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I loved how large the campus was. It felt as if the whole world was open to me. However, it’s lack of opportunities and discipline on its students are failures of the school.
Through out my experience at Airport High School is has been rough from the rumors to all the different types of drama but what mad my experience fun was the people that I hung around and the teachers that actually cared for me and help me become a better student.
Like every other high school Aitport has its flaws but there is a strong administration team that is working together to fix our schools imperfections; making the high school experience beneficial and worthwhile.
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The wrestling program is very good. The wrestlers are very supportive of each other and the coaches help to encourage them. Some of the teachers are very friendly and helpful.
It’s not always the students at the school but so far I’ve had a pleasant experience. The people around me make it that way and I enjoy it while in a learning environment.
The academic rate is amazing but the student involvement and organizations could be better and more of them.
This school was not amazing but it wasn't all terrible. It had its pros and cons. There were times where airport didn't do so bad but there were a lot of times where it did terribly, mainly because of the students. For the most part, the teachers did care about the students' education, but I believe that they could have done better in preparing the students for life and college. There were some teachers who did not really care about the students' education but rather were very laid back. Those would be the students "favorites". But looking at it from a bigger picture, it doesn't help in the long run at all. It doesn't prepare the students. I think schools, in general, need a better method of teaching students to better retain the information and keep it in long-term memory.
The teachers and administrators are very unpredictable and can't be trusted. Their facilities are very updated.
I like the school overall. I think that most of the teachers are good at their jobs and that they care about the students. However some teachers and administrators have been involved in things that puts the schools reputation at risk. The clubs and activities are amazing though. The JROTC Drill Team is second in the nation, baseball made it to the championships, and our student government helped send over 50 kids to Camp Kemo.
In the small community I grow up in, I can safely say some of the best memories I've experienced as a attending high schooler was at airport high school.
I loved playing soccer at Airport High School however I always felt that the football team and baseball team got most of the money that was suppose to go towards the sports programs. I feel that the money should be spent evenly between all the sports including new uniforms when needed, maintenance for the fields and paying the coaches what they deserve considering all the coaches put so much time and effort into the teams and players making sure they reach their potential as students and athletes.
I would like to see better food, the options is a good amount though. There needs to be way more cultural acceptance, me wanting my senior quote to be "this is a glimpse of my black girl magic." Should in no way have to be taken to the principle, because a teacher is somehow offended. There undercover racist teachers that will talk bad about students that are not white, and favor them. This is school is not the best even though everyone seems to think that it is, i hated these past four years i was suppose to "enjoy" because i was stuck here. Trust and believe i will never send my future children here, not that much hate in the world to do that.
I loved how the teachers and staff we're always there to help and never gave up on students. I think everything is great
The teachers and staff are great. Although to many changes were made the last years of my high school years.
What I liked about Airport was the activities like being in honor society, marching/concert band, being in plays, have a week to raise money for Camp Kemo. What they should do better is to have very hype pep rallies and have the teachers to act lively with what they teach and make students understand.
I love Airport High School! Overall a great school ever since we got Brad Coleman and Dawn Dimmler. Those two have improved our school so much since we first received them at the beginning of the 2016-2017 year. I really do feel like they have made of ten times better than we have ever been.
Over the four years at Airport there has been a lot that changed from the type of foods , to the cliques, to the new administration. It has been a pretty good experience but I would just change the food that is served both in the cafeteria and the vending machines also how they go about discipline.
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Airport High School opened many doors for me-whether it be friendships, connections with my community, sports, or advancement in the career of my choice-I was readily given the chance to apply myself in the many programs this school had to offer. The teachers were always welcoming, and I never felt as if I could not go to them for help, whether it be with school or my personal life. During my senior year, I was given the opportunity to be apart of the Nursing Clinical Program that Airport offered at the time. I thoroughly enjoyed this program because I not only experienced different medical settings, such as doctor offices and hospitals, but i also experienced a sense of clarity that this profession is what I want to pursue for the rest of my life. Overall, I enjoyed my years at Airport High School and I am proud to be an Alumni.
When i first came to Airport High School it was a new learning experience. It was a way better improvement from my last school, the students actually interacted with each other and develop character. I also am involved with sports such as wrestling and want to join a after school club. The activities and academics at my school are very understanding and knowledgeable.
Airport high school is a nice school overall. Not a lot of resources, not a lot of clubs and activities and not a lot of community service opportunities but it is a good school. It gives a early college opportunity. They should provide the sport teams with better clothing.
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