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I have attended Afton since PRE-K and I am now a Senior. I love Afton and blessed to have been able to attend this school. The atmosphere and support this school gives to their students from educational purposes to extra curricular activities is excellent.
There is not a nurse on campus. To receive any care they have to call in a paramedic or tour parent to take you to the hospital. Bullying is not a huge problem but it is there.
It has some really great qualities but mainly it's just a big excuse to have a football team. There are a few teachers that care about the students but in general if you don't play sports you don't belong.
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The school is very strict about their dress code and no tobacco rule.
The athletics at Afton High School are phenomenal.
The teachers are great with helping students with their academics and keeping their grades up.
There were enough clubs and organizations that the students had a wide variety of options to choose from.
High school shaped me to what I am wanting to do in life. The high school had a lot of inspiring teachers to help students through their academics.
They just added new cameras and locks to the doors. Guests have to buzz the office to even be let in the building then have to check in at the front office.
The school facilities are nice. T.hey recently got new buses although i never road in them except to sporting events
All of the Advisors for the clubs are very intelligent on the club they advise. They have a passion for it and instill that passion in their students
They have the newest fitness equipment, the football team is very successful and looked up to by all of the Elementary students.
The teachers for the most part are great, I had a teacher that was not very good, however he is no longer employed there.
The administration is very helpful in guiding students in classes they need to graduate as well as teaming up with the local community college and getting those students who are seeking a college education some college credits there junior or senior year.
nothing special, they don't push you.
Football is all people care about. politics.
not the best but it makes do
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I love them all its a great thing to do and quite enjoyable
Afton is a great school! With just as great staff I would recommend this school to anyone and believe that this school would increase any child or person for that matter to do the best they can
The teachers are all very supportive and great! they help everyone out as much as they possibly can, I know that if anyone needed anything they would do anything and all they can to help that person out.
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