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I graduated from Aiea High school back in 2016. During my four years there I experienced different changes from a new schedule to new principles. While some of these new changes were understandable and in some cases, helpful or enjoyable, other changes caused tensions and just felt pointless to some degree. There are many activities for students of all interests to engage in. I was in band for four years and it helped me to become a more social individual.
My experience at Aiea High School has been a pretty good one. Aside from the academics , Aiea High school offers a wide variety of clubs and activities that students can participate in throughout the school year. We offer a very diverse fine arts program that ranges from music , band , dance and many more. Students can take these classes during the school day and earn their fine arts credit to help them graduate. I am well involved in our schools dance program . We offer both ballet and modern dance classes. Dance has always been apart of my life, it was a place where I could be who I am and show it to the world. Dance has helped me grow both physically and emotionally throughout high school . Dance is a place where you can show your journey, because your journey is who you are.
Aiea High School is a safe environment and the teachers are great. They’re vdry understanding and i’m glad I attempted here all four years of high school.
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Aiea High School had a diverse student body and a lot of extra curricular activities. The school also had a variety of classes available to its students. The staff and teachers were very helpful and engaged in the students progress throughout high school.
Overall, it's not a bad school, it's actually pretty great in terms of culture, people, and the amount of activities yiu can do. Academics isn't the best though. I've had many teachers that don't teach the material they're supposed to in order to prepare them, don't teach at all, or move at a pace that they know is hard for others to keep up. There are always a few exceptions though, and you will find a couple of those, but it can be hard for students to strive here if they don't push themselves to.
I like how the teachers and staff are very helpful towards everyone such as the students. For example teachers are willing to stay behind and take time out of there schedules to help the students who needs help with anything. I also like how everyone treats each other with respect and kindness.
Aiea High School is a wonderful high school that allows students to bond with both teachers and staff, along with our peers in a very interesting manner. I have made many friends, and enjoy this school very much.
Aiea high school is a very old school with a lot of different students from different ethnic backgrounds. the school itself is very old and our resources are out of date. our administration is very good and the college and career counselor is very helpful with trying to find a college that fits us. Our sports teams are not the best in the state but our girl's volleyball, baseball, and judo team compete with other schools and aren't easy wins. Aiea is a good place to learn for me and others. with it being a small school students get a lot of individual help. teachers also care about students and their future goals after high school.
I liked that some teachers had a passion for teaching and wanted to see all of their students go far in life. I would change the way that the school is and its rules. Many students break rules because they don't agree with them. The school should get feedback from it's students to see what could be changed to make the school feel more welcoming and what could get students to actually come to school and go to class.
Aiea High School is an excellent school that is a great environment for learning. The teachers are extremely committed to student's learning. I love going to Aiea High School.
Aiea High School was definitely an adventure. Just like every high school, you love it and hate it at the same time. It was that sort of attachment I have. There are courses that I absolutely loved and enjoyed, teachers who do a great job at what they study to do and enlightened me as a student. Despite being less resourceful and smaller, Aiea still holds great achievements and amazing students. And I truly hope that it'll continue to do so and improve even more than the time I spent there.
I like i been there since 9th grade till 12th grade. I have all my friends since elementary school with me. I learn alot from all my teacher's
I really liked the family feel that I have with everyone. Everyone is pretty much nice to each other and treats everyone with respect. One thing I would like to see change is our football team to start winning.
Aiea High School is a diverse public high school where students are able to express themselves and their opinions. It is a comfortable school with a small student body which makes everyone familiar with each other.
Something that I liked about Aiea High School were the variety of classes we got to choose from like Culinary, Business & Management, Health Services & Auto Tech, etc. A few things that I would change about the school is the disciplinary actions because many students get away with doing things that are against school rules and don’t get disciplined.
I enjoy that Aiea is a smaller high school so all students have the chance to get to really know their teachers and to gain lasting relationships. I also liked the fact that people are very kind and that they encourage students to further their education.
As a senior student at Aiea High School, I really enjoyed all the memories i've made and what the school has provided to us students. It may not be the best school in the state, but it's a school that provided all the education i'll need to move on into my future.
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Our school was underfunded and experienced issues such as rarely having soap in bathrooms. My experience with teachers was very polarized. Some teachers were exceptional while others were pretty problematic. While it was a low income public school, your experience there depended on what you put into it. I took advantage of extracurriculars and honors classes and felt prepared for college.
I liked the opportunities to take AP courses and attentiveness of the teachers. In addition, the Air Force JROTC was available to me, allowing me to learn self discipline I will need to be successful in college.
Aiea High School is a good school. Their are teachers that make you enjoy coming to school and willing to be helpful & want you to succeed.
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