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Aitkin Secondary School Reviews

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The teachers are all very welcoming and they genuinely care about your future. The building could use some updates. Overall, I loved my time at Aitkin High School and everybody prepared me for college life.
The teachers are great. The building is not so great. The school could use some improvements or a new building. Class sizes are about 20-30 people. They offer College-In-The-School classes for Jr and Sr's which is nice. I graduated high school with 50 college credits.
Aitkin has a lot of nice people and no one has to be scared of getting bullied at school which is really nice. They also offer a lot of college credit classes that will help you get the credit for free.
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Aitkin is definitely not the school I would have chosen for my own child. The teachers and academics are fairly good, just the students and community aren't very friendly.
Aitkin may be a smaller town, but it has so many great teachers! Everyone is helpful and makes an effort to ensure every student can succeed.
If I could give it no stars, I would. The teachers are careless, the staff rude, there's no diversity, and bullying is rampant. I don't know where this school got a B+. It stinks.
I think AHS has many great teachers and a workable facility. I feel that I've learned a lot of useful information that will help me in the future.
This is school is very small and therfore very close-knit. Everone knows of each other and the teachers all really want to help you learn, most of the time. There are so many activities that go on around the school, that sometimes it can be overwhelming, which is a side effect. The school, on the downside lack student diversity, being in northern Minnesota. I can see how it's not welcoming at first to new students, but once it warms up to you, it leads to a good experience and learning environment, with excited teachers and students.
The student council is always implementing school spirit and encouraging students to attend games.
The teachers are always helpful and work with struggling students as much as they need to. They try to apply lessons to real-life situations.
There are only a few clubs and popular sports. Not a lot of variety.
Not a very big school so there is a lot of one-on-one student/teacher interaction. The school is ranked exceptionally and is located in an ideal town.
the teacher make sure that you understand what they are trying to teach to you
parents can make it difficult sometimes
Most of the teachers at Aitkin are very good. We have been getting more and more young teachers so we are able to help them learn as we are learning from them.
We have a good amount of college prep classes and college classes, but i do wish that there were more options.
They do not have a lot of options for classes at Aitkin. In the past few years they have taken away some of our class options. They do offer us some online classes through a state program so that has been a plus.
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Our school is a very safe school. There is not a lot of bullying that goes on and there is not much violence that goes on either.
I have enjoyed my experiences so far, but this school is not really one that i would want to send my children to. There are only about 20 to 30 kids in each class but some teachers still do not always take the time to listen to their students. the main reason i would not choose this school again is because i love to play sports, I do not believe that this school really has a good program for sports.
Our guidance counselors only have helped me put my schedule together for the next year. They are not the type of counselors that most of our school would go to if we were having a hard time.
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