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Air Force Academy High School Reviews

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My experience at the air force academy high school has been long; I've been apart of the air force community since I was a freshman. The high school's performance has been poor in some ways, although when it comes to college readiness, the air force high school is well prepared.
Air Force Academy High School is a small Chicago public school which has its advantages. Since it's quite small with currently about 300 students, the teachers and students can get to know each other and connect well.
While attending Air Force Academy High School I have been given many academic as well as leadership opportunities. As a junior, I currently have a 4.0 GPA. To some students the curriculum is not as rigorous but to others it may. Our teachers and staff always try their very best to assist us in what they can. There is some parent involvement but not as much. Overall, Air Force Academy High School is a great school to attend.
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Air Force Academy is the worst school I have ever been to. Military academy more like a concentration camp. I didn't get any high school experience at all and the education here sucks. We don't even get any homework and the math department is very sad. I have achieved everything on my own including test scores. The longer i'm here the more closer to death I am. This is a poor excuse of a high school.
The main reason I came to the Air Force Academy was to obtain discipline and structure. The Air Force Academy has taught me that but also how to remain honest through whatever situation, and how to be a productive citizen in society.
air force is a okay school the food here is terrible,but some teachers are bad teacher and some are good teachers.
The one thing I like at Air force academy is that the teachers/ JROTC instructors prepare you for the real world . They also prepare us for the Military if we considering going into that. They also teach us Cadets discipline .They teach us to be A productive citizen in our global society.
The school is relatively small. There are very few electives and AP classes. The school has a majority of African Americans and Hispanics.
I like the school. The staff is always there to help the cadets. I had fun in the military ball. The JROTC classes are one of the best one. I look really like the SGA and how you can become a leader in the school.
Even though it's a very small school, the faculty is with the students all the way for whatever they need or want to do from college to clubs.
I enjoy the straight forward scholarships. It's fun and easy to get things done quickly and momentarily.
The school has had it's ups and downs, which is to be expected. However, my overall experience was great because I was taught the importance of serving in a leadership role. I know how to be independent and work with others to complete a mission from my time at school.
Everyone here is pretty safe.
The after-school programs are the one of the best things a student can do once school is over.
They are relentless in making sure the students at this school are given the best of the best.
The teachers are highly devoted to their classes, and make sure they give their students equal and appropriate attention.
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The nurse is only here once or twice a week. And the second floor has no cameras, but they do have hall monitors that patrol the hall and make sure no one is out of class.
There are some variety of clubs and organizations, but the students are not fully committed to those activities which leads to the clubs and organization cancelling.
I would choose this school all do it all over again because I love the way teachers connect with the students and how they help us. I loved being in my Journalism/Yearbook class. There are a few teachers in this school that have helped me in more than one way. And they have a special place in my heart, but I would only do it all over with a different principal.
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