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Air Academy is clearly one of the top academic institutions in the state with wonderful teachers, administrators, resources and parent involvement. The extra-curricular activities are well funded and utilized. There is a tendency, as with most schools, to over emphasize sports over other activities; despite the relatively mediocre performance of most teams compared to their district counterparts.
Air Academy is filled with challenging Academics and teachers. You continue to learn how to build a community and set your self up for a successful future. As a school we have great spirit. We attend almost every sports game. We have gone through challenges; through the loss of people but our community was strong and has become a family.
Air Academy strives to ensure that all student are college-ready and can learn in an environment conducive to learning. Most of the teachers and faculty are caring and helpful, and Air Academy strives to provide all possible opportunities to their students.
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Air Academy High School has very strong academic opportunities, sports programs, band, and good teachers. They recently opened a Kadet Koffee bar run by the business students, which is a fun way for students to get coffee and other drinks in the morning while serving as a service opportunity and business experience.
Air Academy HS has a wide variety of academic/elective classes available to its students, with an equally varying amount of success with students and teachers. The custodians do well with keeping the school clean. Many rooms still have asbestos in ceiling. The school recently received more funding via the district, which is in the process of paying for renovations to building 'B', and the purchase of two wall screens titled "Skool" that are turned off during school hours due to distrust in the students by the admin- a more effective use of that money would have been renovating and repairing the school bathrooms (one of which is missing walls between toilets, part of why the school obtained money in the first place). In general, the school is serviceable, providing the advanced students the best education they can offer- A fact that is difficult to extend to students who are not on the advanced track, due to a divide between the "graduation" and "college" pathways the school suggests.
Air Academy is a very nice school with a high standard of excellence, however, students often fall by the wayside as the emphasis on stellar academics.
I enjoyed my time at Air Academy I just didn't like how many of the clubs and sports had expected for the students to find where things were or where to turn in certain assignments.
The administration at this school is horrible. Staff is impossible to
contact directly. They hide behind voicemails and never call back!
Overall, I felt like I had a good learning experience while I attended Air Academy. There were a lot of clubs and safe spaces, which I really enjoyed. I felt as if most of the teachers were really dedicated to their jobs and genuinely cared about their students. However, there was a bias towards certain programs over others. Also, the staff at Air Academy is quite progressive, however, there's still a lot more that could be done as far as the inclusion and acceptance of certain students, such as those in the LGBTQ+ community or any of those in minority groups.
Great music program (which is the main reason I still go to Air Academy). However, some academics are better than others.
It is a great school. It is rated one of the top schools in Colorado. The teachers are kind and almost always available for extra help. If a student is genuinely trying all the teachers I have had have grace and grade accordingly.
Horrible school, horrible staff, and teachers are the worst and so are the students. This school is full of a bunch of pricks.
Great and friendly atmosphere. Teachers are extremely helpful regarding materials taught during class and will also be willing to listen to any problems that you might like to share with them, such as personal ones. They will do everything they can to make you feel comfortable in their classroom. Students are generous and will help you find your way around if you are not familiar with the school.
The school has an amazing arts program by how hard the kids care for their passions. This program succeeds through its children, but not without a stumble of interference from administration. The administration only cares about sports and harassing teachers that don't conform. There is no real issues in the science, math, or engineering programs, but several problems in the literature and social studies departments. The literature program has teachers that are too good and the social studies program has teachers that are too bad. The school responds by punishing the good english teachers and rewarding the bad history teachers. They funnel funding to the failing football and away from the award winning marching band. Despite the fact teachers have tenure, they find ways to punish teachers by giving the poor teaching schedules.
Air Academy High School is filled with so much unbelievable talent and love, high school can be difficult but it can also be a lot of fun if you're involved in the things you love.
Air Academy, overall, is a great school. Students only need to put an effort forth to challenge themselves in classes, and social situations alike and will succeed. Whether you decided to stay silent and talk to nobody, or rise above and talk to everyone, take the classes only needed to get by, or take as many AP courses as you can handle, Air Academy will cater to your needs.
Air Academy high school has great engineering and art programs. The teachers are some of the best I have ever had in my life. Also a great school if you are a band geek because Air Academy has a history of very successful marching bands. When it comes to safety I would say it's a safe school but it has had some bad occurrences involving drugs but it can be avoided if you stay away from those kinds of people. It has its flaws but I have to say it is a great school and anyone would have a great time.
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Great school from top to bottom and start to finish! The faculty puts students "grasping of the subject" first and foremost. They have never been made my son feel he was being a burden or and inconvenience when asking for additional explanations or help if needed. Coming from a small private school there were concerns...but can honestly say never was an issue with the transition.
The work environment Is pleasing and the staff are hard workers. Although I do wish the school was more involved with their students
Honestly I'm not here to down talk my school but I haven't really enjoyed myself the way I thought I would. My school has nothing to up lift our/my high school spirit. It's my senior year and I wish I could go back and figured out ways to make my school better.
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