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Agbu Vatche & Tamar Manoukian High School Reviews

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From the first day of my freshman year, it was clear that there was a particular culture to AGBU. Part of that has to do with it being an Armenian school, and it does in fact enhance the expierance. It's also a small school and thats part of the reason; everyone know everyone, and everyone ends up helping eachother out. The teachers and facilty all add on to the expierance, and they truly do help make the school feel like a second home, where there is a second family.
As a junior student at AGBU high school, I recommend this school for all incoming freshmen. I love the very friendly and cultural environment and high standards for education throughout all AP and Honors Courses. I really enjoy the technologically advanced methods of incorportating Google classroom for turning in assignments and hands on use of Smart Boards for teaching. The teachers at AGBU have a sole purpose off inspiring their students and preparing them for college courses and material. Because of the advanced methods of teaching and friendly environment, I am prepared to prosper in a college/university atmosphere.
Strong collage prep school. Academically the school is very strong but it mostly depends on the teacher. Most of the teachers are excellent but we have ran into few that should not have been teaching honors or AP classes.
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This school is very safe. I have never once felt unsafe in this school for any reason and I'm positive every other student would feel the exact same way. :)
There are many extracurricular opportunities at this school. Every student can be a part of as many as they want. The clubs are great. Especially the Art club because they allow you to go to many different art museums in la which is pretty neat. The only thing that isn't so great about this schools extracurricular process is the fact that sometimes students don't have the choice to be in a certain one and they get placed randomly (which happened to me).
This school is great. It is the traditional private school type. Every teacher is very devoted to helping out every student. The school isn't perfect, sometimes for being a private school, they go over and beyond with the rules, but it's easy to accept them after a while.
The teachers at this school are usually very helpful and introduce great ideas to students, whether it has to do with new learning skills or just how to simply pass the class in general. The teachers try to always include real life situations into lessons to attract their students more which is actually a very helpful and useful tool they use.
Teachers are very knowledgeable in their respective subjects and encourage the students to go above and beyond their current abilities. Teachers are always available after school until 4pm. Some are also available in their rooms during recess and lunch times. Teachers are equipped with Smart-Boards and always engage students with technology by assigning quarter tech-projects. Teaching styles differ, but are very student friendly.
This school is an up-and-coming school, and has just celebrated its 10th anniversary. The school has emergency protocols and drills for armed intruders, fires, and earthquakes that are routinely practiced. The school also has a private security guard on staff throughout schooldays and hires additional guards for certain student events at the school. Bullying is not an issue at this school, as it is a close-knit school that feels like a big family.
This school has amongst the highest extracurricular activities compared to other schools in the district. They are very engaging and open to everyone. During recess, lunch, or afterschool, there will always be a club available to join and participate in activities. Some activities are exclusive and selective in participation, such as the National Honors Society. Different clubs have different schedules and levels of commitment.
Teachers are incredibly supportive and available for after-hours assistance. They are very knowledgeable in their field of study. There are tons of extracurricular activities, such as Video-Game club and Model-UN club. With more than 15 clubs and activities at the school, there is always something to do in your spare time. Kids are friendly and has a family-feel. Great environment for learning.
I feel very safe at my school because we have a security guard everyday in front of our campus to make sure we are all safe and no one from outside who is not a student could come in. No one is bullied and on the contrary, we are all close friends and like family.
The extracurriculars are very spread out and has everything a student could possibly think of. They could join student council to help out the school or could join service club to give back to our community.
If I could describe my school in one way it would defiantly be active. From after school clubs, to prom, to basketball games every week, to drama plays, our school has it all. They do a great job in getting students involved and excited about going to school. Students have any opportunity to do whatever it is they love, whether it is band, art, sports or more!
The teachers at my schools always do their best to go above and beyond to help students who need it. Our teachers offer office hours from the hours of 3-4 after school, where students may visit their teachers if they did not understand anything in school that day. Our teachers reach out and are always ready to make sure we understand the lesson.
Health and safety are huge goals of the school and are thoroughly pursued.
The school has a wide range of clubs to take part in which creates a fit for everyone at the school.
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My high school has provided me with caring teachers and courses / knowledge needed to better my education and further prepare me for college.
The armenian heritage makes the school unique and the small size. The small size keeps the students all connected and knowing each other. But, the teachers can be better. Some of my teachers were amazing, but very few.
was judged automatically although no bullying
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