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I love Agoura High School. It is a unique and active high school with events constantly happening. When I was there, it was easy for me to find people that were warm and welcoming. Also, there’s always so much school pride and student involvement.
Very good atmosphere. Student body is welcoming and friendly. We have many successful student-led events. We have been described as "laid back" which is true in some respects. It's true that we do not have a culture of "strongly encouraging" students to take honor, AP, or other higher level classes. However, that is not to say that academics are a weak point. The vast majority of teachers care about their subjects and care about trying to teach effectively and understandably.
My experience at Agoura High School was amazing. From doing dance, to water polo, to starting my own two clubs. When events are set up, it's usually run by the students, so it gives us the skills of event planning, as well as being able to communicate with others. Everyone, also, supports each other 100%. Another thing that was an amazing experience was the diversity it holds. The school held the first annual "Culture Fair." It was interesting to eat all the different foods, taste the different spices, and learn about the different cultures. And one of my favorite thing that was recently put up was the "Kindness Wall." Students are able to write what makes them happy or simply give another person a compliment. Ever since Freshman year, Agoura High has really stepped up their game in making everyone feel welcomed, and they will continue to do so. I wouldn't change anything that AHS has done.
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I liked that it had many opportunities for students to become involved in clubs and activities. It gave a variety of different students different options as to what school activities one would want to get into. I would love to see more of this from Agoura High School. During the time I was there I saw many opportunities made for the education of the student body and I would like to see more of it in the future.
Agoura High School is a great school that prepares you for your future adventures. Although there's some things that aren't the greatest, overall I'm very lucky to go to a safe school.
Agoura High is a very loving and accepting school filled with charitable and kind people. There are many activities for all students to participate in, therefore making everyone feel included. The staff are some of the nicest I have met, and they truly care about the students that attend AHS. Although there is a lot of hard work, it all pays off when needing to be prepared for college. It is honestly an overall amazing school.
Agoura High School was a safe, beautiful, and expressive place to be educated in. The instructors care about your education, and are willing to work through issues to improve your grade. I mostly went for their theater program and found it was accepting as well as perfect for preparing for college. The campus itself is very open and clean. Overall, I would highly recommend this school to anyone.
Agoura high school truly helped me become a great working individual and helped me learn in the best ways possible. They also push their students to become invoked in school activities and events as well. I really enjoyed my experience with this high school and I would recommend all kids go to this school.
Academically, it was great. However I had a really hard time socially. People have not been very welcoming or inclusive.
It is a pretty average high school. Didn't have the best time, but it wasn't horrible either. I was not very social in high school so my experience might have been better if I was happier.
Agoura was just an overall enjoyable environment. I learned so many great things form my peers and teachers. They all prepared me extremely well for my future!!!
When I attended this high school there were not any programs offered preparing students for their future in college. There should be a mandatory college advisory class for students from junior year through senior year. Preparing them for resumes, cover letters, outside programs & opportunities, college tours, scholarship programs, as well as involving parents throughout the process.
The science department is really good is you do the honors classes. The English program, language program, and math program are very average. The high level history classes are excellent. The IB program is also pretty good.
Lots of ways to customize your education (electives and extracurriculars) and prepare for college. Still, inferior athletic and AP/ IP program to surrounding public schools. Far more helpful for students on the Honors track, than not.
Fine experience. Many student were rude privileged kids who only cared about what plans they had for the weekend but others were very involved in the community and the school.
Being a student at Agoura High School has been an unreal experience. So far, these past four years have been the best of my life. I love how passionate and understanding the teachers are to students and the unity of the school. Staff members and students are always trying to get every student involved in school related activities and events. Sporting events have always been my favorite, as well as pep rallies. After attending Agoura High School I feel like I am prepared to start my journey into college and I am confident that I will be academically successful.
Solid academics, most teachers care about students and do their job well. However some classes could be better related to real world.
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Agoura High School is a very good school with caring and excellent teachers. The atmosphere at Agoura is very relaxed and that work is just expected to be done. I would go back another 4 years all over again. I am going to the University of Hawaii and wouldn't have gotten there without the help of my teachers and counselors.
Agoura was a school that taught me a lot about myself and life. It was a place where I was able to expand my knowledge and grow, with the assistance of those who supported me, such as teachers and my family. No where nor no body is perfect, but it was the imperfection that helped me find the beauty in what it means to be me.
I personally had a great experience at AHS. I loved all my teachers and had no issues with the school while attending. As a student, I felt heard, respected, understood, and most importantly safe. The extracurricular are inviting and the events that are held are fun. My sophomore year I participated in Agoura's annual lip-sync competition with a group of friends and ended up winning 3rd place. That is still one of the highlights of my experience there. The courses are interesting, yet rigorous enough where I feel completely prepared for college. I was a part of the Girls Soccer program all four years and can say first hand how well the athletics are. Overall, I wouldn't have wanted to attend any other high school.
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