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Agoura High School is a school in a community where everyone knows each other very well and for a long time. Because I came to this school as a stranger from another country, I had a hard time becoming a part of that community. So far, that is the only con that I have personally faced.
Agoura High school has excellent teachers and staff: everyone is willing to help as long as you show proper respect and follow classroom policies, which I consider to be fair. Many of those teachers are now my mentors and the greatest role models I could have ever asked for. Every one of them has helped me elevate from a person with no experience in an American schools' system, and a minimum knowledge of English, to quite a successful student who is capable of experimenting with learning styles, acing difficult subjects, facing various challenges in academics, and becoming a good team member and a friend.
Agoura High School is the idyllic place to go to high school. The open-air campus eliminates the possibility of feeling trapped within your classrooms, and the students are undeniably, wonderfully spirited and proud of their school. Events, spirit days, and football games are popular and widely enjoyed, the teachers are patient with their classes. and the sense of pride attained by the students is truly unmatched by any other feeling. Agoura High is an incredible place to live, learn, and be.
I felt unwelcomed into the Agoura community. These kids have parents who hand them things without the work. Classmates had Audis, Mercedes, and even a Porsche at one point. The school is run but the rudest and wealthiest kids in California. If you didn't have money, you were categorized with others like that. The school was horrible. Although the teachers were excellent, I hated the social experience so much I became homeschooled my last year there. The administration office is incredibly rude, too.
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Agoura offered many opportunities for individual achievement. I was able to participate in many different sports teams and academic programs. They do a great job challening the students and allow them to learn how to express themselves.
Agoura High is one of the most beautiful high school campuses I have ever seen. With its luscious green quads and bounties of open space, you'll never be cramming through a hallway to get to your next class. The staff at Agoura is also extremely dedicated to their students. They are always ready to lend a helping hand. I would recommend Agoura to anyone in the area. I even know people from the valley who commute every morning because Agoura is such a great school. We also have the IB program, which harbors some of the best students in the world, and truly prepares them for college. The biggest complaint with Agoura is the academics. For some reason, many of Agoura's students seem to lag behind academically. I can say however that the school is not complacent, and is coming up with new solutions every year to try and fix it. I believe that Agoura is a great high school for any teenager.
I'm currently a student at AHS and am going into my senior year. I, personally, have had a great time here! I take mostly AP and honors classes and have found them to be both engaging and challenging, and, for the most part, my teachers have been likable and passionate about their jobs. I've also found a home in the AHS theater department, and that has changed my life. That being said, I know many people who have not had ideal experiences here for a multitude of reasons. I haven't had any bad experiences on a personal level, but I guess it's different for everyone.
I love the environment on campus. Everyone is very kind and friendly. Teachers are amazing and helpful.
Agoura High School is classic, and feels like a movie set. With a beautiful, open campus, new facilities, unique teachers, and jubilant students, Agoura High is the perfect school to attend for 4 years. It's in a great location, has teachers who really care, amazing sports teams (go Chargers!), and so many opportunities for students. It's one of the best high schools in the state, and I recommend it to anyone.
I like Agoura High School because everyone treats you like family. The teachers at Agoura are all very nice and care about every single student. The environment there is open and isn't enclosed which makes it a better learning environment.
I liked how everyone can make their own clubs; even freshmen can make clubs. I also liked the different activities for every grade and together as a school rather than just cliques.
it’s cliqué but that’s high school for ya and most of the people are nice and welcome you with open arms
I'm very, very glad that I went to Agoura High School. Because of the people I met (the students as well as some of the best teachers and mentors in the world), I am proud to be practically a functioning adult. I participated in activities on campus, as well as in the arts program, took AP classes, volunteering, went on a trip to Europe... I wouldn't trade the experience for the world. I just wish more students would open their minds to possibilities instead of opening their eyes to textbooks. Opportunities are available however one chooses to "learn", but it is much more worthwhile to take the former route.
The teachers and admin work hard to prepare us for college and the outside world. The parents are very involved as well and interact well with the teachers and the administration. The key is that all the students are there for a common goal to do well in school and move on to a good university. The subjects offered are geared for gaining a strong GPA (AP classes and the like) and there are many clubs to help you gain a great idea of activities to be involved with which helps on your resume.
The past four years at Agoura High School were hectic but extremely fulfilling and unique. Overall my academic success came from the motivation a majority of my teachers gave me throughout the years as well as dedication on my part to want to succeed in life. Without the pressures of my peers and teachers I do not believe I would be the same today, but the diverse campus can hinder a few people. Some of the teachers and administrators truly do not care whether or not their students succeed in turn pushing students away from success that they might have wanted to achieve. Although I was lucky enough to find that success academically and through their fantastic music programs, many of my peers could not. The atmosphere of the school is viewed and perceived as wonderful and one of a kind, but just like other great high schools Agoura does has its flaws.
it's a mostly white, upper class school but i was accepted even though I'm mixed race. the kids are pretty progressive and accepting of others. i was interested in the arts and was part of the theater program, which was excellent. there is good student and parent involvement and the campus is very safe. the counselors helped me get through some personal problems and motivated me to apply for college even though i'm not the best academically. I visited some junior colleges and the Agoura High counselors helped me fill out the paperwork for admission as well as apply for federal grants.
I love Agoura High, I have found great friends, everyone is very welcoming, and it is a good district.
Friendly and helpful teachers who are always available to help their students. Also, there is a wide variety of clubs and activities on campus. The students put in a lot of effort to organize events on campus in order to help the students feel involved. Overall a very safe and enriching school to attend.
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Agoura is a great environment to be in, and people are more than welcoming. The teachers and staff assist in any way they can, and are generally nice. Although some methods of teaching may not be best fitted from one student to the next. Be very careful with the teachers you are selected for, and make sure you can handle their course load. Some teachers like to make student superstars in the classes they teach, whether it be World History, English, Science, or Math, or any other class. On a different subject, the staff in the attendance office are incredibly rude. Tread with caution.
The PAEC is my favorite part of the entire school, I would live there if I could. They really need to bring back MyStory, I think it’s pretty messed up that it’s banned.
It's a great school. The teacher are awesome, especially the Chinese teachers so I recommend taking Chinese! Also they have great AP classes and they just brought in a new class called Forensics!
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