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I loved growing up around small town Ackley and the people in it. This school means a lot to me and I have enjoyed my four years here. The teachers are all very nice and helpful and are always there for you if you have questions or trouble understanding something! I would recommend for any family!
We always had the doors locked. Security cameras everywhere. A camera to see who wanted in the school and the teachers all had ID's to get into the school.
We had speech, FFA, I think a robot club, and sports. But I can't think of any other clubs.
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I had a lot of fun but sometimes the teachers/coaches weren't the best.
They taught me what they needed to. Always had fun while teaching us.
Locked doors always. Hallway monitor and success coordinator. I feel safe
Most only after school activities are athletic ones. If you're not involved in those then theres nothing for someone to stick around after school.
I have made many memories at school here that I will always cherish and remember. If I could do it all over again I probably wouldn't come back. Favorites are played and everyone is nosey.
Personally nobody goes out of their way beyond the classroom. Some teachers make a friendly habitat. Others you show up, do your work, and leave without more than one conversation.
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