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I had a very pleasant experience at Air Academy. It provided me with a lot of opportunities and I think it prepared me will for college life and academics. They have good programs, especially marching band and their engineering department with good sports teams in general.
I enjoy the fun learning environment, the teachers are very considerate and engaging and strive to bring out the best in every student.
The students tend to stay in cliques and everyone is rude to teachers and other students. The students are racist and most of them do drugs and vape in the bathroom. The girl groups always have problems with other girl groups. The words that students use here are very colorful. It really sucks here. I only go because my parents made me.
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AAHS is very welcoming to military kids, as it is located on a military base. Many teachers bring in a wide variety of guest speakers, which is an incredible learning experience and source of insight. Certain parts of the building are being reconstructed right now, which is the only physical aspect that needs improvement. Other than that, I wish the school would still offer more advanced classes and lower the minimum number of students required (like AP Spanish Lit).
I love Air Academy. The people here make me feel so welcome all the time and the teachers are always here to help. I always feel prepared to take on the world.
Great location and great staff! There's school spirit for all activities. I love that I've grown up with the people in my class!
Air Academy is an amazing environment that seamlessly connects academic, sports, and student life. Students here are friendly and determined to perform well academically and in extracurriculars. Teachers, especially for higher level classes, are very well qualified and personable with the students. The support staff, counselors, and administrators try to bring valuable opportunities and a enriching environment for students to thrive.
Air Academy is a wonderful school that truly cares about each and every student accomplishing as much as they can during their high school careers. For the most part, teachers are very passionate about the material they teach and encourage students to become enthusiastic about learning. There are a plethora of student run clubs that gives each person a place to explore the things they love. Air Academy makes up for the quality it lacks in sports with a stellar marching band that is nationally ranked. Every single student has the opportunity to excel.
Best high school in Colorado Springs. Great community and environment. Athletics are superior and have great involvement in a student athletes career.
Air Academy is a really great school. It is hard to be alone because students will try to engage you, there are plenty of really fun electives, and our school takes home trophies in almost all extra-curriculars.
Air Academy High School is an excellent institution. I was able to connect with my friends here and the teachers are amazing. They have good athletic programs and encourage students to get involved in the many clubs, and activities that they offer. The classes are challenging and prepare you for college classes.
Overall, I have enjoyed my time here at AAHS. I found activities that I enjoy, I’ve taken some incredibly fun and rigorous courses, and I have met some amazing people here. Despite this, there is still a lot to work on to make the school better. Firstly, the teachers here don’t seem to care unless they are teaching honors or AP courses. The honors and AP teachers are incredible and make learning fun but unless you’re involved in these courses, you don’t get that. Most of the teachers here are often biased and pick favorites. Secondly, there is absolutely no diversity. There’s no cultural diversity within the students and teachers. The school is filled with primarily privledged white kids who have the same personality as an Adidas sandal. There are no fun sports to participate in. The only good and enjoyable “sports” team to watch is the marching band. Don’t get me wrong, there are some great things about this school, but in my opinion, the bad outweighs the good.
The school is overall great. Good teachers who show that they care for their students and great guidance counselor.
Air Academy has some very cool programs inculding engineering (project lead the way) classes, lots of clubs from art clubs to robotics to no place for hate, and has very good cross country, basketball, soccer, track, and more sport programs
I love how while I was at air academy for two years how involved the students were in their classes and making new friends and also being kind to people even if they don't know each other. The school faculty are friendly to approach and talk to and are willing to listen and help you if you are feeling down about something. The energy and atmosphere in that school is so warm that it feels like you are at home.
Air Academy is a genuine place of learning and kindness. I’ve never once felt threatened by anything when going to school and I’ve never doubted the academic program, however I would like to see an improvement in school spirit and less divided class. I do admit I’m lacking in school spirit but I believe it starts with the student council, teachers, and administration creating that environment.
The most outstanding aspect of this high school is the teachers. Out of all the teachers, I can only name a couple who weren't the best. Air Academy cares deeply for its students and their futures. The classes match students to their abilities and create challenges.
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While it is not perfect, I have loved being at this school. Most of the teachers are great if you take honors and AP classes. The band was a great experience and is the magnum opus of the school. It is a unique environment as it is stationed on the United States Air Force Academy. The people are also nice and the administration seems to care about the students. I would definitely send my kids there in the future if the school stays the same.
Ever since I was a freshman attending Air Academy, I always had an urge for school spirit, and being a Kadet let me express that like never before. Air Academy is a great school with great teachers that are constantly looking for their students to succeed. The staff members and students often have very good bonds and get along extremely well. One thing that I would like to see change about the school is the administration. A lot of clashing opinions have come out of certain administration members, going against other staff member standpoints as well as students. It was a very large problem at the beginning of the 2017-2018 school year, but since then it has settled down a lot, and the school is back on track as it used to be. Overall, my experience as a an Air Academy Kadet has shaped me and prepared me for the next upcoming chapters of my life.
I moved to Air Academy High School at the beginning of my junior year. The academic challenge of changing schools was difficult but my teachers and counselors were there to support me and helped in finding the correct fit in my classes. The students are very welcoming and I do not want my senior year to end. I would recommend this school to parents and students. The only thing I could even think of changing would be the food but I am pretty picky!
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