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Advantage Academy of Hillsborough Reviews

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The nurse is there at all times, but when it comes to parents or any just coming up to the school they just could walk around the school and if there are students outside they could get a hold of them with no problem if no one is paying attention.
Extracurricular only happened if someone brought it up. And when given options not a lot of people participate either because they don't want to, their parents don't have the time to pick them up, parents don't have the money, or they have other things to do after school.
Besides having to wear uniforms everyday it wasn't a terrible school. Try to find a group, or the whole school, to be friends with and the years you are there for won't be hectic.
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Some of the teachers have no respect for the students. They cut you off in the middle of your sentences and if you get in trouble with another peer more than likely you will be the one who will get punished.
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