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An absolute joke and those reviews on here are either 1. from the admin staff posing as parents, or 2. the PR person. This school is nothing but a big dog and pony show. Dig deep enough and you'll find it's all surface show. The founder retired years ago leaving the school in the hands of his narcissistic and vengeful daughter and she pawns everything off on her lying and manipulating academic director. I believe they want the school to succeed but they are totally controlled by butts in seats and are scared to death of their own shadow. They will fire anyone in a New York minute and take no ownership of any mistakes or wrongdoing. But they will hire their family and friends to profit off of good taxpayer money. If you just want your kid to go to school but not excel but made to believe they are the smartest thing around, then send them to AA. Ask them how much the super and COO make compared to the rest of the admin staff, except the family that works there.
I love the teacher they help a lot I been going there for 2 years and like it a lot there is nothing that can change.
I attended Advantage Academy my whole high school years and unfortunately it was not my best experience. Although, the friends were great, the education not so much. I remember that every year there was at least one teacher that either quit or got fired, so instead of getting another teacher. We would be stuck with different kinds of substitutes the rest of the year. Another thing, the school didn't exactly get us ready for college. Although, we were able to take dual credit classes our senior year. That was probably the only thing I think they did that was good.
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If I could give zero stars I would. I can’t believe niche allows blatant lies on these reviews. I’m a current student and let me assure you...only 4 students out of 31 are attending college in the fall (Class of 2018). They should also separate the reviews by campus. AA Grand Prairie East is by far the worst. Stay far, far away from this school...
While there were very few extracurricular activities, the school had a very good social environment and had very good teachers who cared about the students' education.
I have been attending Advantage Academy for 4 years now , Advantage Academy has a good variety of great teachers that are willing to take time to teach every student. This school is a small campus that only has about 300 or less students for high school . Which means its easier to learn and pay attention in class because there is less kids. I would change that the school should be more organized, and also let us have more activities to chose from.
This is a great school and having both my kids here is one of the best things my wife and I have done. Many bad reviews you see about this school everywhere have something in common: They are all written by the teenagers that go there. As a parent, you know that at their age most of teenagers all they like to do is complain. Parents: “The best school starts from home” and you really need to be involve in your kid’s life for any school to work out with your kids, don’t just send your kids to school and expect for the teachers to deal with them so that you can turn around and say that is the school’s fault. Still Don't like this school?... You can always take your kids somewhere else, it is just that simple!
Teachers and staff care about these kids and go above and beyond to help them achieve. The GP campus is so nice with a beautiful gym, sports field, science labs and technology labs. The North Duncanville campus is under renovations and the new facility will be really nice when it's done in August 2018.
Great school with good surrounding and teachers who care. The students enjoy the small classes and the involvement with the parents
The administration from the top down is a joke. Good teachers don't want to stay because they get jerked around - kids basically don't care about learning and teachers are forced to give them grades regardless. There are no real clubs for kids to belong to. Kids get away with anything and everything because the CFO who is related to the unqualified superintendent doesn't want to kick anyone out or they will lose funds. Scores are crap - teachers try but the administration just makes things harder on everyone because they're too busy playing games with everyone. They lie about everything
There could be more clubs
I would not have chosen this school.
I have not been made aware of most activities.
Disorganized, bad communication, no consistency.
Advantage is an okay school in that most of the teachers do care about you as a student, and they want you to succeed and to go to college. However, the administration is not very good, and there is not a lot of school morale. This school is also under-funded, and it does not offer very many extracurricular activities for the students.
My counselor is great. The parents are very much involved.
We almost never have a nurse. When we do have a nurse and students go to her, all she does is give a mint and send them back to class.
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They focus too much on the non important things. For example, they will take a student out of their learning environment to make them shave and that student will lose a whole our of class time. The principal promises things that she doesn't follow through with.
The students get very excited when they find out we are getting extra activities but the teachers/principals don't really have faith in us and try to take it away at any moment.
We don't have enough sports and extra curricular activities and if we do, we don't have enough money to get the things we need. We would have to get it on our own.
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