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Airline high serve a wonderful opportunity for people willing to learn. Their academics are highly preform on state testing. Resources is easily accepted and controlled among students. Positivity is shown everytime welcome there, whether or not in skills or behavior.
Airline provides a lot of oppourtunities to start a student’s life on the right track, whether if be destined for college, the work force, or the military. The very large student body has tons of chances to get involved with clubs, sports, and classes, and the amount of higher level AP and Dual Enrollment classes is outstanding. The only problem I have with Airline is the amount of fees that come with it, which is necesary with all schools of course but it seems Airline’s fees have been far more than anywhere else I’ve been. Of course, these fees get funded into the clubs, events, and free ACT/CLEP testing which is great, but they still seem excessive at times. Looking past that, Airline is an amazing high school and i’m so happy to have had the oppertunity to finish my school years here.
Airline High School offers students the opportunity to learn at their own time lapse. Also, the school allows freedom of any kind such as; non-judgmental of sexuality, the ability of your mental stages, etc.
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The things I liked about Airline high school was most importantly how it played a great role in my life lessons and helped me mature a lot , along with the great diversity amongst students , and important opportunities along the way of my time being there.
Airline has a lot of great teachers, but it also has though teachers who truly do not care about their students and are only there to get paid. Luckily, I only ever had the best of teachers who went out of their way to provide their students with the best education they could provide. Airline in general is a great school, but is very uptight on certain subjects such as dress code when they do not need to be because the violation is not hurting or distracting anybody.
I absolutely loved being a student at Airline High School and I am even prouder to call myself a viking alumni now, When I was in middle school, I do not feel as if my school spirit was as great as it was when I was in high school. Throughout all of my years of schooling, I was anxious to begin attending Airline. I was so excite to go to that school. The positive atmosphere, supporting staff, and extracurricular activities gave me a great experience. The classes I took helped to prepare me for extending my education. Each course I took challenged me in different ways each day, and I am beyond grateful for that. Since I was involved with so many programs at the school, it encouraged me to bond even more with the people around me. The loyalty, devotion, and support I have for the school will always be there.I have always said that Airline is one of the best high schools on a national scale and I still hold that same belief today.
Like a second home. Teachers help you get through the furricukum and want to see you succeed, like a parent would. Everyone is extremely helpful and wants the best for you. I can proudly say that I get the opportunity to graduate from here and took it. Once a Viking, always a Viking. Class of 18’
My daughter is college ready with a 4.0 gpa. I believe the level of education taught at the school will match any other school in the country. I believe administration/staff truly care about their students and their education.
Overall Airline has a good and postitive atmosphere. The students are spirited and motivated, and the teachers are helpful and nice. However, if a student is not involved in any important activity, club, or sport; they are often overlooked by the administration. Also, they could offer more AP classes for those individuals that are trying to go to prestigious colleges.
Airline has been an awesome experience! Being involved with Student Council, Cheer, and many other clubs has provided a rich environment of learning people just as much as learning subjects in school! I would only change the size of the gym so that pep rallies could be larger!
My experience at Airline High School is amazing. Ive never seen the diversity in any other school like this ever. Airline is most defintely getting us prepared for college. There is nothing I would not change, we have a lot of fun but we also learn at the same time.
My over all experience at Airline was wonder, I met life time friend and I played sports. What I would like to see change at Airline is a more fruit in the cafe.
My experience during Airline high school was very different then I imagined it would’ve been. I was think this school would be just like any other school I attended with minimum clubs or sports. Airline has a lot of different clubs and sport teams you can join some I didn’t even know existed.
Overall it has been a pleasurable expierence. There are several different clubs and activities to choose from and people are free to be themselves. Improvements that I would like to see made come in the way of all sports being treated equal. That they are all held to the same standards and expectations. One is not better than the other and all should have equal opportunities.
Very friendly teachers at this school, especially the grade counselors. The counselors find every way possible to make the middle school transition to high school less stressful, and the 12th grade to college transition less hectic. Also, beautiful recently renovated campus with a small café area and courtyard with benches. It is a large school, but the AP and honors programs offered are great and with so many people, it is easy to find a group of friends that suits you.
I learned so much at Airline and enjoyed most of my teachers. Getting involved in most of the clubs and extracurricular activities was a big plus for me.
I would like to see a change in the inclusivity of Airline High School and an increased emphasis on activities that are not athletic.
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It is a great school with a fantastic staff. The teachers care and push students to become better in and out of school.
Airlines administration and staff are so welcoming and always have the students best interest in mind. They push you to do your best and want you to succeed. The campus is beautiful now with all the new renovations done. Our principal Mr. Rowland truly cares about his students and has given his students so many opportunities to perform above and beyond. I truly love this school and everything that stands for it.
My experience at Airline High School is absolutely phenomenal. The school has many opportunities to get involved. The buildings at Airline are new and up to date in technology. The academic program at Airline is extraordinary. The teachers are pleasant to be around. My favorite way to spend my Friday nights in the fall, is going to Airline football games.
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