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I have kids in the ele, middle, and HS. I have never seen teachers who are more caring than at Agora. The academics are competitive and engaging. Our teachers are the hidden gem of PA. Our special ed department writes the BEST IEPs in the state. My kids are excited to start their school day and proud of how much they have learned.
I like that Agora has live class lectures and that the lectures are recorded so I can go back to them if necessary; and all the teachers are PA Certified. Cyber allows me to learn distraction free so my ADD does not affect my learning. I have been in Agora since 7th grade and am now a senior, in National Honor Society and accepted to the college of my dreams. Thanks Agora
This is an amazing school. It gave me a great school environment. I was struggling with school a lot and it really help me get my life and grades on the right track.
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I been in agora since I was in 7th grade and I feel it has really helped me finish in honors program. In agora I finished early, was a NHS student, and I was on honor roll ever since. I love everything about the school except the fact that some teachers don't do their job. I always switch teachers so Im blessed.
My experience at Agora Cyber Charter School was great! I love that the teachers feel so much closer to you while they teach during live sessions on computer. Everything I've learned at Agora has prepared me for my future. I recommend this school to some kids that are being bullied, have anxiety, or dislike waking up early in the morning to catch a bus.
I have been with Agora for 5 years and every year has been pretty amazing. The safe is always there to help answer questions and the teachers are always willing to help a student in need.
Agora Cyber Charter School
590 N. Gulph Road
King of Prussia, PA 19406 This school has gone to far they have undercover CYS child youth service going into the students home undercover with out the parent having a cue of who they are and invasion of privacy and do not know they are under constant surveillance by the school and youth service. With this illegal act. Calling them self Family Coach but is undercover DHS, CPS. CYS Workers spying in your home and all you do 24/7 Frank D’Angelo is head
Director of Operations and is the main guy to talk to
Agora was a great school, had lots of resources with teachers, tech information, and coursework. Agora made it easy for me when I was in high school to be able to travel around with my family, as well as to have a job to save for college.
Agora also had good programs to get the students together so it wasn't all online and no other interaction with other students.
The most important thing that I liked is that they have recordings of all sessions. So no worry if you got absent you can watch the recordings.
I adored the atmosphere and how supportive everyone is from the staff to your peers in helping you achieve your goals for the future!
I'm now a senior in high school and I've been with Agora since 1st grade. I've loved every minute of it and found it to be the perfect fit for my schooling. The classes are exciting and the teachers are very helpful and interested in their students. Being cyber-schooled has allowed me to become responsible and independent while giving me a sense of responsibility for my own work.
The teachers are very supportive, and always willing to help you with your work. Sometimes too willing, and they give answers to the class, saying it's a study guide. The courses aren't too challenging, but there are a lot of clubs!
It is a good school to do while working because you do not need to do much. You can get away with hardly doing anything and a lot of students cheated on everything.
I loved that I was able to work at my own pace and that they helped me with my learning disabilities. It was hard at first to switch from a brick and mortar school to a cyber school but it helped me learn many things like self-discipline.
Agora helped me get ready for college. Even though it is an online school you feel like your teachers are so close to you and they are always reaching out to you when they see you first struggling so you don't get too behind. I would recommend this school to anyone. So many great resources available and a great school.
I liked attending agora because it was a very relaxed and easy gking environment. I'm a person that likes to get things done on her own so it was very easy for me.
I have had a lot of highs and a few lows in Agora. The attendance department has seemed to have gotten the kinks worked out, the tech support people can be very rude. However, the teachers are phenomenal and so willing to help if you go and ask for it. The guidance counselors are so helpful and sweet. I really couldn't have asked more from Agora and I will be graduating with over 25 credits thanks to the help of all the administration.
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Agora is a pretty good school. Teachers are super understanding. Also, classes can be very flexible.
I have been in Agora Cyber Charter School since 2nd grade, that's almost nine years I have been with the school. It is an amazing school that lets you work how you need to, to help ready yourself to finish school and be thrown into the 'real world'. Although you aren't physically in a class room doing school work you still get the school experience you need for the 'real world'.
I love Agora we have day outs and lots of fun work to do. I have noticed my grades are better and I am easily learning and they have a better way to learn
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