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I think the only reason why I would come back to this school is because of how close knit the students are.
The teachers are very friendly however not all care about the student's learning
Theres not much club at our school.
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The teacher really care about our futures.
The school gets a new principal every other year and nothing is improving.
The sports at this school are a joke but everyone is in attendance because it is a small community.
There is no school nurse. Drug dogs are frequently on campus.
I did not feel ready for college after graduation.
The teachers are decent but they don't get supported when it comes to discipline.
The administration really isn't too great. The school cares more about numbers than they do about the quality of education or the students.
There is a college and career center full of college prep resources, and there are administrators who are specifically hired to get students college or career ready.
The students and staff are very accepting of cultures and religions.
Nothing exemplary except for the math and science department.
The don't really explain the nutrition values of the meals and no special dietary accommodations are met.
We have nothing that has to do with personal safety. There is however a school nurse and an anti-bullying code. Overall the students are safe.
Teachers give their best effort towards educating students.
Dress codes aren't very reasonable. However, parent communication is pretty good. Parents are always aware of what is going on in school. Teachers sometimes do not follow the hand book guidelines.
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This is a small school. Therefore, everybody gets to know each other and a lot of friends can be made. More attention is given to you by the teacher and learning becomes more in depth.
Not all students are involved in school activities or events. Most of the same students are in all the same clubs and extracurriculars.
This school offers many sports, such as: volleyball, football, basketball, baseball, golf, and track. Other activities also include student council, book club, physics club, first in math, and web design.
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