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I liked the school hours. If you currently have a baby or work, they will work well with your school hours. I would like to see more teachers assisting in tutoring.
While I attended Advanced Virtual Academy, I appreciated the flexible hours and the ability to work at your own pace. I graduated a year early and was very satisfied.
they help you a lot
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It is not a 8-4 school day, you go as you please.
This school depends on your will to succeed. It is not a classroom environment where you have a teacher explaining the material and guiding you through it. What you put in, is what you get.
My main teacher Mrs. Carswell was very helpful. She however was one of the few teachers that actually cared about the students.
Online school or APEX is designed for students to work at their own pace to graduate. I ended up graduating a semester earlier because of this program.
I would never go back to this school. I'm happy my experience is over. I only went there to get one thing accomplished. That was to graduate, not socialize.
There isn't much student involvement so that minimizes peer pressure that could arise if this school had a social setting
It took a while for the registrar to even upload my transcript to the system. They are extremely lazy and act like they are very busy when in fact they aren't doing much to help students succeed.
Since this is an online school, there are not any extracurricular opportunities.
I requested to have my transcripts sent out to different schools, and the schools didn't accept the transcript sent by my registrar because it wasn't stamped with a seal and authenticated
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