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A lot of teachers care enough to make sure you succeed. The majority of classes are enjoyable. I would definitely recommend it to parents looking to live in a quiet area.
Being part of a small town, close knit community has been a valuable asset to me. I've had many opportunities for community service within our district and the teachers and staff are very caring about their students.
This small school setting is thriving. The community is excellent and the school has helped in so many ways. Like making the chance to take college credits in high school an opportunity.
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I loved the small size of our school. You know all the students and all the faculty. It's like a large family. You have your good days and your bad days, but you know there is always someone who has your back. If you're struggling with your classes the teachers are always there willing to help. I'm an athlete so getting on a sports team is fairly easy. It doesn't necessarily mean you will get to play, but you are a part of a team and that's pretty cool. If I could change one thing it would have to be how well the school prepares us for college. I wish they would start a program that helps us students fill out scholarship apps.
I loved growing up around small town Ackley and the people in it. This school means a lot to me and I have enjoyed my four years here. The teachers are all very nice and helpful and are always there for you if you have questions or trouble understanding something! I would recommend for any family!
We always had the doors locked. Security cameras everywhere. A camera to see who wanted in the school and the teachers all had ID's to get into the school.
We had speech, FFA, I think a robot club, and sports. But I can't think of any other clubs.
I had a lot of fun but sometimes the teachers/coaches weren't the best.
They taught me what they needed to. Always had fun while teaching us.
Locked doors always. Hallway monitor and success coordinator. I feel safe
Most only after school activities are athletic ones. If you're not involved in those then theres nothing for someone to stick around after school.
I have made many memories at school here that I will always cherish and remember. If I could do it all over again I probably wouldn't come back. Favorites are played and everyone is nosey.
Personally nobody goes out of their way beyond the classroom. Some teachers make a friendly habitat. Others you show up, do your work, and leave without more than one conversation.
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