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Akron Early College High School Reviews

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Akron Early College High School gets you ready for the challenges of college. Also it gives you a stepping stool to less years of college when you graduate from high school. Something that would help would be help from the teachers when it it comes to the college classes that the high schoolers take. By your senior year when taking high level classes it would be nice to have some help from the high school teachers.
The school overall is a wonderful opportunity especially if you want to get ahead in college while still in high school. The support system isn't the strongest but its there and the teachers are willling to help you.
I absolutely loved this school! The teachers are always supportive and willing to help you whenever you need it. There's a great sense of community within the classes, and by the time you graduate, you feel like you're family. It may have been stressful, but it was definitely worth it!
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I have been going to Akron Early College High School for four years. I love it going there. I think it made a better person.
Akron Early College High School is an amazing high school. Unlike other schools in the Akron district, AEC is very unique in that it allows its students to obtain both high school and college credits while attending Akron Early College High School. Additionally, the staff and teachers are some of the best around. They put so much though and care into their students that they are willing to help as much as they can. They are an amazing group of staff and teachers.
Great school with huge benefits and rewards at the end when it comes to ones education. Hard work but worth it.
Great environment and amazing staff who really care about the success of every student. They go above and beyond to make this not-so-traditional high school really feel like home and like a family.
When I first started this program I was very scared of how hard it was going to be, but the staff put in a lot of effort in making sure you succeed in your classes.
It is a little challenging because of the college courses, but the help provided by the staff relieves the stress by a large margin. And the help is always available everywhere, whether in the staff or peers.
I love the teachers and the freedom of being on campus. You get to learn the college campus and see what it is like to take college courses while being in high school. When it is all over, you will finish with an Associate's degree.
Throughout my four years at Early College, it’s staff helped me and my classmates prepare for college in ways we didn’t know were possible. Some things they taught us were how to pick the right professors, how to manage time and get work done reasonably, and even how to maintain a steady sleep schedule.
I absolutely LOVE Early College. It prepares us for the real college life while still earning a degree upon graduating. I hope that others can see how great our school is!
Akron Early College is a school that is extremely challenging. You start taking college classes as a freshman and when you graduate you get an associates degree from the University of Akron. Even though it is challenging it is worth it. The staff are always there for you and it is like having a second family.
I have family members that have graduated from AECHS. Based upon many reviews, Akron Early College is an outstanding school! During the summer, they give your summer work, so you're ready when it's time to start school. Akron Early College gives you possibilit
Akron Early College High School has been a great experience! I got the chance to take college during my high school years. I got a feel of the campus life and got closer to my goals. At times the academics may be difficult but there are always teachers and my professors willing to help at anytime. I have never felt more supported. The students are amazing as well. Yes we have our differences, but everyone is focused on their goals and do not mind helping others achieve their own goals. We have a history of seniors who help the underclassmen and I have been lucky to be among those seniors. I am very happy that I attend this school and would definitely recommend it to other students in Akron.
Akron Early College has amazing opportunities for the students that get in. You apply you freshman year and take college classes. When you graduate you can have a associates degree for free. It get's you college ready because you are on a college campus taking high school courses and college. The program is more rigorous than other high schools they push you to do your best.
My school is very strict on bullying, if any case is found out it is taken care immediately and is no longer a problem for anyone. Considering that we are on the University of Akron campus we do not follow as many procedures that any other traditional school would have but we do participate in fire drills and tornado drills.
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At my school since we do not have sports we have extracurricular activties such as student council, yearbook, drama club, and many more activties that are staff lead. I am in most of these clubs and in my opinion a great thing to have considering that my school is not traditional. Our staff is great at making sure our in school and after school life is filled with fun.
At AECHS my first year I was very hesitant because I was not in a regular high school setting. I was very shy and not very talkative when it came to out of classroom situations, but once I got into my sophomore year I met the best people ever. They brought me out of my shell and helped me grow as a person. If I had a chance to pick a different school I wouldn't even think about it because this school has helped me become a better person and value my education more. My school is not traditional at all which makes it different and special in all different ways.
At Akron Early College the amount of teachers are very low considering each grade we progress in the more college classes we take on. With that being one would think that AECHS does not do very good in activities and turtoring, but my teachers spends time in and out of the classroom and also before and after school to help with turtoring, extra curricular activities and also personal problems. The teachers care about you and your well being no matter what your situation is. Our school is a small family that makes a big impact in our everyday lives that I am grateful for. i wouldn't ask for a better staff.
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