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I loved how the teachers and staff we're always there to help and never gave up on students. I think everything is great
The teachers and staff are great. Although to many changes were made the last years of my high school years.
What I liked about Airport was the activities like being in honor society, marching/concert band, being in plays, have a week to raise money for Camp Kemo. What they should do better is to have very hype pep rallies and have the teachers to act lively with what they teach and make students understand.
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I love Airport High School! Overall a great school ever since we got Brad Coleman and Dawn Dimmler. Those two have improved our school so much since we first received them at the beginning of the 2016-2017 year. I really do feel like they have made of ten times better than we have ever been.
Over the four years at Airport there has been a lot that changed from the type of foods , to the cliques, to the new administration. It has been a pretty good experience but I would just change the food that is served both in the cafeteria and the vending machines also how they go about discipline.
Airport High School opened many doors for me-whether it be friendships, connections with my community, sports, or advancement in the career of my choice-I was readily given the chance to apply myself in the many programs this school had to offer. The teachers were always welcoming, and I never felt as if I could not go to them for help, whether it be with school or my personal life. During my senior year, I was given the opportunity to be apart of the Nursing Clinical Program that Airport offered at the time. I thoroughly enjoyed this program because I not only experienced different medical settings, such as doctor offices and hospitals, but i also experienced a sense of clarity that this profession is what I want to pursue for the rest of my life. Overall, I enjoyed my years at Airport High School and I am proud to be an Alumni.
When i first came to Airport High School it was a new learning experience. It was a way better improvement from my last school, the students actually interacted with each other and develop character. I also am involved with sports such as wrestling and want to join a after school club. The activities and academics at my school are very understanding and knowledgeable.
Airport high school is a nice school overall. Not a lot of resources, not a lot of clubs and activities and not a lot of community service opportunities but it is a good school. It gives a early college opportunity. They should provide the sport teams with better clothing.
My over all experience with Airport High School was over all pretty good but not too great either. The teachers and stuff here really care for myself, and my career goals in the future. They'll really treat you like family. Some of the students here forget that they're in high school, they act childish. The staff here is thing to do something about that.
I can honestly say that I love my school. This year has to be the best by far. Not only did we get my middle school principals but we also got more community involvement that we didn't really get to experience before.
In my few years of attending Airport high, I found it to be an interesting experenice. While there I learned many new life skill like how to deal with people you may not like and how to grow as a person. Sadly, with everything, it did have a down side, my school was mainly based on academics like math and English and not on what I wanted to do with my life, art. If my school could emplanent more art i i believe my school would be well rounded for every single career it's students may want to peruse. It also seems they do not prepare us for collage. As a student who is taking collage classes with my Highschool one I found the Highschool classes to be so much easier than the collage which is not setting me up for going to collage in about a year. In my Highschool they seem to baby us which will make the students of airport unable to easily adjust to collage.
We're pretty good about excepting other races and religion.
I think our best clubs or student organizations are band and JROTC. They bring home the most awards and recognition.
Most understand how hard it is to be a kid juggling a job and school and after school cllubs/sports and try to give you as many opportunities to make up tests or other classwork.
We've had some bomb threats in the past couple of years. The safety procedure is to go out to the visitors side of the football field. Now you can have the whole school population in one place and then you can set the bomb off. If this were to happen we would literally be like fish in a barrel with no where to go. That's a scary thought.
Some teachers at the school are wonderful, others fall short, very short. A few teachers don't need to be teaching due to outside problems that they bring into the class room and the way they treat students. I have had mainly the good teachers throughout my years at the school. I was one of the lucky ones I guess you could say.
there hasn't really been anything for me to question how safe our school is because all we have is bomb threats and we just evacuate to the field. Our school caught on fire once and that went pretty smoothly with evacuation and what we were supposed to do.
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It would be a lot better if there was more club options and people actually cared enough to participate in the clubs aka make them actually worth going to and the cool thing to do.
In overall experience, there is nothing I have absolutely hated. Some teachers are awesome and some are eh but they all do their job and this school does what this school is meant to be here for.
My old school was a really small school and the normal class average was 15 people. Here the class average is around 20 something. Although the classes are bigger, I still feel like the one on one quality is that same and the teacher actuall helps you as long as you care and are actually trying.
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