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I am currently a senior at Akron High School and from all the years that I have attended this school, I am very pleased with my experience. Akron is a small town and with a little over one hundred high school students. I believe this makes the whole experience seem more connected. I have never had a teacher that I did not like and there are a number of activities that students can get involved with. I also feel that thanks to my personal finance class and top-notch advice from our counselor, I am better prepared for college. My big problem with Akron is the bizarre decisions made by the administration. An example is that the school has shifted over to a four-day school week without school on Friday. The issue is that we have to attend school on Friday if we miss that Monday for a teacher in-service. I have heard many of people complaining about this and similar issues. Beside these hiccups, am grateful to attend this school and the experiences it has given me.
Akron High School is a fairly decent school, with the building being built just a short number of years ago. The teachers are fantastic, really being able to understand their students and do what they believe to be best for them - which isn't always a popular choice with some students, but what can you do?

There is a strong emphasis on sports at AHS. As of this year, there has even been the introduction of golf. For the majority of students, the focus on sports is a large pro. There are additionally other available activities and interests, such as art, music, and drama. While these may not receive nearly as much attention as sports, they are not necessarily neglected.
Some parents get special treatment because they are friends with administration.
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Most teacher do what is right & follow the rules and qualifications.
Most of the extracurricular activities are sports. The majority of students are active in at least one sport.
I was involved in clubs, organizations and sports at my school. Overall my experiences were all positive. My favorite experiences involved sports. It was great to have parents and community members supporting us at home and away games. I also like that I attended the same school as my mom!
Quality of teachers at my high school is overall good. I feel that they are teaching because they generally care about students and want them to succeed. They are available for help outside of the classroom. Many of the teachers are also coaches so they are involved in the students extra curricular activities as well.
Overall, the extracurricular programs aren't good.
We just got a new school, so it is a very nice building, the technology is not the best but it is good and fast.
There is a lot of student involvement in sports at our school. If you do not play sports you are not as popular, and you do not have as many friends. There is a lot of peer pressure in our school! People do things just to fit in, and be cool.
At our school you do not have a lot of classes to choose from. If you take all hard classes your first three years, than there is not much left for you to take your fourth year. Our science program is very poor in this school. Our school does not score very high in science. The workload is usually not that much, but it depends on whether you take college classes or not!
The food sometimes is not very good. It is usually somewhat healthy. The cafeteria is always clean, but we only get an option of one main course meal that day, if you do not like that meal there is only side dishes that you can choose from.
Our school guidance counselor is very helpful in preparing you for college. The office staff is not very friendly to you if you do not play sports. All teachers have their favorites, if you don't play sports you are more likely to get sent home for your clothes. The dress code is very strict, and you cant even dress so that you are comfortable throughout the day.
Our school is safe in a way, but also not that safe. We do not have a school nurse, and everyone is so busy that if you need to talk to someone about something there is usually no one to talk to. We do have video cameras in the school but they are not always on, you also have to be buzzed in so no one outside can get in which is good. There is nothing to stop or prevent bullying, or no one to watch for safety of the kids usually.
We have three different club in our school. If you do not participate in one of them the teachers will hold a grudge against you, and some will not let you be in there classes if you are not in there club.
school system changes, too many rules, no privleges
The athletic facilities at Akron are great. Our school has three full sized basketball courts, a track, football field, baseball field, and a brand new softball field. School spirit is very important and short pep rallies are held every time a team reaches the playoffs. Both the home and away games for winning teams are well attended. However, the softball team has a losing record and the supporters are usually only parents. Every student is required to have four athletic credits to graduate, and playing a sport will satisfy one of these credits. If a student doesn't play sports, physical education and weightlifting classes are offered. I would consider the athletic program in Akron to be the best in the area.
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My overall experience at Akron High school has had both ups and downs. The class sizes are small, so teachers have a better idea of the abilities of their students. There are also some college classes offered for some of the more talented students. However, the school does not have the resources to properly challenge the most advanced students. Only a few extracurricular activities and elective activities are offered.
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