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Aerospace/Hydrospace Engineering & Physical Sciences at the Fairchild Wheeler Campus Reviews

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I think it is a great school. It allows students to learn skills similar to college ahead of normal schools. We are equipped with the tools to build a portfolio.
I would like to see the way teachers and administrators treat students. They are sometimes way too hard on students and really let uniforms overrule the whole learning facility
At Fairchild Wheeler I was given the opportunity to not only grow as a student but a person, the school itself is extremely clean and the teachers are reasonable with due dates and understanding of students struggles as well as they strive to build deeper relationships with students it truly makes for a great learning atmosphere. While the school is very good there and I have no major complaints after going there for a few years the few things that can be fixed are the long lines and the lack of opportunity for physical exercise, there are no sports teams and physical education is only offered in Junior year. Overall I would rate Fairchild Wheeler a very good experience.
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I have met people who are now by best friends in this place and I have learned a lot in my 4 years that I have been here
I attended the school for three years and have just recently graduated in 2017. In fact because of my academics and the support of my counselor and stafff I was able to graduate early. They truly care for the students and really prepare us for the future and especially college.
I actually like the school, When I first went to the school I was nervous at first, But it a great environment, challenging but worth the effort. I really pushes you to become a better and builds up ambition in you to try harder.
I have my daughter and two of my boys attend the school. The school prepares the kids to be college ready.
I like it very well. I been there since it opened. I seen the school grow in a good way. The diversity has increased over the years and I am proud of it. Even though we are a "new" school there isn't much need to change about it. The school itself if changing everyday.
The academics at Fairchild are challenging and are also fun to do. The school is a magnet based high school so classes tend to get hard but if students pay attention its rarely a struggle for anyone.
Fairchild being a new school we hardly have any extracurricular activities available. But the ones we have present are great, we have a gaming club, honors society, basketball club, dodgeball club, volleyball club, dance/yoga club etc. There is something for almost everyone at the school.
The teachers at Fairchild are some of the best teachers across the state of Connecticut. They try their best to challenge the students as much as possible with school work and also critical thinking. The teachers at my school are great and I like almost if not all the teachers and their hard work and interest they put in our education.
I love my school though it may not consist of the regular classes other schools have such as art it however is very driven and organized
The teachers go above and beyond to follow and enhance their given STEM curriculum
The ECE courses offered are alright, however the general classes are mostly science, history, math, and english so nothing special. You do learn at a faster pace than other schools which can be beneficial when you go to college, however it DOES affect when you take SATs (at least it did for me) because the information that the normal SAT taker would be learning at the time of the SAT, we had already learned in freshman year and early sophomore year, so with all the classes we had between that time the information wasn't relevant anymore and made the SAT harder for us since the information we needed we couldn't remember well. I've said already that the quality of the teachers is lacking, which affects the quality of the academics being taught and how us as students are able to respond to the academics. All in all the academics have both pros and cons.
I feel somewhat safe at this school. Some of the security guards aren't really thorough with the bag checks they do, thoygh, as the metal detector line gets incredibly long and makes students late to class and miss breakfast.
There are not nearly enough. The variety is bad, which lowers the value is this school for me. Nothing interesting for us who have interests beyond engineering and space and academics.
My experience at this school had unfortunately been incredibly stressful and aggravating, and it's put me in a bad mental state multiple times. I enjoy the people I've met and become friends with at this school, and the great teachers I've been able to meet, but if I had to do this all over I'd probably choose a different high school to attend. Fairchild's experience is far from a normal high school one, and that can be taxing for us teenagers who need social and creative activity along with the academics to balance us out and keep us sane. You will not get that at this school. The social activity organized by the school is barely any, and there are no classes related to the arts (such as Art, Music, etc.) and any type of creative activity you do encounter will always be in one of your academic classes and will always be related to your school's magnet theme, therefore you can never escape it/get a break. The school also does not have its own athletics or a good variety of extracurriculars that can help build school spirit, so there's little to none. The school day mainly consists of sitting in a chair in your classes and listening to your teachers go on and on. All day. You don't get P.E. until your junior or senior year (sometimes your sophomore year), and even that is forced to incorporate your school's magnet theme into it. The classes are mainly overly challenging without the right tools for us to be able to handle such level of work (such as the statistics class not having the right calculators to use therefore not being able to understand the coursework as well as the ECE statistics class, who did have the appropriate calculators to use). There are many problems within this school that go unfixed and ignored by the higher-ups, and even the teachers know it, and it's overall a stressful and tiring experience.
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There are a couple teachers I can think of who do a great job and continue to do a great job. They're knowledgeable and care about the students they're teaching, inside and outside is school. However, since I started attending this school I've noticed they have a problem with hiring adequate people to teach students. These people are hard to work with as students and, particularly the ones who are older, have trouble understanding students and their behaviors. Also, many of them clearly struggle with the technology-based environment the school is supposed to be, and that makes it hard for them to give us work and for us students to be able to hand in work. This has been a problem since my freshman year and it still continues to be a problem. The school isn't hiring well-qualified people and it affects our grades, which makes school life harder for us to deal with on a daily basis.
The school offers students a free health insurance plan in case of emergencies that is if you don't have one. The school also has camera every inside as well as outside to make sure there is no suspeious outside or inside. Security I tight and sweeps the floors and bathrooms every hour which makes it every difficult for anyone to do something they're not suppose to do. Teachers reinforced the bullying policy which makes bullying at school virtually invisible. During emergencies the school does go into lock down with a procedure that everyone knows about that keeps all students safe a secure.
My school is so unique in so many ways like the fact that it is a bran new school that opened when I entered the 9th grade, but the one thing that stands out the most is probably the technology we are using. Students in all grade levels can use equipment such as 3D printers, air tunnels, electron microscopes, 3D holographic technology, green screens, and even robots. Also, the fact that the school has early college experience provides students with classes that are offered normally at universities like the University of Connecticut, Sacred Heart University, Universitiy of Bridgeport, and much more. These classes allow students to get college credit before they even go to a college. With that said my school is just about education in fact my favorite moment at school was when we have sport tournament when students get to mop the floor with the teachers. With that all said I wouldn't want to choose any other school besides this one even if I had a chance to do it all over again.
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