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The staff members were great, I can recall only 1 time where the teachers didn't help as much as they could have, but more and more teachers that are working there are younger, and can relate to the students more, and that usually creates fun classroom environments.
The only thing that I didn't like about the school was the other students.
The teachers that I had were invested in students even outside of class. They really cared about how the students were doing and are all kind.
Agawam High School is a slightly above average school, consisting of well-thought professors teaching in...not the best environments. They are by far very knowledgeable about their criteria and most of them do tend to reach out to their students in order to make them understand the content. Although the school climate itself among the students is average at best, seemingly very "clique-y" to say, as well as sort of high tensions. Excellent funding towards the departments, especially with the new field for the sports department, although leaves it sort of unbalanced for the performing and visual arts department. A very "white" school with little diversity.
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I transferred from a Catholic school. It was an adjustment since I only had 50 kids in my class previously and now there are over 300. Overall a good experience.
It’s an overall a good school. I just transferred here this year and my year so far is good. There is a a large selection of classes and activities to do, which is very nice. Most teachers are pretty dilegent and the administrators do their work well.
I like how it is only one floor so there are very little stairs. The football stadium is amazing. I like the electives that we have. I don't like some of the teachers, the parking lots, the food, and most of the students. I wish they offered a cooking class or more classes that helped prepare students for the real world.
Agawam High school holds a great sense of pride and school spirit especially when it comes to the day of Pep Rally. The union of everyone together and the spirit and passion that pours out when we chant the school song altogether, and even competitively by grade, is a truly wonderful experience. Overall, I believe that the facilities are decent but not the greatest and the school lunch is pretty rough, although the salad lines are good!
Agawam High School provides a generally well rounded educational experience to its students and offers an abundance of student-centered clubs and extra curriculars. This school also provides its attendees with multiple opportunities for leadership and student-to-student cooperation through organizations such as Peer Tutoring, the Gender Sexuality Alliance, and Student Government. While facilities and materials provided by the school may be outdated, Agawam High allows students numerous outlets to experience major modern cities and higher status exhibitions.
Agawam High was small enough that you were given adequate attention from the teachers but big enough that there were groups to fit all personalities. There were plenty of activities, groups, clubs and sports to accommodate all interests.
Teachers are very demanding and many are rude. The school runs on athletics and pushes arts and technology "to the back burner", yet studies show arts and technology are better for us then sports. The roof leaks in multiple classrooms and the cafeteria. The air system blows hot air in the summer and cold air in the winter. The clubs are good and there are a lot too. Overall its a interesting and not very diverses school.
I love the joyous and ever loyal school of Agawam High. It's located in a small town, where everyone pretty much knows everyone, and if your parents grew up here too, you're well known. We're huge on our sports, and the team pride is insane. The teachers are all really trustworthy, and there is always somebody to talk too. Academically, I say our school is pretty smart. AP and honor classes are encouraged, and once they're taken, someone is always there to help when you get stuck. The amount of diverse clubs we offer is wonderful, and it makes the school welcome for everyone. AHS isn't my high school, it's my second home.
The only problem I've had is the bathrooms. Love the teachers, sports, clubs, and administration. The environment is overall welcoming and accepting and you can always find people who go along with what you're interested in.
It was a very good school, the teachers are great. If I had to pick a negative I'd say it'd have to be the school lunches.
Overall, I felt that the Agawam High School was a very safe and comfortable environment with supportive and caring teachers. The teachers were incredibly patient, considering the students clear stress and rude character which they express due to their pressure.
The majority of teachers are great and will become great friends to you. Administration is not very good and tends to target certain people.
I enjoyed my experience at Agawam High School. They offer tons of clubs and sports that you think you fit into. I personally took a lot from the internship program offered in the career center. One of the teachers there organized in school and out of school based internships. I interned for a radio station outside of school for around twelve hours a week, and I learned so much from it. Agawam High School provided outside sources so I could learn more outside of school. I met a lot of teachers that taught me academics and life skills that I'll keep with me forever.
Agawam High School had many intelligent teachers who were always willing to spend their time helping students.
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scheduling process is fairly easy. most classes you want are what you get. Some classes you have a lot more work then others. popular classes include environmental science, career exploration, leadership, and sociology
School is filled with different cliques. A lot of kids have a hard time being accepted for who they are. peer pressure at this school is strong when it comes to sex, alcohol, and drugs especially.
sports teams are very good. many clubs to choose from. administration is fair.
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