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AGBU Manoogian-Demirdjian School Reviews

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I loved the community at AGBU and how tight-knit it was. Everyone was friendly with each other and the students had great relationships with their teachers that helped many of them flourish. The one thing I would change however is how administration handles any issues that arise, whether they be disciplinary or otherwise.
Great atmosphere and tight knit relationships with all of the students. Change the strictness of the rules on dress code.
It's a great school for an armenian child. It gives an excellent education with very affordable cost.
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I wasted so much time and money at the school only to limit myself and what I can do. Going back I would NEVER do this again.
Not the best, not the worst. I see no motication to help
There is a lot of school red tape and nothing can be efficiently done.
So it prepares you for cal state schools and life in community college but it does not prepare you for life outside of college, at the UC school, or at any top private school in the country.
So I've been at this school my whole life and what i've learned is that you cannot be surrounded in an Armenian school your whole life. This school has a poor english department and concentrates on teaching armenian history, language, and culture, which it does a poor job of. Approximately half the students there that graduated after 14/15 years do not know any Armenian language, history, or culture even though they've taken a class every year. The curriculum is very standard and there is no room for one student to progress. I myself have taken every single Ap offered at the school and I felt that the school was really limited. They didn't let me progress academically and could not sponsor the clubs or activities I wanted to join. Funding for Journalism, Film Club, JSA, key Club, and many other clubs were cut and participation was highly discouraged. The teachers are adequate and all I can say is that its not worth the 8K you pay every year.
Some teachers are actually passionate about what they do and will do anything to help the student understand the learning material. But mostly the teachers are slow and inconsistent at grading, do not seem like they want to teach at all, and have a lack of interest in student concerns.
There is a counselor, computer, and a well maintained school building, but there is no busing. The school over all is a college prep school and after school tutoring is available.
It is a very unique school as it is small and has a tight knight community.
Bullying is not tolerated, but there are no strict consequences for bullying. The police and safety measure are good since every so often there is a police dog that comes to make sure there are no drugs or alcohol at school. We also have a security guard at the front of the school gate that monitors incoming and outgoing traffic. We have no actual school nurse as the "school nurse" is the science teacher.
There are a good amount of extracurriculars but they are not very diverse and do not offer something for "everyone".
Lots of changes since I graduated in June not sure about the current teachers.
An all Armenian private school. Students are not always open minded. Stuck in a certain way of thinking.
Over all a well taken care of school, but small. Air conditioning needs better maintenance. Ceiling leaks when there is too much rain.
The courses offered include CP/AP/honors classes. Every student must take a math, science, English, social studies, and foreign language class every year along with two electives and an extracurricular. However, the options for the elective classes are very poor.
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As in every school, some teachers try harder than others. Some teachers seem to not care about the students and are not consistent in grading. Only a few teachers go above the limit to make sure the student really understands the concepts discussed in class.

It is honestly not a bad school. The only problem with it is that it is a Pre-K - 12th grade school. The students get tired of the same environment, teachers, and students. I would most likely choose to go here for elementary and maybe middle school, but leave for high school.
Most clubs are student made and they do not last. The students do not take them seriously and only do them for the extracurriculars they can add to their college applications.
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