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The most important thing that I liked is that they have recordings of all sessions. So no worry if you got absent you can watch the recordings.
I adored the atmosphere and how supportive everyone is from the staff to your peers in helping you achieve your goals for the future!
I'm now a senior in high school and I've been with Agora since 1st grade. I've loved every minute of it and found it to be the perfect fit for my schooling. The classes are exciting and the teachers are very helpful and interested in their students. Being cyber-schooled has allowed me to become responsible and independent while giving me a sense of responsibility for my own work.
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The teachers are very supportive, and always willing to help you with your work. Sometimes too willing, and they give answers to the class, saying it's a study guide. The courses aren't too challenging, but there are a lot of clubs!
It is a good school to do while working because you do not need to do much. You can get away with hardly doing anything and a lot of students cheated on everything.
I loved that I was able to work at my own pace and that they helped me with my learning disabilities. It was hard at first to switch from a brick and mortar school to a cyber school but it helped me learn many things like self-discipline.
Agora helped me get ready for college. Even though it is an online school you feel like your teachers are so close to you and they are always reaching out to you when they see you first struggling so you don't get too behind. I would recommend this school to anyone. So many great resources available and a great school.
I liked attending agora because it was a very relaxed and easy gking environment. I'm a person that likes to get things done on her own so it was very easy for me.
I have had a lot of highs and a few lows in Agora. The attendance department has seemed to have gotten the kinks worked out, the tech support people can be very rude. However, the teachers are phenomenal and so willing to help if you go and ask for it. The guidance counselors are so helpful and sweet. I really couldn't have asked more from Agora and I will be graduating with over 25 credits thanks to the help of all the administration.
Agora is a pretty good school. Teachers are super understanding. Also, classes can be very flexible.
I have been in Agora Cyber Charter School since 2nd grade, that's almost nine years I have been with the school. It is an amazing school that lets you work how you need to, to help ready yourself to finish school and be thrown into the 'real world'. Although you aren't physically in a class room doing school work you still get the school experience you need for the 'real world'.
I love Agora we have day outs and lots of fun work to do. I have noticed my grades are better and I am easily learning and they have a better way to learn
I like the connections and the courses that was offered there. The education and teachers were very helpful.
Great school! I loved being at Agora for all three years of high school. I am in college now; Agora prepared me so much for it. The only reason on why people do not like Agora is because they do not put the time into their own education.
Had a great experience. Graduated early because of the way the school allowed me to take many classes. Was upset though that I had to go for another half year for a graduation class they ended up taking out.
I went to Agora for a couple of years and enjoyed the ability to work at my own pace. I would have liked to see more activities to do with other homeschoolers.
This is a great school they really take the time to make sure every student I doing good and pushing ahead in life. Even for a online school they have so much options of clubs to join all the way from newspaper to international club. They really go above and beyond for all students to get interactive with there communities and counties through helping the homeless and giving back. They provide you with all materials including a laptop and printer plus books and science materials, and they also send you a rebate check of $30 a month from September-December then January-June. This is a execellent school and I highly recommend it.
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Been at this school since 9th grade. I absolutely love the school. They do there part to keep everyone connected even though we are all so apart. I did experience some troubles my junior year that never got solved because no one ever got back to me, but the school was facing some problems which got solved. It's so much better this year. I don't have one problem to report. Lots of friendly students and staff members. The school also directly helps you get ready for what comes after school (which is a nice plus).
I like this online school because my teachers and counselors are very nice and helpful. Its easier for me to focus when I do online school because in public school its so much easier to get distracted by other students. I would recommend this school to a lot of people.
This school is amazing! It's great for students to learn how to be independent. This school has amazing classes and clubs for all students, I would definitely recommend this to anyone who doesn't want their kids to be in the public schools, and also for the parents who want their kids to have a better learning experience.
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