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Akins High School is a good school to go to. The environment is something people would enjoy and there are a lot of activities eveyone can be involved in. There are opportunities that any student can obtain being at this school and we do well in sports and dance. I think if someone goes here they can accomplish a lot for themselves.
One of the best schools out there that I been looking forward to be at ever since I was little.
I remember walking down the halls with my brother who used to go here and I was anxious and could not wait to actually be a part of this school
The teachers don't care about you or the questions you have. They also put the least amount of effort they can into creating a lesson. Every lesson is based on our laptops and they have close to completely eradicated the presence of paper at our school. I wish school was more inclusive and more student oriented, such as more clubs and more permission to express our beliefs.
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Akins was an amazing experience, the best high school on the planet!!!!!! The Administration really try their best to assure the safety of the students. The culture is so diverse, especially with the club Latinos Unidos
I've been at Akins for all 4 year of high school and the more I've got involved the more fun it was. Akins is just a great school with lots of fun activities.
I have been to many different schools in just a few years. Akins is the only school I've felt truly comfortable in, not only with the teachers but the students as well. The teachers actually care about you succeeding. My grades went from terrible in other schools to significantly better at Akins due to the teachers offering to spend their time to tutor you until you understand
It has great programs and exposes people to various career paths.The different paths allow students to discover there passions and interest.This school allows students to find their communities through their classes or through their extracurricular actives and clubs.
I like the academies at Akins they have different academies depending on what you want your career to be. I also like how nice and helpful the teachers are there. My experience here has been amazing and i wouldn't want to go to any other school.
I love everything about Akins from the caring and well being for their students. Something I would want to see change is the number of academic opportunities we have. Also our athletic department needs and upgrade.
My experience at Akins has been absolutely phenomenal. I have never had a rude encounter with any of the administrative staff, everyone is extremely nice. The teachers are very supportive and encouraging and they motivate me everyday. Akins is by far the best school I’ve ever attended.
I love how Akins high school has academies for what you want to major in in college. They give us the tools to succeed and be the best students possible. They have caring administrators and teachers that help you when you need it.
I absolutely love how they push every senior to go to college. Furthermore, they won't let us go to prom unless we have sent at least 1 college application. It is a great academic school and they truly prepare you for success.
I enjoyed all four years of my time at Akins High School. I was blown away by the work of the college-readiness that they had prepared for us our junior and senior year. Further, I was blown away by our success rate of college acceptance for our graduating class of 2013!
Good school, caring teachers, safe environment, clean hygienic cafeteria, and good extracurricular activities
My high school experience was okay, not so great but not so bad, could have been better. Classes did not prepare me for college and/or teachers didn't either.
Akins High School is a very diverse school, for the level of intensity it is on the weaker side. Some teachers will help prepare you for college and some will not care about your future, they rather you focus on your work as a student at Akins.
Akins High school has been a great school overall. Akins has shaped me to be the student I am today. Akins has kept me motivated throughout the years and has been a great experience overall, and has given me so many opportunities to help me shape a future for myself in so many ways.
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What i like about Akins High School is that they give out opportunities to graduate with a job. But heres the thing not just any job its a job that has to do with your major its a really good school and I've had a good year their.
It was a school that allowed me to enter a certain Academy that let us be able to learn and take more classes on what we want to pursue later on in the future. It had given me many opportunities such as an internship at a local vet clinic and be able to get a sense of what an everyday work life is like in the career I wanted to pursue.
I attended Akins for the full four years of my high school career (2014-2018). The faculty at this wonderful school is the single most valuable asset that W. Charles Akins H.S. has to offer. They are extremely caring and go well beyond what is expected of a secondary school educator. If it wasn't for the guidance and wisdom of the teachers of Akins H.S., I would not be progressing towards my masters degree in engineering at the University of Texas at Austin. If your child has a desire to succeed, they will thrive at this school.
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