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I loved the small classes and the teachers were excellent at their jobs! Each of them were so nice and cared about getting everyone to understand the course! The other faculty were amazing as well and the principle is outstandingly amazing at her job. AHSTW is where it's at!
AHSTW High School is a tight knit community that has been through a lot together. The teachers care about the students and their education.
Athletics get more money than the arts. Not fair.
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I've made great connections and experiences.
Every teacher here at school knows their material.
I love high school here. I have made great friends and had tons of positive experiences. While attending high school, I've been given the opportunity to go above and beyond, not only in the classroom, but also in extracurricular activities. Teachers and coaches give positive encouragement each day, and I am truly blessed to be surrounded by such a caring community.
Some teacher let things happen in the class that shouldn't happen and it is very hard to learn in an environment like that.
As for the nurse, she's one of the nicest faculty members I know. Seriously.
The food is alright but it could be so much better.
I think that when a student messes up or does something they shouldn't have, they need to be taught. In my opinion our school does a dandy job of it.
Our school has a very good athletic program for being as small as we are. I wish that sports, such as tennis, were available, but being that I live in small town Iowa, we don't have a tennis team.
To be honest, there is only one teacher who I DESPISE, and that is only because she tried to invest herself in my personal life. In my opinion it was HIGHLY unprofessional and I haven't taken a single one of her classes since that situation. It's not like I wouldn't enjoy the classes she teaches, I just wouldn't enjoy her. Honestly I feel a little deprived of that learning experience because of her.
I really love going to school, believe me I do, but it seems to me that our administration doesn't get involved enough in students lives. I'm saying to go ahead and demand what their home life is like just because they have one bad grade. I'm just saying that if a child is struggling in school and they need help, it should be in the teacher's job description to help said child.
There are good resources to the students that choose to utilize them.
There is a lot of overlapping between social groups in the school, but there are still some cases of kids that get left out.
we are very supportive of sports teams at our school and raise money to fix up the facilities that are not currently up to par. The football field, track, softball, and baseball field are new and are in great conditions. They were a hige project that out community is very proud of and utilizes greatly.
Most of the teachers are very caring and passionate about their career.
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Many of the core subjects have great teachers that prepare students well for college.
I grew up in this town and knew no other environment until I went off to college. I love how supportive the school and community is towards everyone. There are a lot of resources that bigger schools tend to not have. The student to teacher ratio is great. I love being able to know my teachers and have my teachers know me. The clubs are oddly successful for a school of our size. The academics are also great. Many surrounding schools have students that struggle once going into college, but students from this school tend to do well in many different subjects.
I find it that many students do not follow the dress code and the students who get punished for it are the "less popular" students. It was very unfair for a student who wore a tank top that kept them mostly covered one day to get in huge trouble for it when the "popular" students would wear unbelievably short skirts and shorts and remain unpunished.
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