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Aina Haina Elementary School Reviews

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The teachers seem to give a lot of attention to the students who need it. There's an afterschool tutoring program but if your child isn't in it, the teacher goes out of their way to help the students. There is a lack of equipment such as computers in the classroom so the teachers have to be creative in teaching their lessons. They have 2 labs that must be shared with the whole school. There's 2 mobile labs but each lab has only 20 computers, not enough for my son's class of 30. The school only has 2 Smart Boards. The teachers are moving over to Common Core so there's this big shift in how they teach. The grading seems to be more consistent as they become more Common Core.
There's no issues with dress code policies and if there were, administration and teachers handle it in a non-combative fashion. If any other issues come up at PTA meetings, the VP and Principal have good ears and follow up quickly with a solution.
The school offers a lot of activities. Aina Haina is one of the few schools that has every student Japanese, Hawaiian, & Mandarin. They also of course have Music, Physical Education, Arts, Drama, Computer, and Library.

During the school year there's many activities such as Jaguar Jog, Camp, Haunted House, IB Showcase/Exhibition, Basketball Tournaments, Track Meets, Geography Bee, Accelerated Reading Celebration, Mother's Tea, Grandparents' Day Luncheon, May Day, Opera/Musical, Lego Robotics and more.

After school they offer more Japanese classes, Art, Guitar, Piano, Golf, Lego - Bricks for Kids, Writing, Cooking, Ukulele, & Tennis.

There's a lot going on at our school. I probably missed some things.
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The health and safety at this school is okay. More needs to be done about the correct definition of bullying. Because it's so prevalent in the news, a lot of students say they are getting bullied but in actuality they are just having a disagreement or they are not getting their way. Some parents believe their child is being bullied but when investigated further, it really isn't.
The school is old and is on the waiting list to get things completed. The PTA couldn't wait on for the state to do some projects so they took it upon themselves to solve some issues such as installing and maintaining air conditioning in the library.
This school is unique because it stresses the needs of the whole child. It's not just academics but athletics, and the arts. There's always something special going on.
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