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Afton Middle/High School Reviews

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You know how any parent can get
The school is overall okay, there's lots of teachers that work hard and love it. Some are very nasty to students and allowed to act this way. Afton is finally getting more college classes and bigger choices. The best part is the sports teams.
Its as good as it can be i gess
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I would not come back because i go to all these other schools and here that there are clubs of all kinds and students have actual school spirit. We dont have pep rally's because the teachers say it take away from their time! I don't participate in our school sports because if your not worthy then dont even try because you'll get singled out. I participate in equine events and cheerleading with a neighboring school; which was a great experience!
Depends on the teachers... And the mood they are in
This school accepts everyone and lets us be us.
They care about every student and help us succeed
Afton Central School has great teacher that want you to do your best and want to help. There's great programs, but at the same time there is a lot of classes that could be improved or brought to Afton. I understand its a small school and they can't afford a lot of college classes. I'm taking two through the school right now that are really good and I enjoy.
There are only 2 counselors but they are for the most part very helpful if you involve them but they will not seek you out or make you do something. You have to come to them, not the other way around.
The school is a very safe place to because everyone is family there. You spend 12-13 years with the kids so you get pretty close, even if you might not think you get along. A lot of what we think of as teasing could be considered bullying but it is rare that we have any serious cases. Many students do you drugs (mostly pot) by the time they are in high school but wont generally push you into it and they don't do it at school
Afton does its best with what it is given but they just don't have the resourses to offer much outside of your standard curiculum
The teachers do the greatest job that you let them do. If you want to succeed, they will help you but you have to ask for it because they have many students who don't care and they know that it is a waste of time to try and make them care. If you make the first move they will be there to help you the rest of the way.
Its high school cafeteria food, you can't really expect much or else you will be disappointed.
There is mostly just sports. There are a few clubs and they are a lot of fun as long as you actually want to be there. Dont just join a club because it will look good on a college app or because you want more friends, you will just look like an idiot and hate it.
Most people attend community college or tech school and do go far from home. Some go to 4 year colleges and others join the military. There is no judgement as long as your graduate high school and don't hang around like a loser
The sports are what you would expect in a small town and the same people do all the sports. The athletes stick together and the non-athletes do the same. Gym class is fun.
If I had to choose a school all over again it wouldn't be this one. I find so many more opportunities at other schools.
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All involvement could be better. Bullying policies are a joke.
Could use more variety of sports to interest more students. No fitness programs unless your an athlete.
The administration support could be more and a more variety of after-school activities.
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