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Ainsworth is a close knit community, where everyone knows everyone. The school is nice and the teachers are very helpful. It's nice that classes are small so that students are able to really connect with the teachers. I feel that Ainsworth has prepared me well for my future endeavors. I am thankful for my teachers and how dedicated they are to preparing me for college and the future.
I loved the positive atmosphere and the sportsmanship of all the high schoolers! They have a very high grade point average and are very college oriented.
Since we are a small town, I like how you can get along so well with your teachers and you know everyone in your class/school. The thing that I would like to see change is how some kids act towards one another and teachers should act upon it.
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I liked the cross country and track programs at Ainsworth High School. Their library is also quite extensive and the librarian is very willing to help you find a book.
Several activities available. Kids are busy!!!
Several good teachers devoted to student success.
Policies in place. No strong opinion here.
There is always room for improvement. How can we better? Think outside the box!
It's in an amazing community. You get a good education and you feel safe. There are many teachers that are not very helpful and a couple that are down right rude.
Ainsworth High School is a small school. Luckily, that means my class was very close. We are all friends, and we enjoy spending time with everyone. Social cliques are not really a problem here, as everyone participates in everything. Sporting events are a school-wide event, and everyone loves attending and cheering along with the team. Compared to the schools in neighboring towns, I would always choose my school.
We have nice facilities for a public school. We have a nice gym in our school and another not attached. We have added many machines to our weight room recently. Although, I would say that the spaces for working out are a little cramped. We have a good number of classrooms, with a variety of sizes.
The teachers are good. They try to help whenever they can.Although, they do not give much homework, so they don't really prepare students for college. Also, test taking is not stressed.
The school is very safe, especially due to its location in a small community. This past year we have also taken many security precautions, including one-way streets, automated locked doors, and buzzing systems to enter the school. We also practice many drills each year. There are rarely any threats to harm the students, staff or school.
attending a small school allows kids to participate in may different activities. I have appreciated being able to do a variety of extracurricular activities in my school. A variety of clubs, sports, and groups are offered.
The building was recently updated about seven years ago, so everything is fairly new. We good have better work out facilities within the school and more classrooms. Our technology could also use some updating. Overall, we have nice facilities.
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