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Even after graduating from Akins, I can look back on my high school experience and be glad I went there. I was able to meet some great teachers, and ones that genuinely want there students to succeed and make it in the real world. What made it so special is that, at least for me, it felt like everyone had there place and it seemed like no one was out of place. I'm glad I was able to spend my high school years at Akins.
Honestly Akins High School gave me so many opportunities to get involved and so many other things. The staff really does care about the students I would always want to give back to them for what they did for me.
Akins High School is full of diversity and opportunities for everyone. At Akins you feel accepted in your own skin, not put to shame for being who you are. Akins dwells in differences whether it be race, religion, fashion, sexual orientations, or even to the type of music you like.
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Akins high school sets you up for your future the moment you register. They have academies which endorses careers. Within each academy they offer classes to help you learn more and prepare you for your career. Akins high school is the best high school on the planet
I’ve been at Akins high school for 2 years now and have never been so comfortable, motivated, and encouraged in my life. Akins is a school that cares about every individual student as if we were their own blood. Akins also has very advanced technology and programs to help all the students. As a future law student, I’ve been able to learn college level law information and take the ACC Finals with out having to leave the school. If I had to rate my school it’d be a 10/10.
I think Akins High School is the best school because i feel like like it helps everyone. It facilitates chrome books to take home and study and it helps kids with special needs.Its a safe place to learn. Learning has never been fun to me, but at Akins they make learning fun. Its gives kids the opportunity to learn new things.
Moving to Akins my sophmore year has been the best choice I could of ever made. Akins is a very diverse, welcoming school and a good example of wanting all its students to attend college and succeed. All the academies and interships that Akins offers, help you get a one on one expirence of whatever major you may want to go into.
I liked the student body as a whole. The academies also were very unique. The teacher feeling with students was very close & supportive.
Akins is huge but super inviting at the same time. It will take a little time to figure out where all your classes are but as soon as you do you will meet teachers who actually care about you and your personal situation. The majority of the staff at Akins want you to succeed and will do a lot to help you with whatever you mght need.
I love akins so much! The teachers help me to reach every single goal I have in mind and the way the schools system is set up makes succeeding easy. You can be in one of five specialized academies with their own specific consultants and principals. It’s like five different schools in one.
I love how the most of the staff is very caring and understanding of each student, however, there are certain policies in place that are hard on students like the new FIT policy and tardy policies.
This school is like a big family of many cultures coming together and learning the staff is amazing and work hard to make sure we all succeed.
When I attended Akins It was a very good school years I had. I had a lot of potential teachers who genuinely believed in you and knew you can do better and go farther in life. The clubs were very expanding there was no way you can say there is no place for you to fit in. Akins High School accepted about everyone and gave you the best time of your life.
Akins High School is a good school to go to. The environment is something people would enjoy and there are a lot of activities eveyone can be involved in. There are opportunities that any student can obtain being at this school and we do well in sports and dance. I think if someone goes here they can accomplish a lot for themselves.
One of the best schools out there that I been looking forward to be at ever since I was little.
I remember walking down the halls with my brother who used to go here and I was anxious and could not wait to actually be a part of this school
The teachers don't care about you or the questions you have. They also put the least amount of effort they can into creating a lesson. Every lesson is based on our laptops and they have close to completely eradicated the presence of paper at our school. I wish school was more inclusive and more student oriented, such as more clubs and more permission to express our beliefs.
Akins was an amazing experience, the best high school on the planet!!!!!! The Administration really try their best to assure the safety of the students. The culture is so diverse, especially with the club Latinos Unidos
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I've been at Akins for all 4 year of high school and the more I've got involved the more fun it was. Akins is just a great school with lots of fun activities.
I have been to many different schools in just a few years. Akins is the only school I've felt truly comfortable in, not only with the teachers but the students as well. The teachers actually care about you succeeding. My grades went from terrible in other schools to significantly better at Akins due to the teachers offering to spend their time to tutor you until you understand
It has great programs and exposes people to various career paths.The different paths allow students to discover there passions and interest.This school allows students to find their communities through their classes or through their extracurricular actives and clubs.
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