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Aiken High School - New Tech Program Reviews

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It’s okay for the most part just have a lot of challenges to over come and by me only seeing. Private school my entire life it’s tuff
As a senior of Aiken (as of the 2017-2018 school year) I really enjoyed how much the faculty seemed to care about how we were, and how Mrs. Votaw (The Principle) would do as much as she could for us.
As a recent alumna, Aiken provided me with numerous opportunities. The faculty was always willing to help any student in need. Places like Aiken are where dreams are made into a reality. They're really making a difference in the lives of so many students. I appreciate that.
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The school is decent in the academic section but, the food, language and arts just needs a little bit of tweaking.
The teachers really help you to not only understand the materials but also help you if you are struggling.
I think it's great because I was involved in a lot. I was part of different clubs there,apart of the athletic team I helped out with sports medicine did anything to get involved so I thought it was great.
I love the school and its campus, it felt as if I was apart of a family there. I wouldn't change my experience there. If I could change something it would have to be me as a student in organizing myself more, not stressing my self out to where I couldn't do something and ask for help.
I learned so many new methods and strategies. In every class I was taught something new and interesting, not by just my teachers, but by my fellow peers as well. I learned so many behavioral methods as well, even though my behavior wasn't a problem, I learned how to help/work with people who do also. I wouldn't change anything or anyone I met and learned from in high school.
Some teachers went beyond what they needed to do to help the students others gave lectures about why student would fail in life rather than teaching them how to succeed. There are both good and bad teachers in everywhere school but I will give credit where it is due.
All the activities that I was involved in where extremely fun and well put together. There was some lacking as far as student council was involved but everything else was great. The teachers got into it making the students love it even more. We received a lot of support from both staff and students.
The students involved in the sports team decent athletes but they lack discipline, and the coaches didn't seem to take anything but winning the game seriously
All of our sports had students actually going to class....doing better with their grades...they were involved
Loved the teachers and their teaching systems. Each system is unique and fun when itsb appropriate for the techer
It has a lot of resources from technology to tutors to the falculty helping you succeed.
Not the best fitness support encouragement.
Wasn't the healthiest selection from our cooks.
After school activities were very nice, great selection to an extent
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When I attened there was not a huge academic schedule to choose from.
I was truly prepared for the "Real World" after graduation, because this school showed me it doesn't matter where you come from people from many different walks of life can succeed at anything if they truly want too.
We had nice security guards, and also metal detectors.
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