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AGBU Alex & Marie Manoogian School Reviews

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I have attended Manoogian school since PK. Great teachers, great administration, wonderful education. When time to graduate, I was accepted to various colleges, such as, U of M Ann Arbor, CMU, U of D Mercy with very nice scholarship offers.
Manoogian is a family type of school. Everyone is very close and even with the teachers you know everyone by name. I'd like to see Manoogian advance with new classes for students.
This school is not known as a school of drug users, alcoholics, or gang members. This is a charter school and we keep things clean. The teachers are always helpful and so is are the principals.
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I have enjoyed this school for the 15 years that i have been here. Growing up with all the same classmates that suck around with me is just incredible. Being Armenian and learning more and more about the heritage and history behind the Armenians is just great! This is a great school and i would definitely send my children here.
Even though this school doesn't have a cafeteria, students bring their own lunches to school. If a student has allergies, they will worn the principal and the principal will make a note of it. However, we don't have people who are severely allergic to things.
If there ever is an issue with a student and another student, the issue will get solved within the same day. Cell phone use and skipping class are the major reasons why students get detention or in school suspension. Dress code violation gets a student in detention. Also five tardy's gets the student a detention or a referral.
Most teachers are great. Being a student at the Manoogian school for about 15 years, i have seen changes in many teachers. Most teachers have stepped up their game in order to prepare us for college.
Yearbook Staff, Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer, Choir and Armenian Dance
As a small school, there are different sports, such as, Basketball for boys and girls, Soccer for boys, and Volleyball for girls. They used to have a Varsity wrestling team and a robotics team. As a small school, the number of sports are great.
The core classes are adequate. However, I wish our school was large enough to offer cooking/woodshop/swimming etc...
Being a small school, there are only a few sports options. We verse other small schools
This small schools gives me a chance to really interact with my teachers and peers. However, there are not too many extra-curricular activities available to the students.
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