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I would love to see the teachers and administration encourage the students to get more involved in extracurricular activities. The UIL program is dead and the students have little motivation to join any clubs. They are also poorly prepared for college. It would be nice to see the school bring in speakers to encourage and educate students from time to time as well. There should be a line of open communication between students and adults on campus but there is no trust. I think bringing in speakers would be a good way to start discussions on campus about any topic ranging from college, mental health, sex, politics, career options or even financial discussions about loans, debt and savings. When these students graduate they will be young adults that are poorly prepared for the real world. That needs to change.
What I liked about Agua Dulce High School was the very few good people this town has and the memories I've made with some really good friends of mine. What I dislike about Agua Dulce High School is the staff and administration and how unfair their "punishment policy" is.
The best experience during school was being with my friends, everybody was great. The least pleasing experience was all the student/student conflict and also parent/student conflict, parents at this school are way to involved in the high school drama, and at times take it upon themselves to fight with the kids.
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Overall, the teachers I had during my 6 years at ADHS were all pretty good teachers, I could honestly say I've learned a lot from them. There were always the few that would slack off, but majority were great, loving, and helpful.
Usually if you don't feel well, you just check in with the district nurse and if you're diagnosed with a fever, you're sent home. There has been programs about abstinence from local centers visiting in and anti-bullying efforts done that touches on the topic of suicide. There has really been no cases of bullying, but school fights can happen just of nature where the local police are eventually involved.
Extracurriculars is a priority for the school. There are a lot of academic ones under the UIL branch such as social studies, science, poetry, reading, writing, etc. If not academics, there are chess clubs, national honor society, spanish club, agricultural clubs (FFA and 4H), and more.
Hopefully, the Agua Dulce school district will last for many generations after my graduation. It has been a great experience for my high school year, and traditions such as bonfires, NHS inductee ceremonies, and banquets still run strong. I would do it again.
Most of the old teachers before my senior year at Agua Dulce were actually genuine in their approach on students. They don't just teach students to "pass for the test" for the mandatory standardized exams, but also want them to engage in critical thinking to go above and beyond of what is needed in the real world. They recommended UIL activities and encouraged students to try to compete even when they are unsure. Students who were struggling with passing are also approached by these teachers, who were concerned of their performance and insisted if they need help like tutoring and after-school practices. Only the science teacher is currently left of the rest, who continues to help students beyond high school with their college work, such as biology, chemistry, and even college physics.
At Agua Dulce ISD, most of the teachers are there for the paycheck. However, not all of them are like that. Others, are more genuinely involved. Although there have been times that a teacher or two will mess with the grade you earned due to the fact that you happened to get on their nerves. Overall, the teachers here are not consistent, in grading and in being involved with the students. Some even hate the fact that some students are involved in athletics.
The safety is generally sound at the school.
Being a small school, we don't have many choices, but there are some interesting ones. Such as computer technologies, or Agricultural design. Though some extracurriculars have been known to be canceled due to budget issues.
It's a very great school, it may be small but I was able to grow in ways I couldn't at any bigger school. Though the number of extracurricular activities is a bit small there is still some pretty good ones. Most teachers are compatible and friendly, while retaining their professional ways in the classroom. Though some of the computers are a hand full the technology is sound. But not brand new, we carry older computers. Overall, I say that this is a pretty decent school.
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