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At ATA, many changes have been made since I was an active student there, but personally, for me, the school ruined my GPA and messed up my opportunities to gain avid scholarships for my education. The programs they have are very misleading and should be better explained than they had been before. It was a joke about my class being the guinea pig for this new program and I, for one, did not appreciate it in the least.
My experience with Advanced Technology Academy is great. When I first started freshman year in 2014, it was a challenge for me because I was new to the school and I wasn't able to do everything they taught. The year after I thought I wasn't go fonna walk across the stage in 2018 but I got the hang of it and got my credits in order. Now here I am graduation on time, keeping A's and B's and staying out of trouble. Advanced Technology Academy is a good school to go to. I learned from the best.
At ATA there were always people there to help guide me to become successful. I always hap support with my academics, activities, and sports.
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ATA would be a great school if they didn't take out the tests you had to take in order to get in. Now they just let anybody in which is what's ruining the school.
I enjoyed the variety of technology-filled subjects to be studied at this school, but not all teachers seemed to be fully knowledgeable in the courses that they were teaching. I spent much of my time on websites that teach the subject I was learning after being instructed to do so by the teacher of our course. I did not feel I gained much knowledge technology wise that could not have been gained anywhere else. The general education courses were decent with overall nice teachers. The school did not offer sports, but made up for that in clubs and fun activities.
A lot of kids don't like ATA because hey can be strict about dress code and their grading system is not fair. But I haven't came across any other schools that off the same thing as ATA. The have a Early College program that you can join, extra help f you need it, and they are partnered up with a lot of colleges as well.
What I like overall about my school is the academic curriculum they offer to us students to succeed. The teachers here are friendly and thrive to make us students excel in school so that we can accomplish our lifelong goals in life. Advanced Technology Academy is the go-to school. The clubs offered here help students earn scholarships and boost their moral character. Advanced Technology Academy offers the three career paths learning: Pre-Nursing, Pre-Engineering, and Business. These give us a lift to what we should expect in the future when we graduate.
In my perspective, Advanced Technology Academy, is such a great school. One of the advantages of going there is that, the school is a career readiness institution. I, myself learned many things from attending there, as well as becoming more educated on the aspects of my future. One thing the school can definitely improve on is, focusing on creating many more clubs that students of all interests can join.
Advanced Technology Academy has been giving me plenty of opportunities, that I might not b able to find in other schools. This school showed me that I am welcomed. ATA has also motivated me, and showed me that I am recognized and honored here for the hard work I do.
I really like that it is pretty diverse and classes are not that bug giving students a better chance of connecting with the teachers. There are very little programs offered and very poor lunch so if it could change, it would greatly improve.
I must say that my 4 years of high school at Advanced Technology was awesome! I love how they gave myself and other students the opportunity to learn beyond the classroom by giving us real-life scenarios and helping us to solve them. Especially with going into college straight from high school, we were able to learn about finances and what we should expect when dealing with financial aid and applying to universities and/or community colleges. I am glad to say that I have graduated from this school, and that i would recommend it to any other student.
My experience here was pretty good. The teachers are nice and help a a lot of the students. Most of the teachers treat the class as if this was college already, giving the students college level work to get them ready for college. Of course, that depends on what kind of teacher you have. I remember my English teacher never gave her class any big papers. I find that it will help students get ready for college more. One of the greatest things about this school is their new early college program. You can take college classes at Henry Ford College and when you graduate from high school, you can take another year at Henry Ford College. This way, the students are able to save money and get an early start on college course work ,which can take a while to get used to.
This school is by far one of the best schools to learn the basics of technology. It helps to learn the basics of a program and continues to teach in that program.
It is a good high school that helps the students be prepared for college. Most teachers are pretty good, though with some you must self-teach. The courses offered are difficult and time consuming, but help academically.
Overall, It's An Alright School. A Little Strict But Makes Up For It With Interesting Opportunities For The Students. Good School For Athletics Considering There Is No Football Team, Excellent Early Middle College With Enough Credits To Earn Associates Degree
I like all that it has to offer. There's also a wide variety of after school programs. I would like if there was more freedom in our uniform, but that's slowly changing.
This school has been a good experience and for my it is good to be with people with different ethnicity. I went to a mostly Hispanic school for elementary and middle school and it was chaos. I wanted to start fresh so I came here and I love the academics and teachers here are all well prepared. They are really helpful and I feel really safe with all the securities in this school. Everything in the school is good even the sports with this year I joined varsity soccer and I really loved the experience to be with friends on a bus ride and on the field we did really well and we also got a lot of support from the school.
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Advanced Technology Academy is a great school if you want your child to be readily prepared for college. The teachers also have great connections with the students as well.
My overall experience in Advanced Technology Academy has been the best, now that it is my last year here. I'm very proud of my accomplishments because I would've never thought I'd be on the honor roll or even in the National Honor Society. By far, my senior year has been the best of all the years. This school is known for early middle college, helping students get their associates degree while in high school. It's amazing how much the school cares for our future, as well as us students. I would choose this school again because even though the seniors this year didn't have the opportunity to be involved in the 13th year program. It would've been a great experience of going to college then back to high school.
The teachers at my school are very helpful with us students. Whether it's helping us with homework or with our classwork, if we don't understand it. It helps us get our grades up because then we understand the material with the help of the teachers. Sometimes, teachers even ask if we need help in any other subjects. For instance, if I'm in English class, and struggling with math, then they offer to help, whether or not they understand it too. Overall, the teachers are very good role models to the students.
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