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There are policies in place the protect the children and the school.
We offer yearbook, spelling club, and Band.
My child is thriving in a nurturing environment. She is constantly challenged and encouraged to be her best self. She is able to move ahead if she is quicking catching on to a subject matter and has the confidence to ask for help if needed. She comes home full of in depth knowledge of subjects, not just enough for a test but really understanding of what she is learning. The love of teaching and learning go hand in hand and these kids are from an early age taught to present in front of their peers. It's a huge opportunity for these kids to learn self confidence and public speaking.
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Our teachers make our school. They are full of passion for teaching and are seasoned and experienced and pull from all facets of life to teach our children. They have skill to layer multiple lessons across subject matters into hands on learning. They are given the ability to teach the whole child where ever than child may be.
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