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Agape High School is a school for adolescents girls. At Agape High School, they prepare you for not only high school required classes but also prepares you for college, too. They offer PSEO (Post Secondary Education Option). Agape has a childcare for you if needed. It is a very diverse school. Although it may be a small school, you still get your education even being a teen mother. They don’t discriminate people. In fact, we refer one another as sisters. The staffs and teachers there are super helpful. They will always encourage you to do your best even when tough time comes. Moreover, what’s great about Agape is that they also give you many resources to the outside world to where you need help as a teen mother.
My name is Mai Lee Hang. I’m going to be a senior this fall of 2018. I started attending Agape when I was only 14 (8th grade 2014). I just want to say that I am very grateful that I’ve found Agape and I’m pretty sure many girls will and is too. Agape really cares about us and because of their endless support and our determination, many moms have succeeded and I am and will soon be one of them. Agape will be the perfect school for anyone who’s a mom or mom to be. They care, they love, they help, and last but that least, they will not give up on you as long as you don’t give up on yourself. If you are pregnant or already a mom and still in high school, Agape might be a school to consider :)
If anyone has any more questions, please feel free to email me, an Agape student @
Hello, my name is Yer Thao. I went to AGAPE high school during my senior year when I recently found out that I was pregnant with my first child. AGAPE staff and students were very friendly and understandable. We all know the struggles that we face. I love Mary, she was our school counselor at AGAPE and she loves doing her job. She always put her best work to help her students to success by motivating her students and also helping student to take college courses. I fully recommend this school to all the singles mom or young teenagers that are expecting to having a baby to go there, they have daycare and clinic there to help you to be successful and I give it a five star.
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all the teacher help you and challenge you. help you get your work done and help you if you need help with anything
the bell schedule was great . even though if you late they will just gave you a Waring only
the school is really secure and i feel safe in this school. they have security camera and they have alot of staff in here watching the kid
this school and staff help and support the teen mom alot. they even provide daycare and the teacher understand to the student. they support the student no matter what. the teacher never gave up on the student. i really appreciate.
this school is really good and really supported. without this school i might be drop out right now. this school help me and my family/ they make easy thing for me. the staff and teacher are nice and helpful. i don't know what to do without them. Love the way the teacher teach and they help you when u ask then and ask them for other stuff that you need it.
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