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Really good school and academics! Enjoyed the atmosphere it created and helped me achieve my goals. The people are great and there’s so many different things to be do and be a part of at Akins.
Akins Highschool to me was like any other school. But I do realize that Akins offers things that many other High Schools don't. For example the academy directional. This allows students to see what careers are to be offered in different fields of study. Another thing is that they have a counseling center focused on college. this helped me a lot and I'm very grateful to the counselor in that office. Any change s that I would recommend would be with the distribution of students. I would change the way many students are 'dumped' in a course without them wanting that course or given that that course is not popular.
Akins is an amazing High school, next school year 19-20 Akins will become an early college high school meaning they will partner with ACC allowing you to get an associate degree in high school!! Sadly I graduate this May so won't be able to take advantage of it, besides that they also partner with UT Austin allowing you to take OnRamps classes giving you college credit. More money you'll save!
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What i loved about Akins High School is mostly the staff since overall they are all very understanding and actually care about the students.
In the 4 years I've attended this high school, the diversity it offers is good. The education and preparation it has for the future is precise. The opportunity to "begin you interests career" is an opportunity not many other school have to offer. As graduating seniors, you're certified depending on what program you chose freshman year, and you can certainly work as that right after high school.
My experience at this school has been amazing! They offer so many different programs and I am happy to say I am in the Criminal Justice Program and have currently been accepted into a 911 ECOM internship. Along side their great programs the atmosphere is great and positive and my overall experience here has been one I will remember forever, from the staff to the friends I have made, this place I can truly call home and will forever be a big part of my life. I wouldn't have chosen a better school to attend and I am very proud to say I am an Akins Eagle and a graduate of such an amazing school.
This is my last year at Akins High school and all I can say is that I love this school. I came here when I was 14 and I'm turning 18 next month, and I feel like I grew up at this school. I have learned many things at this school, and with the remains 3 months I will continue to learn more as well.
I think that Akins High School is one of the most diverse schools in the Austin area and the most accepting of all people and their backgrounds. I think that you don't need to do anything to "fit in" because you're accepted in every part of the school. I think that school also does a great job of setting students up for their futures in no matter what career that they go into.
I am currently a junior at Akins High School and the environment and students who go here are very welcoming.
Akins high school is very welcoming and very fun to be at. Teachers are very understanding and kind.
The staff in the school really want to see the students get the best opportunities they can. There are groups of extraordinary students who strive to make the school and community better. There are a few technical and academic changes that could be made to make it better.
The school was a very good example for my son in every area. He has become a strong independent smart and good person and I believe part of it is what he lives at school. Not everything is perfect, but that is what makes a human grow and learn the way they do.
Akins was a good school to go to, it is very diverse and friendly when it comes to the students. The teachers are good to get along with there. There were incidents with security, however, and some of the planning didn't make much sense. The school has adapted and is listening to what the students are saying so I think the things it lacks are getting better.
I attended Akins high school for all four years, and I have to say it was the best time. Teachers support their students, their staff is excellent, and I like how they have students choose their preferred academy giving them the opportunity to prepare and discover their dream jobs. I was in the STEM Academy. This school helped me pursue an engineering major in college. I made lots of great memories and lots of great friends. There is lots of diversity beautiful campus all in all I am very fortunate to have attended this amazing high school I will surely miss it.
Akins has many different faces of environment. We have GSA and we celebrate hispanic heritage with our Folklorica group. But there’s an issue with the students and the way they treat things. They don’t seem to have respect for anything, thats a large pocket of our community. We lack funding to fix some of the bathrooms, or better music equipment. Most of the teachers have to pay out of pocket for supplies. Others can put all this aside, and focus on the better things about this school. We have a wonderful nursing program, caring teachers. Our music program is making strides to change the stigma that surrounds our name. It’s a wonderful school if you care to see it.
Most of the teachers put in a lot of effort to ensure their students' success. I would like to see less crowded classrooms and maybe some more outside of school work to help ready students for college.
Akins is actually a pretty cool school like it’s really nothing but good vibes I personally love Akins it’s a really good school with really great people
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Akins is like a mini college. There are different parts that works for students and their majors. The food is amazing! There are many options such as pizza, Chinese food, burgers and much more! There are also A and B days where we go to 4 classes a day!
Akins high school is probably one of the best schools out there the atmosphere is always so energetic. The students are so involved with the school. We always dress up on days when there are fb games even though we dont usually win we always hype up our fb team so they never feel sad about not winning the game. The amount of clubs and important organizations that make a difference to our community are unbelievable. There are so many. Theres a lot of community service opportunities. So students dont have an excuse to not volunteering. Over all everyone enjoys being in this school. CLASS OF 2019
Akins is a great school to be at, everyone is really nice and accepting towards others. There’s a lot of academies to choose from and great opportunities that will help further your career.
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