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My experience at Airline High School is absolutely phenomenal. The school has many opportunities to get involved. The buildings at Airline are new and up to date in technology. The academic program at Airline is extraordinary. The teachers are pleasant to be around. My favorite way to spend my Friday nights in the fall, is going to Airline football games.
Airline High School completely pushes you out of your shell and prepares you for the real world. School involvement is stressed at Airline because it enables students to figure out who they truly are, while meeting new people and participating in a fun activity. The amount of clubs, and sports at Airline can interest almost every student. For example, there is an Anime club, a bowling team, student council, choir, etc.. I am involved in the Freshmen Mentoring program, AHS tennis team, National Honor Society, BETA club, Drama club, FBLA, Askalada Newspaper staff, and Blue Angel Dance line Chaplin. Being involved has made my overall time at Airline, an unforgettable experience. Not only are there a ton of ways to be involved, there is also a constant drive for academic improvement. Airline High School is a great school and I am proud to call myself a Viking.
I liked my experience at AHS. I was in the top classes and the teachers really try their hardest to help you achieve. However, I would like the teachers to grade a little faster. Sometimes it would take months for teachers to grade an essay.
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This school pushes there students to be the very best that they can be. Faculty members are heavily involved in getting students prepared for college. Airline is an amazing school and I was so fortunate to be apart of the viking family!
Airline High School is a wonderful school, they have great teachers that actually care about you as a students and they want you to be successful.
AHS was a fulfilling expierence. My 4 years have prepared me for my future goals. It’s a fun and rewarding time. The school was being remolded all of my years, which was a nucance, but I understand it had to be done to continue its growth. I am proud to be a Viking from Airline High School!
Even though the students complain, the school as a whole is amazing. We are now and "A" school, and the principal does a lot to better the school. Students will complain because that is what students do.
I like how the administrators and staff at Airline all care about the students. If I could change one thing I would give more funding to the wrestling team.
I moved to this school at the beginning of my junior year and it worked out for the best. The teachers are great. The teachers actually care about their students.
At Airline I love the spirit that the students, teachers, and administrators have when it comes to Airline High School! I love how it's east for everyone to get invovled! No one is really left out everyone is included!! One thing I would like to see change at Airline is more freedom of getting to be yourself!! Although every one is included not every one is counted of their difference. There should be more open eyes of the different personalities, cultures and appearnces that are embedded in Airlibe high school! That is the only thing that i would like to see change!!
I loved the fact that even though I always thought I was going to fail, my teachers and my friends had my back and encouraged me to keep trying. The teachers were nice, some more than others, but I really enjoyed the time I spent here and I'll always remember those who helped me up when I felt too weak.
It is a very fun and caring community. People are always willing to help you. There are many activities students can get involved in. A lot of them focus and help are community around us.
It will probably sound cliche when I say this, but Airline High School was amazing. The student body was this family made up of 2000+ students. We loved each other. Except when there was peprallies. Because in that case, it was a sibling rivalry. Airline High was a home. You were accepted and cherished.
I went here for four years and it was an amazing experience. Airline high has great teachers and they always see the best in every student. They also teach you life lessons as well when you go to college or get in the real world. It was a fun environment to be around and if I have kids in the future and still live in the area I would send my kids to Airline!
I had a fun time while at Airline High School. I participated in sports and many clubs. The teachers were great but over the years Airline was starting to feel weird even looking back at it now. The school is not what it used to be. My sister still attends Airline and says many things have changed since I was there.
Airline High school is a great place to make friends and get involved. There are so many ways to make new friends and learn life lessons.
Airline is a bit of a mixed bag, the bad are very bad and the good are very good. They are not very open to outsiders, but their sense of community is certainly unparalleled. They have more school spirit than any school I've attended previously, but are a bit underfunded.
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My overall experience with Airline High School has been very good. The teachers are very helpful and willing to answer any question you have no matter if you are in their class or not. They are ready and willing to teach all you need to excel in the classroom and in life. The one thing i would change is the fact that we wear uniforms. I would love to be able to wear whatever i would like (with regulations of course).
As a person of color that attends Airline, it has been a rocky road. The teachers do a great job at teaching and explaining. I have noticed that white people usually get more advantages than people of color. My experience at Airline has been fun so far.
It feels like the whole school is a team. Many different kinds of students and so many activities and's hard not to belong to something so good.
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