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African-Centered College Preparatory Academy - Secondary School Reviews

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I loved learning about my ancestors and being able to take African Dance and Drum. If I could change anything about my school, it would be to have better communication about what’s new with the school
The teachers are what I call predictable, they are what I like to call a little to nice, the teachers allow the students to run over them with no problem. That is the one thing I would change about this school. The one thing I like about this school is that there are some really nice , down to earth teachers.
We learn. I just wish there were better teacher
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They have a lot of security because of past issues. Everybody's watching what's going on, you can't really skip class or get away with anything.
I wouldn't know. I never participated
This school was okay. It's more younger kids running around. I wish it was only 9-12 in the building.
The teachers are just there to get paid. Ms Patel the pre calculas and geometry teacher was by far the best math teacher I had in highschool & I went to 3 different high schools
I have been at this school for since 4th grade I like this school.
The teachers here at Ace prep are very helpful.
it was okay i like the athletics and cultural ideas
my favorite thing was the staff, they are very friendly and socialable with the students, this school uniqueness comes from the african cetered them of the school, i also liked harambee
they do whatever they can to make everyone stay on the same pace and never fall behind
we do not have a variety of choices really
everyone gets allong great, most of the time!
The food services aren't that good at my high school because we never got different choices of what we wanted to eat.
My overall experience at this school was the average only because we were a small school in the inner city and we didnt have alot of money to do things like other schools.
We have a great nurse the only problem is that she goes back and forth from both of our campuses.
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The teachers at this shcool are somewhat competitive. Some do their job and some act like their one of the srudents.
We had alomost all the same academic offered as much as other schools.
My high school had alot of enforced laws for students in and out of the school. Security was every in my school.
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