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Being involved in Aftton is very fun! For a small school there are a good amount of student led and made clubs. There are lots of very popular, well liked teachers. The college counselor is incredible and works very hard to make sure all students get any and all help needed to be prepared for after high school.
Affton High has a very accepting community of students roaming its halls, but the administration that mandates those halls are not as accepting. The admin has been unfair at times with certain student-centered decisions, and overall does not seem involved in the success of their students. The teachers are overall great at what they do, but the admin is in some need of improvement.
I like how much Affton High School provides students with motivation and resources to achieve their goals. Something I wish to see change is making sure that ALL sports are given resources to perform their best.
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I would tell others That Affton High is a good school. The people there are nice and hardworking. What I would like to see more is diversity. It was majority one race and it was pretty intimidating.
Affton was a good high school with interesting and knowledgeable instructors. The curriculum is college oriented with multiple options for students to take AP and college credit classes that prepares students for secondary-education. They have a multitude of sports and clubs that vary in interests. Overall, Affton High School is an above average institution.
Affton is a great school academics wise but the principals are extreme and unreasonable and the girls are made to think showing their shoulders are wrong, being a black student there are plenty of racist things that go on.
Affton is a great school. It offers many programs ranging from Biomed to Computer Science. They also recently started an AP Capstone Program, which is brilliant.
I like our small school environment, with just about 25 students in each class it's very easy to make personal connection with teachers and staff. The staff works to create a learning environment where a majority students feel as though they can succeed.
In Affton High school there are a lot of choices to pick whether you like sports, marketing, business, history or math. Also, Affton is a diverse academic school with great sports and great clubs after school.
What I liked about this school is the clubs: HOSA, student council. You can be very involved in national clubs. Another thing is the free Chromebooks that every student is provided that we get to take home and bring to school for the whole school year. This expands our way of learning and what we learn. What this school lacks in is diversity.
I like the fun activities they have such as sports night. The competition between the classes is a great way to have fun and bond with others in your grade. There are many fantastic teachers at Affton who are truly dedicated to their students. The fundraisers they have put together to raise money for a teacher who's son has cancer is really amazing and it brings the community closer in the process. One thing I wish was different is the amount of spirit the school has as a whole. Every sports team should be appreciated and recognized more than they are.
I had good teachers for my core curriculum classes. The drama department is great. But the administration did very little to curb the bullying that went on.
Affton High School is in a good district with very involved staff and students. The staff look for their students to succeed and give many different opportunities for success inside the classroom. Administration could be more involved with students and have better communication with parents, students, and staff.
Wonderful atmosphere and hard working faculty and staff. Many available classes to take and feel secure in receiving a good education.
There are tons of clubs and sports for everyone at the school to enjoy. All the clubs are excepting of anyone who wants to join, most of them are free but sometimes require money to buy shirts or other items.
overall Affton has very good academics for a public school and has great principles and teachers. Most students are hard workers and attend school daily, but about 30-40% of the student body has very poor attendance and the school is pretty good about getting that rate lower. There is a lot of clubs and sports to join as well.
Most teachers are ingaged and willing to help student both in and outside the classroom. A few teachers don't put much effort into their teaching skills and make learning more difficult than it should be.
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I love and respect my Affton High School Teachers! All of them are rich with knowledge and always try to give this to their students. They not only help and educate their students in class, but also outside of class, like before or after school. They are always available through email, and whenever we need help or have questions we know that we will get response if we just email them, even if it's during the weekends or breaks. I love how our teachers talk and bring in lessons about their life and little everyday "soap-boxes" to make sure we are not only educated, but also have knowledge that will help us to find our place in life. I am so grateful to have my teachers and to be part of Affton High School.
there is a club for everything
teachers seem to get to know all the kids,it's a close knit feeling
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