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Mostly good teachers who care, and some great ones, decent campus with good facilities especially for theater. Many sports and extra curricular activities, but block scheduling and budget cuts means there aren't enough sections of some classes for everyone to get what they want, some classes listed aren't offered anymore.
The school is nice, very clean and spirited. Most teachers are caring and teach passionately, and most of them are always are always willing to help. There are a ton of clubs you can choose from and the sports here are very good. Overall, I liked my experience a lot here!!
Agoura High School is a good high school. Very welcoming and open. A awesome sports medicine program and link crew program.
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Challenging classes, first rate teachers. Great athletics and stellar band department. Nice balance between honors, AP offerings and college Preis.
Agoura HS is a great community school- it’s very competitive, safe, small, and the staff is very helpful. They really try to help students from all different abilities to succeed by giving them different methods and solutions.
The students and teachers are all incompetent and pretentious due to it having absolutely no diversity or versatility. All the kids are disrespectful BRATS that know nothing more than mommy and daddy's money and to be menaces of society. The teachers don't care about their jobs or their students education making every graduating class a bunch of rich spoiled delinquents. This is the worst school to send your kid to. Please save your child's mental health and send them to literally any another school. Everyone here is also UGLY.
The environment at Agoura High School is overall amazing. Most of the teachers are amazing and the Performing Arts program is great.
Great. Loved the IB program - really prepares you for college and the real world. The teachers are well trained for the program.
Agoura High School was a fundamentally sound school that offered a solid repertoire of teachers and courses. The school itself is very community driven and is keen to support each and every student.
It was a very good experience, although some teachers did not share the same passion for teaching and the care for students that other teachers had. The administration was not the best after the principle of my freshman year left. There was a lot of change, that I could not say I enjoyed.
In my experience at Agoura High School, I liked the student body was very involved in most activities and showed great school spirit.
Some of the things I would like to see changed include more classic reading and writing in English class. I would also like to see the elimination of common core Math. I feel it is overly complicated to learn and understand and more difficult to be taught.
Agoura High School was overall a good school. Nothing too wonderful about it but they had decent academics and knew how to handle tough situations with students and facility. They try their best to prepare you for college and the real world, some teachers were very good at this and others refused to stray from the curriculum.
I began at Agoura as a freshman because my brother was there at the time, he was a senior finishing up his last year. The first few months were hard coming into a new school and at the start the students were nice. I spent three years there before deciding I couldn't complete the last one, and completed the CHSPE (California High School Proficiency Exam) and entered Moorpark College in the following fall. While the students were nice, and the teachers were averagely interesting, most of them didn't know what they were doing, nor did they care about the students passing. As an honors student finishing with nearly a 4.0, I didn't experience much of the following, but many of the girls in my class who worked hard to enter an honors or AP course were told by the teacher that they probably couldn't do it or that they should maybe try the CP class. With that said, I do have some strong relationships with many of the teachers I was lucky enough to come across.
During my time at Agoura High school, I experienced inspiring teachers and a supportive community. I was provided with many valuable resources to assist me during the overwhelming college search, such as Naviance and the College and Career Center. As a student-athlete and musician at Agoura, I have had to balance a demanding level of courses. During the past four years ALL of my teachers have been very accommodating and understanding of my schedule and goals. In addition, the Agoura language department has had a major impact on me as I am currently in AP Chinese V and am pursuing a minor in Chinese in college. I would like to see the safety measures at Agoura improve, I strongly believe in gun control and often times I do not feel comfortable on campus. Lastly, I would love to see less trash laying around campus and more recycling bins present.
This school is probably the best public highschool you can find in terms of balance. The music program here is great, the people here for the most part are great, and I think the education system here is strong. Unfortunately their isn't enough diversity here, and our food sucks. Also people here don't really care about any other events besides the dances we have. We're a pretty lax school in terms of spirit but working wise/academically it can be challenging.
Agoura High School is a very good school. The education you will receive is exceptional if effort is put in. Not all teachers are great but a good majority want to know you and help you reach your goals. The block schedule is nice. You have time to do longer projects in class. Support allows for you to go and get help from teachers which is very helpful if you've missed class.
There is not too much diversity, but most of the people at Agoura HS are friendly. The class are mainly good, but you cannot always enroll in the classes you want to because they are only offered certain periods. As for the teachers, they are all nice. And the school campus is very safe.
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It's a good school however, a big part of your school experience depends on what friends you make and how you treat each other. This school's classes are almost all college prep or above. They have pretty high expectations of you but they balance that out with multiple second chances. The bathrooms need to be renovated and the food is overpriced and bland so, bring some food from home. Agoura has a high freedom of expression, the dress code is very lenient and they are more LGBT+ friendly than many other schools.
Very good High School with a lot of great programs. Very attentive faculty who cares about the students.
Agoura High School provides a lot of opportunities, especially within the classroom. The amount of unique classes that they offer provide everyone some type of environment in which they can thrive. The computer science classes are specifically good and provide three unique languages. The senior english classes pushes students to step outside of their comfort zone by creating multiple unique classes such as Search For Self and Sports Psychology classes. The teachers are very committed and care a lot for their students. The sports teams are very competitive as well. The biggest draw to Agoura High School is the outstanding music department that is offered. The bands are top notch and if you are serious about music, the Agoura music program is the best place to be.
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