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Agua Fria High School Reviews

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My experience with Agua Fria has been good for the past 4 years I’ve been going there. I’ve never felt endangered or afraid to ask teachers questions but there has been incidents on school campus but where resolved fast
Most of the teachers are engaging and supportive. The school is overcrowded, students are unable to get into some of the classes they want, there is not enough tables for students to sit at lunchtime. There are also transportation issues due to overcrowding, busses are late and sometimes don't show up. The school needs to implement a better security system, at the beginning of the day all doors are open and anyone can get access into the school.
It’s great school with positivity and motivation plus great teachers and administrators with helping your goals and achievements
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I enjoy attending this school because I like the people that go to it. I also feel really safe in this learning environment, and I feel like the teachers really care about preparing you for a career after high school.
During my three and a half years in Agua Fria so far and almost halfway through my senior year. My overall experience here is very good. The teachers, administration and other staff here are very good and supportive.
Agua Fria High School is an amazing school. It consists of the most outstanding teachers, who give an endless amount of support.
I've learned many things at Agua Fria and although it is a High School, my learning went beyond educational. At Agua Fria you get the chance to grow and explore who you are and what you want to do after you've finished your journey at Agua Fria. I will always have my red Owl pride because this school has impacted me greatly.
Agua Fría High School is an A+ rated school.I would highly recommend for anyone to go to this high school because of the many opportunities you can have by being apart of a great community.Everyone is friendly and a good help to everyone.Being in this school I’ve had a lot of support all around me from my friends,teachers,staff,counselors, and even more to help!Other than being good in academics our school has a great school spirt within the students and staff!Our school is every welcome from day one as I walked in as a freshman year.I love the school’s atmosphere.Also, we have a great sport teams.The games are always enjoyable to be apart of for any sport.Our sport teams play well and have a great team leader.We have different varieties of clubs that’s anyone can be apart of and if something you like isn’t there you can make it yourself! Agua fría overall is an amazing school to be at and be apart of.Being an owl is something special and amazing!
It was a great school, with a lot of diversity, and a lot of respect. I felt very welcome, and overall had a great experience.
The school is old and doesn't get enough funding to fix all the problems, furthermore the school decided to go "paperless"and give all the students chromebooks, but doesn't have the wifi to let the chromebooks function as needed.
Some things that I like about Agua Fria is that nobody judges anyone based off of their looks and you can be yourself and people will like you for who you are.
My time here has been pretty good so far, I am surrounded by good teachers, most who do a good job to encourage all students to succeed. We could, however, work to make the school cleaner and keep all of the bad students in check (including the ones that ditch class or think they are slick smoking in the restrooms).
Agua Fria is a good school, but they can improve on how teacher's teach and not limiting the creativity on how they teach.
It was a very nice high school. I was a able to learn a lot! I'm glad that they did remodeling to the school, because it really needed it! The teachers and staff were very nice to me and to parents as well.
Agua Fria High School has helped me in many ways such as being ready for college, teaching me about the real world, and how to have fun as a student. Agua Fria encourages students to try hard in academics but also be involved with school activities. If I they didn’t encourage me, I wouldn’t of had the same high school experience. Also, the teachers helped me every step of the way. They give there own time and money to make sure I get the best academic experience. Any question I have about college or money, they never hesitate to help me. Overall, being a student at Agua Fria has enlightened my high school experience and made me ready to take on whatever the word throws at me.
Agua Fria High School is one of the oldest high schools in west valley. The school has become very embedded in its community. While the school is old, the campus has been very well maintained over the years and is constantly being upgraded and improved. The teachers are very good at connecting with students and finding new or alternative ways to engage them. The arts programs have strong funding and there is lots of ways that the faculty and administration gets the student population interested and excited in applying to colleges and scholarships.
I love Agua fria because it is such an inclusive school and has a lot of different ways to meet everyone’s needs.
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I enjoy study at Agua Fria High School :). As an English learner student there, I got respect in all things; also, Agua Fria helped me with skills that I thought, I could not have. Teachers and any others staff there are really good supporters. I will recommend you to go and live a new life at Agua Fria High School.
In my 4 years at Agua Fria High School, I fully believe that this school is excellent. As a band member, student body member, and student athlete, I have been able to see the continued growth of student life. The school focuses on preparing its students to be college and career ready. The majority of teachers are passionate about their subject or making a change in their student's lives and leave a positive effect on the student body. I can honestly say that Agua Fria High School is trying to provide the highest quality of education and resources possible despite its lack of resource. I would like to see the resources of the school such as paper to never have to be a problem for its teachers and students. I want the school to be able to fund its clubs and sports in order to push them to the highest level of excellence. By doing this, I believe the school can produce the best quality student that will one day change society.
Agua fría high school is a great school for academics, sports, and clubs. On the other hand, there is almost no school spirit especially since the new principal lowered the limit of spirit weeks and pep assemblies to 2 a year. Also, girls are over-sexualised as there are new dress codes where male teachers would call out girls who aren’t dressed “properly”, making them uncomfortable.
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