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Aiken High School has a new beautiful facility and the teachers there truly care about your education.
I overall had a great experience at aiken high. For the most part I have never had problems with any of my teachers almost all of them we helpful when it needed it. They always made sure there were things we could do to stay occupied with curricular activities like the buddy club, interact, serteens, the volunteer club, beta club, and so much more. Also our school dances were always so much fun. I met and got to know someone at every single one just because we all would dance together and everyone would have a great time. They also made sure our parents we’re involved. They contact them when things are wrong but also send emails to praise us when we do right.
I’m not a senior at Aiken High school and these 4 years have been amazing. I have some of the best teachers, counselors and my principal is awesome.
I am a cheerleader and I am very active in a lot of clubs the school offer.
I don’t have anything bad to say because everything and everyone has been great!
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Aiken High is a decent school. Aiken high brought me closer to the people I am around currently. I’ve played on the sports team at Aiken High and we may not been as good but we connected well. Aiken High brings students together and make connections. The Aiken High staff is decent as well. They do help you prepare for the next level. Especially English teachers, they prepare you as much as they can. And Aiken High has a lot of pride !
Teacher and Guidance staff are engaged and caring about their students, and their academic achievement.
The teaching staff and the atmosphere at Aiken High School are great. There are many activities to participate in the school itself is a great place to be.
Aiken High is a good school, it’s what we, the students, make it. Together we are a family, we support each other.
Aiken High School is a beautiful school. The principle is a great man and principle, but he could use some help on his administration staff. Some teachers are great, but there are quite a few teachers who do not properly prepare their students for the future. It is a very spirited school, and overall I would say it is better than many other schools.
Aiken High school is a great high school. We have really great teachers who will help you excel in any way that you need. We have a lot of different students and it’s just overall a great place to be and learn. We have great clubs and activities outside of school. We also have great sports teams who have gone to championships. It’s a great environment.
For me, Aiken High School was not a very good school to attend. The teachers were good and a few classes they have available can teach you quite a few things. However, there is a lot that needs to change. There needs to be a better selection of food, the teachers need more leeway to tech their subject, the school needs to feel like a school and less like a penitentiary, and the facilities and number of clubs can be better. It's a nice school, but look elsewhere first.
Its very good. it pushes the students to achieve their future goals. The teachers are always hard at work helping the students achieve that goal because they know that no child should be left behind . they give us students the chance become something we never thought we could become.
I felt slightly nervous because of course it's a new environment a way bigger population of people , it may seem slightly stressful in the beginning due to the many people and classes full of work but as you progress through your first year , you will surely get use to it . The only thing that can change is the food in the cafeteria. Sometimes I don’t eat until I get from school because the food could be better.
Aiken High offers several different foreign languages, online courses, and AP courses. It has a successful career center, is connected with USC-A for college credit classes, and has advocates in the community. Aiken High has dedicated counselors, teachers, and volunteers.
Aiken High was good, however there were students who tried to ruin the learning enviornemtn for others, however that may be the case in all high schools.
What I liked about Aiken High was some of my teacher cared a lot about me and also one of the guidance counselor help me out starting the process for filling out application for college we don't have a computer at home, at home so she went above and beyond to help me. I also like the fact that I was able to use the computers in the library as well. What I think could improve is more parents being involved is sad that alot of my friend parents did not attend meeting sport events or anything to support their children I think the school need to do more to get parents involved. Also the food is horrible they need help bad.
Aiken High School is a wonderful school that just recently got new facilities. The sport teams are terrific, and the teachers truly care about their students.
I like how great the teachers are and how much they love to teach. They’re always so enthusiastic and love all of the students. The school has recently been remodeled and it is a beautiful campus.
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Aiken High's English and History courses were absolutely astounding. I was always in Honors and AP courses, so I was therefore offered "better" education. The teachers who taught those courses obviously enjoyed their job and made learning a lot more fun than in a standard CP class; I was in CP classes for other subjects, so I was exposed to different learning environments. Other subjects...did not do so well in teaching me in my opinion. Science and math especially. Teachers would admit to previously preferring another career, or make excuses as to why they couldn't come to school for weeks or even months at a time. I missed out on a lot of math education, and it effected my SAT and ACT scores. What I'm trying to say is.. Aiken High did not prepare me well in times of teachers' unavailability. I was left behind and still pay the price as I lack some basic skills in some areas. The school seemed to pride themselves more on sports rather than education.
It is an overall okay school, I feel as if the rules could be enforced better. The school could also be a little bit cleaner. Now that there is a lot of construction going on, it is very hectic, we had to walk all around buildings to try to get to our other classes. The hallways are packed, people just stand around and talk, very frustrating.
I just moved from Georgia, and coming to this school it made me consider my options of just normally what I'm use to.
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