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Akron School District is behind in so many areas of athletics and academics. They are 10 years behind in helping children with disabilities and move more towards not helping them or any student of it is going to cost the district money. The teachers only teach to contract meaning they do not go above and beyond their basic contractual obligations. The students are the last to benefit from any advancement in education, growth and development. There is an attitude of this is the way it is and the way it has always been so they do not change or grow with the times as a whole. More families are tuning to home schooling or private schooling in this district.
I am currently a freshman, so I haven't been in the High School for very long. But the staff is amazing and always tries to help make sure everyone gets the best possible grade they can.
The education program is filled with teachers who know what they are doing and care not only for your good test scores, but also your mental health.
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My experience overall was very good because I feel that the teachers really care about the students and want them to succeed in school and in life. It is very well put together by the staff and supported by the community. It is a great small town school and I am always noticing so many new faces moving in.
The programs that are available are very high quality. However, the school is very small and the district does not have a lot of money, so there aren't many options as far as programs.
So many options with very excited teachers!
We don't have the funding for many field trips or out of class experiences. However the teachers make being in school engaging and fun!
The teachers are so helpful! Most are always willing to go the extra mile!!
We have many security precautions that we take to keep the school protected.
There are many opportunities for the students at this school. There is also a variety of clubs and sports that people can be involved in.
Many parents encourage other students that are not their kids and help them to succeed on the field, on the court, and in the classroom.
The teachers are very friendly and genuinely care for the students. They want us to succeed and will go above and beyond to help us do so.
there are some teachers that love kids and care about the students and there is at least one teacher each year who is only there for the payceck
I hate going to school here. The newer teachers couldn't care less about you. They are often difficult to deal with and openly have favorites. There is prejudice towards the "white" kids at school. Students that repeatedly misbehave are constantly and publicly rewarded for basic actions that a student should do regardless. There are few extracurricular activities for students to participate in that are not involved in athletics. Money is constantly being poured into athletics with little to show for it. (Example- The football team had ZERO WINS all season.) The academics could be so much better. We could have a 0% drop out rate. But we don't. I strongly believe that major changes need to be made to this school system.
Akron is like any other small town. I have a love/hate relationship with the school. In Akron everyone knows your name, which is a nice thing, however because of this, everyone knows everything about you. Overall, in Akron the education is great but the socialization is brutal.
I love the faculty that works in the kitchen. They are amazing and kind and know you by name. They try to accommodate everyone and every food choice that you have, they know what is in the food and they also know what you're allergic to so they can plan a special meal for you. There is always options if you don't want the main lunch, salads subs and pizza are always available to you.
The guidance counselors are very helpful and involved if a student is troublesome/troubled, as are the teachers. Bullying is dealt with right away and the bully is often suspended. However, if physical fights come about both parties are suspended. For dress code, primarily girls get in trouble, we must wear shorts two inches past are fingertips, as well as no spaghetti straps or razor back tank tops, girls get detention for this all the time. however profane/ explicit messages on clothing is also banned, yet that is never dealt with.
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There is a lot of emphasis on athletics in the school, therefore, a lot of money goes into upkeep of equipment and of the grounds. Many students are involved with sports year round, and if you're not involved with the sport then you attend the games, or hear about it on the announcements.
Akron has great teachers, throughout my entire high school career I have only had one teacher who I felt didn't care about me or my success. Many teachers go above and beyond to make sure students understand what is going on in their lessons. They also make an effort to reach out when a student is behind or struggling. Teachers in Akron also keep very consistent with their grading policies and work load throughout the year.
Akron focuses much more attention to sports than to extracurricular activities. There's only a handful of non-sport related activities: Donate Life, Student Government, and National Honors Society, that's about it. There really isn't any support for these activities, most of the attention of the students and faculty is on sports in Akron High School.
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