost anyone can find a group to hang out with and fit in with.
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School food is not very good. One think I like though is that they offer juice to drink, which is nice because I'm lactose intolerant.
Our administration is so helpful. The ladies in the office are always willing to help students out and our principal can kid around and have fun with the students, once again very different from my previous school in South Dakota. He takes the rules seriously but always has the best interest of the students in mind.
Schools spirit in Akron is very, very strong. Students have fun making up fun and silly cheers for sporting events.
Teachers in Akron are some of the best around. They are fun and offer engaging and relevant lessons.
We don't have many extracurriculars, but they are very good quality. Students are very well rounded and participate in a variety of activities. The quality of extracurriculars in not just Akron, but Iowa in general, absolutely blows my previous schools in Washington and South Dakota out of the water.
Out teachers would do anything to help students succeed!
All students get a Macbook Air to use over their high school career. Also, we can take college courses for free online through Western Iowa Tech. This gives students more online experience and gives a wide variety of courses to take.
The teachers themselves are fantastic. The curriculum is lacking though. The classes are very easy compared to the classes at my previous school. The grading system is also much more relaxed. It has been helpful for raising my GPA, but I feel as if I am missing out on some college and life skill preparation that I could receive at other schools.
Students are involved in extracurriculars, but it seems as if many students spend weekends home alone or drinking. People are generally friendly, but it's very hard to get into a social group and actually be invited to hang out or go do something.
The school itself is very safe. However, drinking and occasional drug use are very prominent sources of "entertainment" among kids at the school.
Akron is your average small town high school. Most students love it, but I often find the lack of diversity and "everyone knows everybody" mentality a little suffocating. You feel as if your personal life gets little privacy here. Overall, I believe the best thing about the school is the teachers. They are fun, genuinely care for their students, and active to help provide excellent extracirriculars.
School lunch here is a joke. At my previous school, all high schoolers had an option of two hot entrees, a sub, or a salad along with a hot vegetable, a full salad bar, and usually a bun or cookie. Akron is the polar opposite. You get a choice of one hot entree or a salad with one fruit or vegetable and milk or juice. One girl even found a latex glove in her salad once! Luckily, kids who live in town can leave for lunch, which I choose to do every day.
The administration is pretty average, the principal is a pretty cool guy if your good student. Students who misbehave don't like him because he is strict about the rules, but all for the benefit of the student body.

The school has this Zeros Not Permitted program that means you have to turn in assignments and the only way you can get zeros is if you cheat. So if an assignment is late of incomplete, you get "ZAP"ed, which means you either have to go to that teacher during Success Time or stay after school on Wednesdays. It's not really that big of a deal as long as you get your work done, but can kind of be a nuisance is you have homework out because you were sick or gone for an event.
Our school has really good school spirit and people come to games even if we aren't having a winning season. Also, if you are a girl who is in softball or is a dancer, Akron is the school for you. Both teams have won multiple state championships and titles in the past couple of years.
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The activities that we have are pretty good quality and have active participates, but the school lacks variety of students who are not interested in performing arts of varsity sports.
There are not that many options. But the few they have, they are strong.
Educationally, they did not prepare me for college.
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