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Aerospace/Hydrospace Engineering & Physical Sciences at the Fairchild Wheeler Campus Reviews

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I like the new learning that is taught at my school because I believe it is the new wave of learning and structure that most high schools will start to follow in the future. Classes are structured like college to prepare the students and there are specific classes to what interests you like engineering classes, IT coding classes, and zoological classes which provide a broad range of learning that people won't get in a normal high school. The staff and student body are great and the environment around the school helps the students be more interactive and engaging with each other and overall the school is just great.
Fairfield wheeler campus is a good school I’ve had good time I met a lot of new people and some of the teachers are amazing and always look for the best in ever child but it doesn’t have any sports and it doesn’t have any school activity like school dance except for ring dance and prom but they have lots of amazing club you can join
I ended up branching off from engineering and focusing as much as I could on architecture, that just goes to show how with a focused education there is still room for exploration
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This school has taught me how to be ready for college and life in general. Coming to this school has made me confirm my choice of major in Aerospace Engineering and that helps me to further my education. But that couldn't have been done without the STEM program that is set in our school. In this STEM-based program, students will learn the practical application of science and math to solve problems. Learning to use software, interacting with regional industry and collaborating with state and local universities, students will research, design and develop creative solutions for exploration and discovery.
I had an average experience. The teachers were mostly okay, a handful really shouldn't have been put in those positions. I think our school's losing money, because recently things haven't been too good. Also, the administration cares too much about us wearing lab coats.
What is good about this school is that it gives another option to those around the Bridgeport area to those who do not want to attend the regular high school. This school is strong in Math and science with one of the highest Uconn ECE participation in the state.
What I to change is more organization in the Administration and a entry exam so that good students that care about their grades enter the school.
The years in Fairchild have shaped me to the ready and prepared college students I am today. The school could do a better job at recruiting students since the student body is getting academically weaker each year. The school has a lot of advanced supplies and resources, but the students themselves have to ask and explore because many teachers are busy with the other ones.
Fairchild is a wonderful school full of challenges and plenty of room to explore. Although the work is a lot sometimes, the teachers prepare us for college.
At this school I loved my experience for the change from freshman year to sophomore year it was amazing everything that I expected from freshman year still continued on to sophomore year. The education here is amazing and the teachers love teaching unlike some schools I’ve heard from. The students here are respectful and are well under control. Every student here are pushed to there limits and beyond. This school expects students to think of innovated ideas and projects so they can test how brilliant/artistic they are. But overall this school brought me in and made me part of a new family without this school I won’t be the same. You would love this school and I would recommend apply to this exceptional high school.
I am one of the few kids from out of Bridgeport at the school and that can single you out sometimes. Very few kids in the engineering school actually want to be engineers. The education seems extremely one size fits all as I am bored in most of my classes from already knowing what they are teaching while other kids find it extremely difficult.
I think it is a great school. It allows students to learn skills similar to college ahead of normal schools. We are equipped with the tools to build a portfolio.
I would like to see the way teachers and administrators treat students. They are sometimes way too hard on students and really let uniforms overrule the whole learning facility
At Fairchild Wheeler I was given the opportunity to not only grow as a student but a person, the school itself is extremely clean and the teachers are reasonable with due dates and understanding of students struggles as well as they strive to build deeper relationships with students it truly makes for a great learning atmosphere. While the school is very good there and I have no major complaints after going there for a few years the few things that can be fixed are the long lines and the lack of opportunity for physical exercise, there are no sports teams and physical education is only offered in Junior year. Overall I would rate Fairchild Wheeler a very good experience.
I have met people who are now by best friends in this place and I have learned a lot in my 4 years that I have been here
I attended the school for three years and have just recently graduated in 2017. In fact because of my academics and the support of my counselor and stafff I was able to graduate early. They truly care for the students and really prepare us for the future and especially college.
I actually like the school, When I first went to the school I was nervous at first, But it a great environment, challenging but worth the effort. I really pushes you to become a better and builds up ambition in you to try harder.
I have my daughter and two of my boys attend the school. The school prepares the kids to be college ready.
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I like it very well. I been there since it opened. I seen the school grow in a good way. The diversity has increased over the years and I am proud of it. Even though we are a "new" school there isn't much need to change about it. The school itself if changing everyday.
The academics at Fairchild are challenging and are also fun to do. The school is a magnet based high school so classes tend to get hard but if students pay attention its rarely a struggle for anyone.
Fairchild being a new school we hardly have any extracurricular activities available. But the ones we have present are great, we have a gaming club, honors society, basketball club, dodgeball club, volleyball club, dance/yoga club etc. There is something for almost everyone at the school.
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