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Aiken High's English and History courses were absolutely astounding. I was always in Honors and AP courses, so I was therefore offered "better" education. The teachers who taught those courses obviously enjoyed their job and made learning a lot more fun than in a standard CP class; I was in CP classes for other subjects, so I was exposed to different learning environments. Other subjects...did not do so well in teaching me in my opinion. Science and math especially. Teachers would admit to previously preferring another career, or make excuses as to why they couldn't come to school for weeks or even months at a time. I missed out on a lot of math education, and it effected my SAT and ACT scores. What I'm trying to say is.. Aiken High did not prepare me well in times of teachers' unavailability. I was left behind and still pay the price as I lack some basic skills in some areas. The school seemed to pride themselves more on sports rather than education.
It is an overall okay school, I feel as if the rules could be enforced better. The school could also be a little bit cleaner. Now that there is a lot of construction going on, it is very hectic, we had to walk all around buildings to try to get to our other classes. The hallways are packed, people just stand around and talk, very frustrating.
I just moved from Georgia, and coming to this school it made me consider my options of just normally what I'm use to.
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Aiken High School is a great all around school, it provides excellent academic, athletic, and community achievements. Aiken high has graduated some of the most elite students, such as the Wendy Heisman award winner, numerous of Coca-Cola winners, and etc. Not only does it excel in academics it also excels in athletics as our Volleyball team won the state championship and the track team has a state title in 5 different events. To say all that Aiken High is all about business so we don't have as many pep rallies but best believe at the football and basketball games the hype is top notch.
Aiken High School is on the contrary to the romurs of being a "bad school." AHS had outstanding teachers, and has endless opportunities offered to you. As a student, you must find your place within the school. Pick out the students who make AHS seem like a "bad school," and separate, or help them. I am a Band student and Naval JROTC cadet at AHS. These two programs are what keep my heart pumping; pumping encouragement, discpline, courage, happiness, and enthusiasm. I have a second home here at Aiken High, souly because of the programs and extracurricular activities AHS offers. My band director has been the father that I never had since middle school, and my for instructors from NJROTC has did endless things to help me out, rather it be, transportation, clothing, or a simpler haircut, they did it. I've been blessed here at AHS, so no, it is not a "bad school."
Aiken High School is a very welcoming environment. There's always someone to connect with, whether it be a student or a teacher.
I went to Aiken high in 1988 to 1992. Aiken high is not what it is today. They to finished the up grade for the school. Academics are good but they could be better. The sports were Ok, but most of all was the NJORTC program that was the best program the field trips and learning about the Navy and some of my classmates at that time went into the military.
I liked the teachers and administration at Aiken High School because I felt like they truly cared about my education and my experience as a student. One area I think Aiken High School could use some improvement in is safety. Anyone could easily walk into any building because most doors were left unlocked from the outside during school hours.
I had a good experience at Aiken High. I think the teachers could have been better with their teaching styles. I played softball at Aiken High. I truly enjoyed playing the sport.
Aiken High School makes me feel welcome. There really isn't any problems. We are consider the best school in Aiken and we always get transfer student. Am actually zone for South Aiken but was allowed by the district to attend Aiken High. The reason being because I didn't want to go to South Aiken.
I have had a stressful time at Aiken despite having some of the best teachers in the school. The students are not handled fairly and honestly by most of the faculty and there is much favoritism in the system but as long as you keep the higher grades and higher level classes you will not have to deal with those students or get mistreated by teachers by your race, background, or personality.
My experience at Aiken High has been an amazing one. I have come to know and be friends with many people and also my education level has increased. I have been exposed to many more opportunities. The diversity at Aiken High is a great thing because it gives you a chance to experience differnts things and cultures. I love Aiken High.
My overall experience was great at Aiken High School, however I think a few things could've been better. The bathrooms and classrooms were never really clean, and the food was never good or sometimes cooked correctly.
In my four years of attending Aiken High school I discovered a lot about myself and other people. Being able to take rigorous classes with adequate teachers who care made my experience worth while. On top of academics my experience as an athlete was amazing too. Ive been playing volleyball for 4 years on varsity here. I have grown as a leader and a person. I know Aiken High is under a lot of construction at the moment but the school is going in the right direction. Aiken High is great now and will only get better!
Everything is safe except for bullying. Bullying causes fighting, suicides, and threats.
There are a lot of clubs and organizations, there aren't that many different clubs at Aiken High, choir, track, and volleyball is the most popular, i'm not sure about admistration support, there are plenty of meetings, and tutor/after school sports are available at this school.
My overall experience at Aiken is all the teachers are nice to me and didn't have a problem, they helped me get to the next grade, the campus is great, and they helped me move forward towards graduation.
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Teachers at Aiken High School try their best to help teenages graduate.The teacher have interest in their students, but if students are bad they send them to the principal. Teachers sometimes communicate with students if students are copperative. I would rate these teachers with a 4 out of 5. The teachers use their knowledge at the best of their ability. They make sure that the students understand what their learning and try to get students to engage into what their teaching. Most of the teachers explain and give details about the material, show a powerpoints to show a specific material, give examples, textbook learning, assignments, quizzes, and tests to help teens succeed. They also offer tutoring on the days that are scheduled to help students.
I enjoy this because most teachers would go above and beyond their job to help the students. Although the styles of the teachers are different they each have their own way to simply the lesson is an effective manner. Also the teachers seem to really have a heart for the student body. There are some instances where it may seem the grading scale might be off but they are sure to break it down, so the students are well aware of how they are being graded.
I just really feel the students that are in the school was the reason my school gets a okay rating.
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