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Akron-Fairgrove Junior/Senior High School Reviews

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great teachers who care a lot
small classes so the teachers care alot
Great school to go to if you want to be more Social. Wonderful classes led by excellent teachers who care about you and what's going on. Overall, great place to go
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It's all great and all of our teachers are very accommodating. I think we do well as a small school.
We don't have many clubs except for breakfast club once a week during the day. Sports is really our extracurricular activities.
Staff protects the students the best they can
I gave a lot of fun supportive teachers I think their all great
We have a lot of athletic students,really good coaches.
They do hold students for consequences when their caught
We aren't the richest school but since we have received grants we have been able to improve this school and I always liked our little school you are still comfortable. I mean we do have issues with people but what school doesn't. All the teachers are very accommodating and helpful.
Everything that has to do with teachers is a great thing.
Everyone is able to get involved with sports. We do not have try outs and that is the best thing a school can have.
It is not the best school lunch, but it is healthy and we always have a choice of salad and fresh veggies.
The staff and all of teachers are really good. They make sure that all of their students understand the material before movie.
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