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As a senior student at Aiea High School, I really enjoyed all the memories i've made and what the school has provided to us students. It may not be the best school in the state, but it's a school that provided all the education i'll need to move on into my future.
Our school was underfunded and experienced issues such as rarely having soap in bathrooms. My experience with teachers was very polarized. Some teachers were exceptional while others were pretty problematic. While it was a low income public school, your experience there depended on what you put into it. I took advantage of extracurriculars and honors classes and felt prepared for college.
I liked the opportunities to take AP courses and attentiveness of the teachers. In addition, the Air Force JROTC was available to me, allowing me to learn self discipline I will need to be successful in college.
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Aiea High School is a good school. Their are teachers that make you enjoy coming to school and willing to be helpful & want you to succeed.
I like this school. They have excellent clubs here for me to check out. (Mainly softball) Also i got to experience one of the tougher AP courses this year for world history. I dont plan on taking another history course but i probably will take another AP course.
As a senior, I have experienced my fair share of hardships on Aiea high school's campus. Though this is true, there were teachers who took the time and made an impact in my life by helping me persevere through it and ultimately succeed which I am very thankful for. Seeing teachers come and go on during my four years saddened me deeply so personally I would like to see more stability in the staff of teachers and cooperation from the teachers to the faculty.
I like, actually, I love everything about 'Aiea High School! I am an exchange student from Europe and I am feeling so, so, so blessed that I got this unique opportunity to study at this high school, really! All the classes, people that I met - they are just awesome and all the positive energy that I feel and see around, it is just perfect! Teachers are outstanding, lessons are amazing and integrity is always the main point here! Every student is very responsible and respectful, every teacher knows his work and how to do everything. All is organized and so well done! It is a privilege for me to be in this school, it will forever and ever be my family!
I graduated from this high school in 2013. I only attended for one year of my high school year. Overall, my experience was good, because I was involved in my community. The people were very friendly and culture orientated. What I mean by culture orientated is that they always put some type of spirit for their culture into the community.
Great environment to be in. The teachers are more than willing to help out the students. The school provides a variety of programs for students to choose from.
I love aiea high school so much the community is just great and the environment is friendly and safe. The education is great I've learned so much from my teachers. The office people could use some work. But other than that the school is a great school
The amount of different extracurricular activities, sports, and diversity this school has got to be the best thing about Aiea High School.
There are teachers in every department who are enthusiastic and invested in the subjects and students they teach. There was an amazing college/academic counselor who devoted countless hours to researching options and resources for every kind of high school individual looking toward their future. What I liked about her was that she advocated for students to pursue higher education, but also acknowledged that such a path is not ideal for everyone and made the conscious effort to discuss alternative options with students as well. As far as changes go, I would like to see teachers supported in their (sometimes) single-handed efforts to fund their classrooms for materials and comfortable work environments, among other needs.
It really depends on who's teaching.
Mostly active sports, instead of arts, music, etc.
could do better, faculty don't do anything to help
My overall experience at Aiea High School is sort of a mixed bag for me. If I could rank it year by year from top to bottom I would say Freshman Year, Junior Year, and Sophomore year. I am currently in my second month of senior year so I'll have to wait and see how it goes. Freshman year was great and a lot fun. I had made a lot of great memories, had made some new friends and had some pretty good teacher too. Sophomore year, made me want to transfer out. The administration and the teachers were not doing the best job. The bell schedule was the worst bell schedule I have ever endured. I would have left if it wasn't for my friends and family who talked me out of it. And Junior Year was mixed, I mean having to wear school uniforms was a bummer but the bell schedule was much better than the previous year. The teachers I had was also a mixed bag but I just went with the flow. But in my experience the one thing I am grateful for is the friends that I have made here in Aiea. If it wasn't for them I probably would of transfer out. Even though sophomore year was miserable I created a lot of fun memories with my friends. So overall, being a Aiea High Student was okay with me.
In my four years at Aiea High School, I have been taught by many good and many bad teachers. There are some who are fully committed to help their students achieve the goals that they set for themselves. These teachers are available in or outside of class in order to assist students in need of help. Teachers that have used fun and great learning techniques to get the best out of their students and themselves as well. But there are others who don't share that same commitment. Some of these teachers can be very unfair to students at times. A good example of that would be from the Math Department. Most of these teachers are unable to connect with their students because of their poor teaching techniques or their laziness to actually help student learn. The Math Department in AHS, has frustrated a majority of the student body including me. I had taken 3 years of math and have had 5 different math teachers in those 3 years. And out of the 5 teachers only one teacher, Mr. Salgado, has helped me learn and fully understand the concepts. Although I only had Mr. Salgado for half a semester, he is the best math teacher I ever had in my 3 years in Aiea. After he left I refused to take a 4th year of math as I didn't feel like the remaining math teachers would give me the same amount of help that Mr. Salgado gave to me. Also, some of these teachers tend to do things that are very unnecessary and have no benefit to any student's learning. At Aiea High School, I describe the teachers here as a mixed bag, some are good and some are horrible.
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There are only a handful that care. most.. don't.
Its somewhat good. When there is a fight or something like that then the secuirty comes and break it up.
There are some good activities to participate in. There are a lot of options to pick.
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