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A.G. West Black Hills High School Reviews

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What i like about the school is some of the teachers there are a slect few that are really good and love to help students wjen they need it and inbolvr others what i dont like about the school is the other teachers theres this teacjer there that likes to look fown girls shirts and one of tje girls hr look fown her shirt of was one of my best friends she ripoted it rigjt away and the school did nothing about it this jas been going on for about 10 years now and no one is stopping it
The teachers are very helpful and care about every student's success. If anyone is in need of extra help, the teachers will put their free time into the students learning (after school and before school).
I go to BHHS and I have found that I really enjoy how much time the teachers put into making sure us student's actually understand the material that we are given.
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The teachers are very supportive. I couldn't ask for a better school experience. Thankful to go to Black Hills and be a wolf.
Black Hills was an extraordinary school and I was proud to be a student in it. It provided a wide acceptance of all types of students and personalities and I was always very impressed with the school.
My experience at black hills has been one defined as one where is is dificult to find programs that are rigorous enough to compete with high schools in other areas.
As dull as high school can be at times, I've always enjoyed my time and classes at Black Hills. Many of the teachers are engaging and focused on making it as interesting, easy or challenging (depending on the course), and engaging as possible. The staff care a lot about the success of each student and works hard to be inclusive and create a safe environment for everyone. Many courses include appealing projects and opportunities that benefit all. The school spirit is high and creates a very unified community between the students and staff. I enjoy the challenge many of the courses and teachers provide that keeps the course content interesting.
Black Hills high school is full of really caring and supportive staff who are always striving for improvement.
The school has great staff and a lot of extra curricular activities for those who which to participate. The one fault is the amount of fights that will happen and the need to have more regulations on students not doing there work or skipping class.
For a smaller school, 800-1000 students, there is a good selection of classes and AP courses. There are lots of passionate teachers that I connected with and learned from in many ways beyond the curriculum. Despite a lack of demographic diversity in the students and faculty, it provided an accepting warmth even to a queer person of color such as myself. The athletic department has a hand full of outstanding programs and has produced several gifted athletes. The most prominent asset of BHHS must be the performing arts. The well-known marching band yields around 115 students from both middle schools and both high schools in the district. The marching band also does very well at competition along with the percussion ensemble that has gone to state competition over 15 times in 19 years total and has placed among the top 3 several times. The band launched myself and many other musicians into their musical careers because of the friendly atmosphere and directors.
Black Hills High School is a well rounded school with many opportunities for every student. The only thing that really struggles here is the fact that our student involvement within supporting our activities is very low. Overall good school.
My experience at Black Hills has been a positive one. The school spirit is high and there's always huge crowd of supporters at games. The teachers provide a welcoming classroom that enhances the learning. Besides these points, the school fails to communicate with running start students about different class schedules and upcoming required testing. As a running start student, I find it frustrating when I hear about a required test that is during one of my college classes. Additionally I wish they offered more clubs.
My experience here at Black Hills High School have been extremely diverse, while the school population is limited, the staff and students that I have worked closely with have been pleasant. The academic options available are limited in their scope, and do not prepare you well for life beyond high school or college, and getting the rescourses you need in order to be prepared is a challenge and often impossible. Parent involvement is rare and thus many extracurricular activities are unavailable or limited in availability. However for all of this, one of my greatest joys is the band program, which has provided me with the means to meet new and friendly people and connect with my community. Overall my high school has many shortcomings, but my involvement in its music program has made it all worthwhile.
Bullying can sometimes go unnoticed, but when there is an issue the security officers take care of it swiftly. The school nurse is almost always available and she is willing to help students when they have an issue. Black Hills is generally safe, but there have been some safety and violation issues in the past, as a result security cameras have been installed.
Black Hills has various extracurriculars avaible ranging from sports clubs all the way to flight club and robotics. The teachers who run the clubs are there for the kids and love working with them and sharing their passion with the students.
My school is not fantastic, although it is not horrible either. I love the sense of community and family that my choir has; we all respect each other and work our hardest to master our music. Black Hills has great pride in what they do, even if I doesn't strike the interest of the entire student body. I would choose Black Hills if I had to do everything over again because the teachers that care and love the students make it worth it.
Most of the teachers are genuinely there to support and help the students learn, however, there are a few teachers who do not benifit the school or the students.
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They have a great selection of classes and good teacher who care about the students. I think there is a fair amount of homework.
It seems most of the students are accepting of all kinds of people there. The staff is also.
I felt safe attending school here, but I did notice a drug problem. I did not notice a lot of bullying. Over all it's a safe place to be, the staff is good about making sure the students are safe and protected and they make sure to encore the rules.
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