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Adventist Christian Academy of Texas Reviews

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A.C.A.T is a small school but this is what makes it so good. You are able to make meaningful connections with students as well as teachers. You become a family and it is a safe place.
They have very delicious food!! It's mainly vegetarian so it's healthier for the kids. I eat vegetarian food so it wouldn't bother me as opposed to a meat-eater only type of person.
I had recently graduated from high school, so I'm getting ready for the real world. I feel like I'm somewhat prepared. I have studied and worked hard in school, so I will do the same in college.
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This school mainly has a diverse ethnic group. Hispanics are the highest, Whites come in second, Blacks come in third, Mixed ethnicities come in fourth, and Asian comes last. We have our annual International Food Fair to allow people to bring their cuisine from their ethnic background. Here it allows everyone to taste a sample of the diverse cultures the school has from their students and church members.
Like I had stated before, it's a small school so there aren't a large variety of sports. However they have a few and the kids are dedicated and love to have fun playing with their friends and classmates.
The teachers are very helpful and encourage the kids to do their absolute best. They are willing to help out their students until that student understands what they're learning.
It's a small school, but they're starting to have a variety of sports. The kids are very much involved and love to have fun and show their competitive nature (in a good way).
It's very Christ-centered and the people there are friendly.
The teachers are caring, they aren't there for the money they can make but for the lives the can impact. They are wonderful educators who are knowledgeable and qualified.
Academics are good because we have qualified teachers who care about our progress. The teacher-to-student ratio is small and therefore, they are more accessible. We have had several of our upperclassmen taking dual college credits while still attending high school.
Teachers are directly involved in a student's spiritual growth and academic and behavioral improvement. Teachers can become your guidance counselors whenever you may need them, and will make time for you even if they're really busy. I'm surprised at the level of acceptance at this school. It's rare and beautiful. The dress code is enforced but is not very strict. It helps our students look uniform and gets rid of the issue of being in a certain group only if you dress a certain way.
Throughout the year there are different seasons for extracurricular activities based upon sports. The first season tend to be volleyball and basketball and moves in to soccer or football. More and more after-school activities are becoming available, because before they had none. The school is advancing. Also, there are spiritual extra-curricular activities such as prayer groups and Bible studies led my teens. It's a really awesome experience. You can start your own club or after-school activity with permission from the administration. They love activities that help kids and teens become active in sports or grow spiritually. Also, a new auto-mechanic/aviation club is available to those who want to learn about motors,etc.
The health and safety policies at the school are greatly emphasized. As an Adventist school, health is vital to everyone at school. According to the Bible, unclean foods (such as pork) are forbidden to be eaten. As for safety policies, they also take that into major consideration. They make sure that students are supervised in places where a teacher is needed to be present.
The school has quite a few sport teams. Volleyball, soccer, and basketball are the sports that you can be a part of. These were good choices to have for the school. Volleyball, soccer, and basketball requires teamwork, communication, and cooperation. The fan support and school spirit at the school is at a medium size and they support the teams well.
If I would have to do it all over, I would still choose this school. One of my reasons why is because it has a huge spiritual influence on its students. They help promote their Christ-like behavior by creating Project Impact Days and Mission Trips. Those are outreach programs where we help other people in our community or other states. The teachers are also helpful and caring. They will be there for you whenever you are in need of help on an assignment or homework. The teachers want all of their students to succeed.
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