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I loved the teachers' attitude toward learning. The overall treatment of the students was amazing. They had a good range of classes I could attend. The student's school spirit was always high. It was an open campus experience during lunch, and we even had a student-run coffee shop.
It is overall a good environment, there are several teachers who truly care and the principle is very understanding. The art classes are the best and there are many options for extracurricular activities that can help when determining your future career. I honestly couldn’t have asked for a better school with as many opportunities as this one has
I love my school! I wouldn’t go anywhere else! Everyone is really nice and the teachers are very competent. Great band program, great art department, and great special education department.
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I loved this school because everyone is polite, there are many good programs ranging from a well-achieved band to a speech and debate team to a highly appraised special education program.
I really like the staff, since this is a smaller school about 200 students you really get to connect with all of the staff. The teachers are always there for you and help you when you need help
Air Academy has been a place where I have grown through the coursework and the teachers and staff members are very helpful. The athletics are superb as well.
It's an ok school, but I don't love it. I think that there are a lot of resources at the school, but very few are available to use. People aren't allowed to go into the library during their off periods, the devices are very restricted in who can use them. The community could definitely be improved on- I have been going there for over a quarter and only around two, maybe three people have deigned to talk with me outside of class.
Let's be honest: 1 to 10 with 10 being excellent
Academics: 8
Sports: 8 (Marching band, soccer, and cross country is great. Cheerleading, football, and most of the other sports suck. Beware, if you're trying out for any varsity position, make sure you're really good because most of the coaches for the sports are from one big dominating family and they want their kids to play, even if they suck).
Teachers: 7 (The majority of teachers that I had were great).
Food: 2 (Absolutely horrible, had to bring my own lunch).
Diversity: 5 (Mainly consists of white privileged kids).
Music and arts: 10
Clubs and activities: 8
People: 6 (There's three groups- stuck up rich kids, kids that have to be there because their parents put them there (me), and weird outsiders).
I didn't really enjoy AAHS, but it was okay.
The teachers at Air Academy are so caring and genuine. Almost all (there's always that one teacher) are committed to working with you in order to help you succeed. Especially through COVID, I have felt as though the staff at AAHS is determined to give us the best possible high school experience. I've felt loved and provided for in this community.
Air Academy High School has offered me the opportunity to mature and prepare for life. Whether it be college in the next four years, medical school, or supporting my future family with my occupation, AAHS is the school that has taught me the skills and given me the experiences to excel in my future studies. The most valuable attribute I acquired at Air Academy High School was balancing my athletic and academic lifestyles. I learned to advocate for myself when I would miss academic events. The only way this was possible was by having understanding and appreciative teachers by my side. The AAHS staff holds the most thoughtful and caring teachers I have ever had the honor to be taught by. Every single one of them cares for their students as if they were their own kids. It's truly incredible the impact this can have on a high schooler's life. I would never wish to be anywhere else during my four years of high school and I couldn't be more thankful to be a part of Air Academy High School.
Academically speaking, Air Academy's AP courses were fantastic. The teachers were very qualified and offered tons of help and resources. School dances were decent and the staff worked really hard to give students good experiences.
I transferred to Air Academy in order to join their JROTC program. This program changes my life and my career path.
I thoroughly have enjoyed my time at Air Academy High School. The engineering program is great, and the music program is astounding. I would recommend this school.
Air Academy has incredible teachers. Majority of the teachers are extremely kind, understanding and helpful. All of the teachers want students to succeed, no matter what type of student you are. AAHS is dedicated to helping students succeed and thrive in life. The sports teams are also wonderful! They may not be the best, but AAHS knows how to kick up the moral of the team when a game goes sour. Students are super nice and welcoming. they also have a program called LINK Crew that helps with welcoming new students and helping them feel like they are home.
Throughout my High School Career thus far, I have faced difficulties with a handful of teachers at Air Academy. I've dealt with issues that have affected my grades which is something I have worked very hard on over the past 3 years. Air Academy has presented itself as a school with outstanding faculty, which for the most part is true, I have worked with some incredible teachers, however, I think the concerns of students that they are being treated unfairly or harshly is overlooked. With that in mind, there are also teachers at Air Academy who have gone above and beyond to secure a wonderful high school experience, so it balances out.
As a graduating senior, my experience at Air Academy High School has been overall memorable and positive. The arts programs are amazing to become involved with. The teachers are kind, helpful, and understanding. The academics are strong with a good mix of classes, as well as Honors and AP.
My experience at Air Academy High School was overall a great experience. I was able to take many accelerated classes and received guidance from almost all of my teachers when I needed it. I loved the band program and made most of my best high school memories traveling for competitions and playing music with my friends. I also assisted in the Peer Tutor program which was a great way to include everyone in classes. If there was anything negative about the school I would have to say that there are a few teachers who do not teach their subject well or encourage learning in their students. I only had two of these teachers throughout my time there but when discussed with faculty, they didn't seem to care.
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I transferred to Air Academy in my junior year of high school. It was the best decision I have ever made. I love the staff and facility of this school. The academic aspect of this high school is excellent. Every teacher at Air Academy has shown support and patience toward every student. The teachers are the best part about this high school. Air Academy has amazing student spirit. The student spirit makes every sporting or extracurricular event incredibly fun.
I love the friendly environment here. I love participating in the annual Montage production. I love the cool opportunities and classes here. I do wish that people would vape less and that the bathrooms would be updated.
Love the teachers and the people, couple of downsides though like being on base is very restrictive and not a lot gets updates and there isn’t a ton of support to some of the sports teams like football or wreslting
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