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I like how close I feel to all my teachers. Most teachers here are very honest and funny. They are strict when they need to be, but are over all very kind. I also like our class options. We have a wide variety of classes to take and many AP and dual enrollment opportunities as well. One thing I wish the school would improve is the bathrooms. They are usually pretty well kept, but most of the toilets don't flush well. Occasionally some won't flush at all.
Many of the students within the school district are rather trashy, however - that cannot be changed. Overall, the school is run poorly. We have plenty of money coming from God knows where, but it all sorta goes... somewhere. Our money that goes somewhere we can see is our football field, baseball feild, and softball field. That's about it. However - we can tell it's going somewhere else.
Airport High School is good for someone who are able to pass their classes, but it doesn't help you to prepare for college. The administration is too busy with politics to do anything, especially with sports, politics are the worst.
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Airport High school needs a ton of work to be done, there is nothing special about the high school at all. They need to work on their everything.
Usually the students get involved during the spirt weeks we put on. Peer pressure is something I really don't see here, however, that doesn't mean that it doesn't go on. I would say our school is very accepting to others that may have a disability. However, there is the one that usually disagrees with the majority of us.
All of the teachers love what they teach. However, not every teacher puts grades in throughout the semester. I would rather have a teacher who puts grades in dying the semester or marking period so I know where I am instead of waiting to the end othe semester. The scheduling process is usually easy unless you get called down to move some of your classes around due to a teachers conflicting schedule. Some of the popular classes include; biology one and two, physiology, chemistry, communications.
Bullying is not as noticeable due to the fact that airport has partnered with the Okay 2 Say program. Here is where any student can contact anyone at the company to get help if needed. We do have a liaison officer at the high school. I feel super safe while attending school here.
At Airport there is a good mixture of sports available; we have everything from bowling to baseball to basketball to volleyball and many more in between. There is also plenty of clubs to keep you busy too. You can pick from Spanish club, drama, art club, and gay straight alliance, and a few others. Each club has a good number of people in them each year. I would say the most popular club would be drama. W also have upward bound program where the students get paid for coming in and doing there homework. Our teachers usually stay after on tuesday; also called Tuesday's with teachers, to help any students with any of their homework.
I loved how much the seniors participated in the spirt weeks; for example during Homecoming and coming home. I also liked how if their was a tragic event; for example a death of a student, the whole student body comes together to help the grieving friends feels better. However, I didn't like how some of the teachers waited to put grades in until the end of the semester.
Some teachers are very consistent while grading while others wait until the last few days of the semester to finally put in grades. I would say all the teachers are very knowledgeable with their teaching. They all genuinely care about their students and what they are teaching.
This school is very safe and does everything is can to keep everyone in the school safe. We run many drills, including tornado, fire and lock down drills. We even have a day where the teachers have to defend their classrooms from a "bad guy" as practice incase something were to happen.
There are so many extracurricular activities to be involved in at this school. There is something for everyone. There are clubs for many different types of things, there is a huge variety and everyone should take place in at least one.
Airport Highschool will go above and beyond for all its students. For example, students with disabilities or families struggling will always receive help. If a student or family is struggling with something like cancer or cannot afford to pay bills, the school, parents, teachers and students will do all they can to raise money or help the family in any way they possibly can. This school is very close community and I would never want to go anywhere else.
The teachers always try their hardest to help to their fullest abilities. They will always go above and beyond to help you if you need it. Each teacher teaches differently but they will always explain what they expect of you and help you out when your struggling with new topics. Also, each teacher teaches differently. Some will just have you take notes and explain them and others will give you more hands on activities to learn new topics, but either way they will always make sure you learn the topic.
Its pretty safe we have a deputy at the school at all times. There's not a lot of bullying or personal safety issues encountered. We don't however have a school nurse which isn't bad its not really a necessity but its something we do lack.
The only extracurricular activities I've been apart of is sports but they are extremely put together and organized very well. For the other clubs and organizations I hear great things from the book clubs, and a lot from the theater club.
I would choose my school if I had to do it over again. Our high school is very small compared to others. It makes our school community closer with their being less people.We all know one another and that makes it a lot simpler to make friends and socialize.
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The teachers at my school, at least the ones I have personally encountered are wonderful at their jobs. Their interest in the students is astounding and you can tell they truly care about our grades and our futures. Its a wonderful thing to see in our school and I am very proud to go there.
Most of my time spent at this school was very valuable. The past four years helped me realize who I am, and where I want to be in life. I greatly appreciate each and every one of the teachers/ staff here. One of my favorite experiences would definitely be Friday night football. These nights, everyone would come together as a family to cheer for our team. Another great experience was becoming a part of different sports teams (track, cross country). Our track team was also like a family. We worked very hard and ended up being league champions. One thing that makes Airport High School unique is the variety of diversity. There are farmers, hicks, athletic people, almost anyone imaginable. We all get along with each other. I would indeed choose to go to this school again. The past four years attending Airport were the best years in my life.
I feel safe knowing we have an armed police officer and security camera but kids just go in and let other kids in through the doors all the time so it'd be super easy for like a gunman or someone of that nature to just be let into the school. Even the teachers will let people in sometimes
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