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I went to the STEM Middle School before going to the STEM High School in Akron and I have always been interested in the STEM fields for college pursuit but I have found that even students who are not as interested in the STEM careers are pushed to achieve their dreams such as arts and such and everyone who is planning to go to college is helped by the school counselor to find scholarships and opportunities.
When I started out in the 2014-15 school year, everything was great. Blocked classes, great administration and fun events. Last year, however, everything changed when the school was roped in by the district, and now we have an administration that puts a little too much effort in improving our test scores (it’s ok to put a little bit of time into it, but this it almost feels cult-like) abs they dropped block classes, making fitting college classes into an already crammed schedule even more of a nightmare.
I am a senior at The National Inventors Hall of Fame STEM High School. I love STEM because it is a school with many opportunities. The teachers make learning fun and enjoyable by meeting every learner's needs. They teach lessons so you can understand the material better. They also help us prepare for college classes by including things like self-directed learning. I especially love all the extracurricular activities offered to me at STEM. They have clubs that gives me experience for my future.
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As a student at the Akron STEM High School, I believe that the teacher are preparing us for college readiness. I'm a student at does post-secondary college education at the University of Akron, I know that they prepare us for the future. The teachers are outstanding and I believe that they are the best for the job.
The NIHF STEM High School is a generally good school, with only minor flaws. These flaws include a tendency to have to do projects instead of tests, and a sometimes confusing class/work structure. A large plus-side is the free laptop you get to keep until you graduate.
Akron STEM High School is one of the greatest schools across the area. It promotes leadership, ingenuity, and integrity in a way that has impacted each student in one way or another. STEM has made me want to achieve for higher expectations and allowed me to design my own path.
A great school that prepares you for college quite well. Great teachers and college credit opportunities. Being on Akron University Campus gives even more opportunities to students. A great with nice and diverse students. Learning is made fun by most teachers while still learning the content. Its a great school I would recommend to anyone!
Our school is a top rating school in the state. Some of the student get a core class done within one semester. Student are allow to take college class with required ACT score.
At our school there is a no bullying policy. The school nurse comes on a schedule. The school does a random drug check with police dogs.
This school have a few club that some student might injoy. At our school there is a student council, science olympaid, HIP and some much more. Each of the club have a different in the level of commitment.
It is really fun to go here not just because of the grades but of the people in that environment. The school does a spirt week twice a year and it really fun. Also during the beginning of the year the school did a senior auction. What make this school school unique is that there are different type of students. I would choose this school if I could to do it over again because of the learning environment they have.
At my school the teachers help us will the work we need help with. All the teachers at my school have a different teaching styles, like one teacher talk about the subject the whole class another teacher would talk about how to do it and let us do it one our own. The teachers I have are will prepared for class and have high knowledge on the subject they teach. The teachers are helpful in and out of class. They try to keep the grades organize. The teachers at my school are awesome.
I love everything about STEM. The teachers are very hands-on and want to see you succeed.
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