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Ahuimanu Elementary School Reviews

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Ahuimanu was not just any elementary school that you just attend, it is a family. Although you only get one teacher and stay with the same people for seven years, it was something that really bonds you to friendship and development. Most schools that I have heard or seen have four grade level teachers with at least thirty students a class, however, Ahuimanu was smaller. It had at least two grade level teachers and 15-20 people a class. It was more condensed, but you got to really know all the teachers who you were with, you got to know the people you go to school with, and you got to have experiences that are really memorable. It was by far, the most fun I've ever had and makes me want to one day have my kids go to that school and develop the way I have.
Just got a new principal last year, she seems to be doing okay so far. I wish she would enforce a dress code for the teachers and faculty who work at the school. One person who greets the students in the morning wears really inappropriate clothing and should be told to cover up. The school has a great office staff and the teachers are average.
Teachers are very loving and dedicated.
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There is no principal. Dress code is never enforced. The no sweets policy is followed by only SOME of the teachers. The counselor is only there half day and rarely has time to help the students who need someone to talk to. No discipline for bullying.
The cafeteria doesn't have ovens or prepare the meals.... They get sent in from the intermediate school down the road. The library is small and shares a space with the computers. The performance space is the cafeteria. It's not horrible, but nothing special either.
They have no real health aide. Just someone to call home if something happens. They have a health code about not bringing sweets to school for birthdays and parties but only some teachers abide by it.
The extra curricular programs are unorganized and have no support from the school itself. The a+ program is run by a bunch of angry teens that text and yell. The campus is beautiful. The teachers are forced to focus and strive to meet testing score requirements. With little time to actually practice and work with the children on their problem areas. The school has had a different stand in principal every other year for the past 5 years. Lacks stability that the children need. The mayday program is a waste of time and has nothing to do with mayday or Hawaii.
My daughter does the dance, chorus, garden and JPO.... I just feel like it lacks support from the school in these areas. Like it's all left up to the volunteers to run everything and that it being at the school is strictly based around the money or contract that was otherwise worked out.
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