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I am so grateful to have found a school with small class sizes, caring teachers, respectful students and an amazing curriculum. They offer the best programs and the students love it. They also encourage parent participation. You can always speak to them about any concerns you might have. They work with you to find a solution.
Before my son became a student two years ago, I had the most difficult time with the public school system. All they cared about was standardized testing. AEF focuses on each individual child because no child learns the same. They encourage learning and not just testing. The curriculum also focuses on social skills, emotional development, life skills and etc. Not just cognitive skills and that is what I love. It is a balance of what is required when raising human beings that will contribute to society. My son has attended for two years and because I was so pleased, I enrolled my daughter’s as well.
So pleased with everything about this schools. The anti bullying policy is amazing. The kids are happy. The staff have been there forever. My children are so happy to go to school.
Administration did not how to deal with students on the spectrum having bad days. They immediately called parents to pick up the students. Much better experience in Public School.
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This school is so amazing, they prepare students for their future with gold-valuable skills that can't be obtained easily in any school.
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