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Very unorganized lack of clear direction for students, lazy staff. Too forgiven. Uninformative. No clear community.
Cyber School really is designed to teach the parents, who then are expected to teach the kids. Parents are expected to sit next to their child and assist them 24/7. There's rarely any actual work or learning.
Its easy to see that the teahcers and staff are very caring about your education. They always do whats best for the student and their future.
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It helped me graduate, but it didn't match up to the brick-and-mortar physical experience. I graduated on time but had no real extracurricular, academics were easier than it should be, and resources were scant (trying to get into AP classes is almost impossible). But in terms of what it offers, it's helpful. Physical school isn't for everyone and this is a better option than homeschooling.
My experience overall at Agora has been great! They have a variety of classes to chose even ones that you want to do as a career choice such as Law & Order or Criminology. The teachers and staff are great and very helpful and the classmates are respectful and overall nice.
I liked Agora because I was able to work at my own pace and graduate early. I had an unlimited supply of resources available and it enabled me to work and complete my schoolwork.
Agora cyber charter school is a great school. I used to be homeschooled by my mom but discovered Agora in my sophomore year. It has been great for me. I feel that I am learning more and have really good teachers. It has also taught me a sense of responsibility since I am on a schedule that involves live virtual class sessions. Agora staff members really work hard to make sure you are doing your best. You get a great education while also having time for your own activities.
I like that I am able to take classes that I would not be able to take in my local brick and mortar school. I am able to progress and advance at my own pace without being held back by curriculum. My success is acknowledged by school administration and I am rewarded for it.
I thoroughly enjoyed my experience at Agora Cyber Charter School. I thought the pacing of the classes were fantastic and all of the teachers were very attentive. The classes were genuinely challenging and engaging, and much effort was put into a useful and well-rounded curriculum. My last two years of high school were spent enrolled in this school and it was the best 2 years of my schooling.
My teachers were helpful and understanding, but didn't exactly provide me with the adequate resources I needed in order to reach the goals I had set.
A pretty good school. They're behind on a couple things but make up for it in things like social interactions. Most teachers are really nice.
*Help is constantly available
*Teachers want to see students succeed, critical thinking is stressed and encouraged.
*Student diversity, everyone gets along, no conflicts.
*School works around my schedule.
Good curriculum. Advertises flexibility but you have to fight for it. Online school limits real, hands-on experience ESPECIALLY for sciences.
It’s pretty ok! Everyone is really nice and accepting. I love the teachers and other students. It’s a positive environment.
Great school! Highly recommend for some one who needs help being more organized and productive! I think if the student needs help, or want to succeed, go to this school!
A truly wonderful and dedicated school. Agora worked with me personally, not only to allow me to get back on track, but also to help me learn all that I needed to. The teachers are helpful and personable.
My overall experience with this school has been excellent. The teachers are easy to contact if you need help or if there was a problem. The only thing i had a problem with was tech issues but that is to be expected with cyber school.
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A better curriculum. Only go here if last resort. No very good unless you are ab elite gymnast that can't go to regular school.
I enjoyed my classes and friends, I just wish there was more class selection and more help with guidance.
I love Agora Cyber Charter School. I work at my own pace and have amazing teachers who are super supportive. They have the courses you need in order to continue your academic studies further. I would like to see a change for new laptops to be given out to both teachers/students since the old ones are a bit slow, but the school and staff itself makes me proud to be at Agora.
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